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    Default Wolfenstein

    1 (M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    EE801ABA BCC777CA
    2 Max Bonus Points CE42944A BCA9C292
    3 Super Health DE429456 BCA9AA1E
    DE42946E BCA99B84
    4 Super Armor DE429452 BCA9AA1E
    DE429462 BCA99B84
    5 Max Ammo Cap DE42945E BCA9AA1E
    6 Start With Wine DE42945A BCA99B84
    7 Start With Patch1 DE429466 BCA99B84
    8 Extra Weapons DE428A76 BBA89A82
    DE428A72 BBA89A82
    9 Max Ammo Luger CE4296DA BCA9C292
    CE4297DA BCA9C292
    10 Max Ammo Colt CE429586 BCA9C292
    CE429686 BCA9C292
    11 Max Ammo Mp-40 CE4296E6 BCA9C292
    CE4297DA BCA9C292
    12 Max Ammo Thompson CE429582 BCA9C292
    CE429686 BCA9C292
    13 Max Ammo Sten CE42958E BCA9C292
    CE42968E BCA9C292
    14 Max Ammo Mauser CE4296E2 BCA9C292
    CE4297E2 BCA9C292
    15 Max Ammo Fg-42 CE4296EE BCA9C292
    CE4297E2 BCA9C292
    16 Max Grenades (Gmn) CE4296EA BCA9C292
    17 Max Grenades (Amer) CE42958A BCA9C292
    18 Max Panzerfaust CE4296F6 BCA9C292
    CE4297F6 BCA9C292
    19 Max Venom Ammo CE4296F2 BCA9C292
    CE4297F2 BCA9C292
    20 Max Flamethrower CE4295FE BCA9C292
    21 Max Tesla Ammo2 CE4295FA BCA9C292
    22 Health CE2785B2 BCA99E6A
    23 Max Health CE2236AA BCA99E6A
    24 Armor CE2236B6 BCA99E6A
    25 Binoculars CE2236B2 BCA99B85
    26 Wine CE223452 BCA99BE6
    27 Patch CE22345E BCA99BE6
    28 Weapons CE22346A BCA923E2
    29 Luger CE22365E BCA9C292
    CE22355E BCA99E6A
    30 Colt CE22367A BCA9C292
    CE22357A BCA99E6A
    31 Mp-40 CE22365E BCA9C292
    CE22355A BCA99E6A
    32 Mauser CE223666 BCA9C292
    CE223566 BCA99E6A
    33 Grenades3 CE22366E BCA99B92
    34 Max Health CE3FF9CA BCA99E6A
    35 Armor CE3FF9C6 BCA99E6A
    36 Binoculars CE3FF9C2 BCA99B85
    37 Wine CE3FFFE2 BCA99BE6
    38 Patch CE3FFFEE BCA99BE6
    39 Weapons CE3EFEFA BCA923E2
    40 Luger CE3FF9EE BCA9C292
    41 Colt CE3FF88A BCA9C292
    42 Mp-40 CE3FF9EE BCA9C292
    43 Mauser CE3FF9F6 BCA9C292
    CE3FF8F6 BCA99E6A
    44 Grenades4 CE3FF8F2 BCA99B92
    45 Max Health CE291C2A BCA99E6A
    46 Armor CE291C36 BCA99E6A
    47 Binoculars CE291C32 BCA99B85
    48 Wine CE2912D2 BCA99BE6
    49 Patch CE2912DE BCA99BE6
    50 Weapons CE2912EA BCA973E1
    51 Luger CE291CDE BCA9C292
    CE2913DE BCA99E6A
    52 Colt CE2913FA BCA9C292
    CE2912FA BCA99E6A
    53 Mp-40 CE291CDE BCA9C292
    CE2913DA BCA99E6A
    54 Thompson CE2913FA BCA9C292
    CE291286 BCA99E6A
    55 Mauser CE291CE6 BCA9C292
    CE2913E6 BCA99E6A
    56 Grenades5 CE2913EE BCA99B92
    57 Max Health CE1C2D4A BCA99E6A
    58 Armor CE1C2D56 BCA99E6A
    59 Binoculars CE1C2D52 BCA99B85
    60 Wine CE1C2372 BCA99BE6
    61 Patch CE1C237E BCA99BE6
    62 Weapons CE1C230A BCA923E1
    63 Luger CE1C2D7E BCA9C292
    CE1C2C7E BCA99E6A
    64 Colt CE1C2D1A BCA9C292
    CE1C2C1A BCA99E6A
    65 Mp-40 CE1C2D7E BCA9C292
    CE1C2C7A BCA99E6A
    66 Thompson CE1C2D1A BCA9C292
    CE1C2C26 BCA99E6A
    67 Mauser CE1C2D06 BCA9C292
    CE1C2C06 BCA99E6A
    68 Grenades A6 CE1C2C0E BCA99B92
    69 Max Health CE2DDDDA BCA99E6A
    70 Armor CE2DDDE6 BCA99E6A
    71 Binoculars CE2DDDE2 BCA99B85
    72 Wine CE2DD282 BCA99BE6
    73 Patch CE2DD28E BCA99BE6
    74 Weapons CE2DD29A BCA923E1
    75 Luger CE2DDC8E BCA9C292
    CE2DD38E BCA99E6A
    76 Colt CE2DDCAA BCA9C292
    77 Mp-40 CE2DD38E BCA9C292
    CE2DD38A BCA99E6A
    78 Thompson CE2DDCAA BCA9C292
    CE2DD3B6 BCA99E6A
    79 Mauser CE2DDC96 BCA9C292
    CE2DD396 BCA99E6A
    80 Grenades CE2DD39E BCA99B92

    1 Ammo Codes Pass 1 Level To Enable
    2 Level 1 Codes
    3 Level 2 Codes
    4 Level 3 Codes
    5 Level 4 Codes
    6 Level 5

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