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Thread Title: Info on Sly 4 game play and levles

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    Default Info on Sly 4 game play and levles

    Sly 4: Cane of Destiny will be the fourth and final game in the Sly Cooper franchise. The first three games in the series only were on PlayStation 2 but this game is also on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Like the third game it has Multiplayer mode. I really couldn't find info on the release date.

    Set 1 year after Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Bentley and Penelope build a time machine to figure out what happened to Sly during the battle between him and Dr. M. After that Bentley and Penelope reunite with Murray and the other members of the gang to get Sly back in the team who now is on a mission with Carmelita in San Francisco. Managing to get him back in, Sly also recovers a memory about his ancestors' sacred artifacts which were stolen by an unknown gang led by a mighty dragon, Driago.


    * Level 1: Stealth Cloth - Invisibility when reqiured-permenant item.
    * Level 2: Cane Synth - Guards will sprint in the direction you hit them.
    * Level 3: Tri-Cooper attack - Multiply into 3 of himself for a limit of time.
    * Level 4: Steep Mask - Ablilty to see far away objects and aim with more precision.
    * Level 5: Dual Ice Pistols - Freeze enemies in an instant.
    * Level 6: Hypno-Flowers - Hyponotize your enemies with these malevolent flowers.
    * Level 7: Aura Shield - Use your cane to distribute a shield of aura particles around you.
    * Level 8: Instuctional Map to Forgotten Dragon Lands - Guides you directly to the Realm.
    * Level 9: Cane of Destiny Spirit - Become complete and free 1 Cooper from death realm.


    * Paris - Tutorial Level.
    * San Francisco - Level 1 - Boss: Marlin the Magician (White Rabbit), Mystic, Mini Boss: Sly Cooper,
    * London - Level 2 - Boss: Otis (Skunk), R/C Expert
    * Saudi Arabia - Level 3 - Boss: Jasmine (Opossum), Hypnoptist
    * Hawaii - Level 4 - Boss: Romeo (Falcon), Mechanics
    * Egypt - Level 5 - Boss: Isis (Cat), Forger
    * Dublin, Ireland - Level 6 - Boss: Sir Frederick (Toad), Machinist
    * Edinburgh, Scotland - Level 7 - Boss: Doc (Sheepdog), Transporter
    * Germany - Level 8 - Boss: Melvin (Ram), Enforcer
    * Forgotten Dragon Lands - Level 9 - Draigo (Dragon), Leader/Founder

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    it is very possible...but the last time i checked there was not a chip that could do that.and if you find one please let me know

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