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Thread: n64 ?

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    Default n64 ?

    Hi is anyone selling a nintendo 64 by any chance ?

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    Default n64 ?

    Have you checked your local craigslist? I'd opt for that over ebay when looking for hard to find retro gear.
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    Default n64 ?

    I have a N64, but I'm not looking into selling it, so sorry about that.
    My first suggestions is Ebay and Amazon, if not my second recommendation is JJGames and Lukie Games, I have bought multiple things off of these sites and have a great reputation, the 3rd recommendation is Craigslist and Kijiji.

    I do suggest also to dig into thrift stores, but the thing about thrift stores is that you MIGHT find something your looking for, it's almost like a lottery. I generally look for anything and everything video games, like Guides, extra cables, Consoles, Controllers, Memory Cards, and the most obvious games. Doesn't really matter what platform though cuz I am looking to collect all platform. I have great luck sometimes, like a used Playstation 2 with 2 controllers, no memory cards, and all its hook ups for $3. It wasn't in a Triple A condition but appears to work just fine. There are also times to when I pick up entire lots of games for $3 - $5 per game. That being said there are quite a few times I left empty handed.
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    Default n64 ?

    Man wtf, Ebay all the way! You can find Hundreds and most of them are in GREAT shape!

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