1 Infinite armor
2 Infinite health & armor
3 Slip into locked areas
4 Never lose weapons On: Select+L1
Off: Select+L2
5 With this code, you won't lose weapons, even when busted or killed.
1 (M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Use Only One Of The 3 Following Codes
2 Infinite Health1 DE8FFFFE F8AEDD4B
DE8FFF82 02A99BA7
3 Infinite Armor2 DE8FFFFE F8AEDD4B
DE8FFF82 02A9A3B9
4 Infinite Health & Armor DE8FFFFE F8AEDD4B
5 Freeze Mission Timer DE980576 BCA99B83
6 Max Money DE428F52 C19E7B82
DE428F5E C19E7B82
7 Infinite Ammo3 DE89766E E0EB9B83
DE8976C6 E0EB9B83
DE897EF2 E0EB9B83
DE897D5E E0EB9B83
8 Slip Into Locked Areas4 0E42FCF8 BCA99681
DE8B121A BCA99B83
0E42FCF8 BCA99981
DE8B121A D0E99A67
9 Never Lose Weapons5 DE83D4CE BF899B8B
10 Cops Have No Ai DE85675E BF899B8B
DE85675A BCA99B83
11 Hypermode: Press L2
0E42FD78 BCA99772
12 Slow Motion: Press L2
0E42FD78 BCA99742
13 Normal Game Speed: L2
0E42FD78 BCA99781
DEB3E9D6 FB299B83
14 Never Exhausted DE82000A CCA99B97
15 Disable Car Damage DE887302 BCA99B83
16 All Packages DE428F5A BCA99BE7
17 People Wasted DEB3E30E C19E7B82
18 People Wasted By Others DEB3E30A C19E7B82
19 Road Vehicles Destroyed DEB3E316 C19E7B82
20 Boats Destroyed DEB3E312 C19E7B82
21 Tires Popped DEB3E31E C19E7B82
22 Bullets Fired DEB3E31A C19E7B82
23 Planes & Helis Destroyed DEB3E326 C19E7B82
24 Game 100% Complete - Stat DEB3E322 FFC39B83
25 Experiencelosives Used - Stat DEB3E32A C19E7B82
26 Bullets That Hit - Stat DEB3E336 C19E7B82
27 Number Of Headshots - Stat DEB3E332 C19E7B82
28 Wanted Stars Attained - Stat DEB3E33E C19E7B82
29 Wanted Stars Evaded - Stat DEB3E33A C19E7B82
30 Times Busted - Stat DEB3E3C6 C19E7B82
31 Hospital Visits - Stat DEB3E3C2 C19E7B82
32 Days Passed - Stat DEB3E3CE C19E7B82
33 Safehouse Visits - Stat DEB3E3CA C19E7B82
34 Sprayings - Stat DEB3E3D6 C19E7B82
35 Insane Jump Distance - Stat DEB3E3D2 0A1706AB
36 Insane Jump Height - Stat DEB3E3DE 0A1706AB
37 Insane Jump Flips - Stat DEB3E3DA C19E7B82
38 Insane Jump Rotation - Stat DEB3E3E6 C19E7B82
39 Best Insane Stunt - Stat DEB3E3E2 BCA99B8B
40 All Unique Jumps - Stat DEB3E3EE BCA99BA7
41 Mission Attempts - Stat DEB3E3F6 C19E7B82
42 Passengers Dropped Off - Stat DEB3E2FE C19E7B82
43 Taxi Cash - Stat DEB3E2FA C19E7B82
44 Miles On Foot - Stat DEB3E286 11719B83
45 Miles By Car - Stat DEB3E282 11719B83
46 Miles By Bike - Stat DEB3E28E 11719B83
47 Miles By Boat - Stat DEB3E28A 11719B83
48 Miles By Golf Cart - Stat DEB3E296 11719B83
49 Miles By Helicopter - Stat DEB3E292 11719B83
50 All Rampages Passed - Stat DEB3E2BE BCA99BA6
51 Vigilante Kills - Stat DEB3E2A6 C19E7B82
52 Fires Extinguished - Stat DEB3E2A2 C19E7B82
53 Highest Vigilante Level - Stat DEB3E2AE C19E7B82
54 Highest Paramedic Level - Stat DEB3E2AA C19E7B82
55 Fire Truck Mission Level - Stat DEB3E2B6 C19E7B82
56 Max Flight Hours - Stat DEB3E242 3BA89A82
57 Fishes Fed - Stat DEB3E24E C19E7B82
58 Max Visits From Loan Sharks - Stat DEB3E25E 0A1706AB
59 All Stores Knocked Off - Stat DEB3E25A FD199B83
60 All Assasinations - Stat DEB3E262 FC499B83
61 All Weapons 1: L3+up 0E42FD78 BCA99A70
DE978786 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE978786 D0E99B87
62 All Weapons 2 (Katana): L3+down 0E42FD78 BCA99A40
DE9787A2 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9787A2 D0E99B87
63 All Weapons 3 (Chainsaw): L3+left 0E42FD78 BCA99A00
DE97874E BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97874E D0E99B89
64 Armor Cheat: R3+up 0E42FD78 BCA99A6E
DE978716 D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE978716 D0E99B9F
65 Health Cheat: R3+down 0E42FD78 BCA99A3E
DE978696 D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE978696 D0E99BC9
66 Increase Wanted Level: R3+left 0E42FD78 BCA99AFE
DE9785BE BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9785BE D0E99BA2
67 No Level Wanted: R3+right 0E42FD78 BCA99A5E
DE9785C2 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A3E
DE9785C2 D0E99B95
68 Have Tank: Select+up 0E42FD78 BCA99A71
DE977B1E BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977B1E D0E99B8A
69 Quick Hours: Select+down 0E42FD78 BCA99A41
DE977BC2 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977BC2 D0E99B93
70 Experienceloding Cars: Select+left 0E42FD78 BCA99A01
DE977A92 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977A92 D0E99BAB
71 See Through Cars: Select+right 0E42FD78 BCA99A61
DE977E66 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977E66 D0E99B98
72 Raging Pedestrians: R1+r2+up 0E42FD78 BCA99072
DE977AEA D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
73 Pedestrians Have Guns: R1+r2+left 0E42FD78 BCA99002
DE977F9A D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977F9A D0E99B98
