It seems that some of you forget some of the very basic forum rules that are commonly established among many community's. Here's a refresher.

* Advertising

* Promotion of any kind of Piracy is strictly prohibited, first offense, you will get a warning, second offense, you will get a 1 month ban.* Promotion of any other illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
* Links to other sites in your signature are fine.
* Referal links are OK as long as a non-referral link is provided.

* Emulation
* We do not allow links to roms or discussions asking for roms, nor do we allow attachments of roms. First offense: Warning. Second offense: 1 month ban
* We do allow talking and linking to Emulators that can be used on Home Computers.
* Homebrew programs or programs that you must install on a console to use are strictly prohibited.

*Do we delete accounts?
*No we do not delete accounts or posts upon request. Instead we will opt to wipe all "about me" info (such as removing the email address) & revert the account to a banned one.
*As stated in the ToS, we reserve the right to retain all posts that have been posted.
*Also upon a user requesting deletion of his account, we will instead change the username to a different one of their choice if requested, so as to remove identifying usernames.

* No Trolling
* Intentional malicious impersonation of any other person is not allowed.
* Do not post comments designed to provoke other members into flaming.

* Whistle-Blowing
* If you believe any of these rules are being broken by another user please inform a member of the Moderation Team.
* If you feel that any staff member has acted inappropriately please PM Final Kaoss.

* No Spamming
* Do not deliberately repeat-post, repeat-email or repeat-PM. One message should be sufficient to communicate your message.
This is especially true for communication with VGChat staff members.
* Post your message in the appropriate forum.
* "bumping" your own thread is considered spam, and other people "bumping" a thread without a quality post (something like just posting bumpppp)is against the rules. *credit for this rule to Shadowownz
Exceptions to this rule are when you are posting cheats for games & providing actual content.
* No useless posts except in the off-topic forum.
(eg "I agree." without a reason)
* Do not overuse smileys.
They are there to convey emotions, not annoy people.
* Signatures must be of a reasonable size and not interfere with users browsing the forum.
* Do NOT PM staff members unless asked to do so.

* No Flaming
* You may not post anything purposely designed to intimidate or insult a particular forum member.
If you must, criticize constructively.
* Profanity is automatically filtered, deliberate attempts to bypass the filter are not allowed.
* Groundless prejudice will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination against;
Race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, belief, religion, nationality
* Pornography, nudity and eroticism (both images and text) are inappropriate and should not be posted.