74 Never Drown By Cars - Press R1+r2+right 0E42FD78 BCA99062
DE977DAE D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977DAE D0E99B98
75 Have Herse: L1+l2+up 0E42FD78 BCA99572
DE977246 D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977246 D0E99B8A
76 Have Love Fist: L1+l2+up 0E42FD78 BCA99572
DE97726A D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97726A D0E99B8A
77 Have Trashmaster: L1+l2+up 0E42FD78 BCA99572
DE97721E D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97721E D0E99B8A
78 Have Sabre Turbo: L1+l2+up 0E42FD78 BCA99572
DE9772C2 D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9772C2 D0E99B8A
79 Have Caddy: L1+l2+up 0E42FD78 BCA99572
DE9772F6 D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9772F6 D0E99B8A
80 Have Bloodring Banger: L1+l2+up 0E42FD78 BCA99572
DE97760A BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97760A D0E99B8A
81 Have Hotring Racer: L1+l2+up 0E42FD78 BCA99572
DE97763E D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97763E D0E99B8A
82 Have Hotring Racer 2: L1+l2+up 0E42FD78 BCA99572
DE9776E2 D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9776E2 D0E99B8A
Character Modifiers: Press L1+L2+DOWN for the following (USE ONLY ONE!)
83 White Suit 0E42FD78 BCA99542
DE97719A BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97719A D0E99B8A
84 Chick 0E42FD78 BCA99542
DE97714E BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97714E BCA99B83
85 Pink Suit Guy 0E42FD78 BCA99542
DE977172 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977172 D0E99B8A
86 Fat Guy 0E42FD78 BCA99542
DE977126 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977126 D0E99B92
87 Punk 0E42FD78 BCA99542
DE9771CA D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9771CA D0E99B8A
88 X Guy 0E42FD78 BCA99542
DE9770FE D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9770FE D0E99B8A
89 Prostitute 0E42FD78 BCA99542
DE9776B2 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9776B2 D0E99B8A
90 Hooligan 0E42FD78 BCA99542
DE977666 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977666 D0E99B8A
91 Hawaiin Shirt 0E42FD78 BCA99542
DE97755A BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97755A D0E99B88
Weather Modifier: Press L1+L2+LEFT for the following (USE ONLY ONE!)
92 Weather Type 1 0E42FD78 BCA99502
DE97849A BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97849A D0E99B92
93 Weather Type 2 0E42FD78 BCA99502
DE97846E D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97846E D0E99B92
94 Weather Type 3 0E42FD78 BCA99502
DE978432 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE978432 D0E99B92
95 Weather Type 4 0E42FD78 BCA99502
DE977B86 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977B86 D0E99B92
96 Weather Type 5 0E42FD78 BCA99502
DE977B4A BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977B4A D0E99B92
Unknown Cheats: Press L1+L2+RIGHT for the following (USE ONLY ONE!)
97 Unknown Cheat 1 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE977EC2 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977EC2 D0E99B98
98 Unknown Cheat 2 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE977D0A D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977D0A D0E99B91
99 Unknown Cheat 3 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE977DD2 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
100 Unknown Cheat 4 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE977C06 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977C06 D0E99B9A
101 Unknown Cheat 5 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE9773CE D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9773CE D0E99B92
102 Unknown Cheat 6 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE977056 D0A99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977056 D0A99B8A
103 Unknown Cheat 7 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE97702E BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE97702E D0E99B89
104 Unknown Cheat 8 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE9770D6 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9770D6 D0E99BC2
105 Unknown Cheat 9 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE9777DA BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9777DA D0E99B95
106 Unknown Cheat 10 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE977CEA D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977CEA D0E99B91
107 Unknown Cheat 11 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE977596 D0E99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE977596 D0E99B92
108 Unknown Cheat 12 0E42FD78 BCA99562
DE9773B2 BCA99B83
0E42FD78 BCA99A82
DE9773B2 D0E99B91