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Thread Title: Animal Crossing (GCN/AR/NTSC-U)

Pro Action Replay & Gameshark codes for Gamecube titles.

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    Default Animal Crossing (GCN/AR/NTSC-U)

    Animal Crossing

    [DOL-GAFE01-NOA]; Game-ID: 0A9

    Enable Debug Mode [Ralf]

    Debug stuff can be controlled with a second controller plugged into port 2.

    Debug Mode On/Off (Press R + DPad Up/Down) [Ralf]

    Enable Forest Map Select (Press RESET) [Ralf]

    Press the RESET button once at title screen or twice in-game to activate the
    Forest Map Select screen.

    Enable Debug Player Select (Press RESET) [Ralf]

    Enable Debug FlashROM Screen (Press RESET) [Ralf]

    Replace Train Monkey With Blazel (Beta Villager) [Ralf]

    16:9 Aspect Ratio (Widescreen) [Ralf]

    Max Friendship [Ralf]

    No Friendship [Ralf]

    Never Have Cockroaches [Ralf]

    Always Have Cockroaches [Ralf]

    Weed-B-Gone (Enter House) [Ralf]

    All Items Purchasable (Catalog) [Ralf]

    Shop: 24h Open [Ralf]

    Walk & Run Faster [Ralf]

    Go Anywhere [Ralf]

    Go Anywhere On/Off (Press R + DPad Up/Down) [Ralf]

    Flowers Can't Be Trampled [Ralf]

    Draw Process Bar [Ralf]

    Enable NES Emulator Filer Mode [Ralf]

    Filer Mode Control Keys:

    R = Filer Mode On/Off
    B = Auto Demo Mode
    DPad Up/Down = Previous/Next Game
    DPad Left/Right = Jump to Clu Clu Land

    Camera Modifier (Press L + DPad Up/Down/Left) [Ralf]

    L + DPad Up = Zoom In
    L + DPad Down = Zoom Out
    L + DPad Left = Normal/Reset & Activate Code

    Player Size Modifier (Press R + DPad Up/Down/Left) [Ralf]

    R + DPad Up = Grow
    R + DPad Down = Shrink
    R + DPad Left = Normal/Reset & Activate Code

    Clock Always On (Field) [Ralf]

    Clock Always Off (Field) [Ralf]

    No Background Music [Ralf]

    Background Music Volume Modifier [Ralf]
    040141B4 C3E2807C
    04218C5C xxxxxxxx

    xxxxxxxx = Volume (IEEE-754 SP Floating-Point Number)

    00000000 - 0%
    3F000000 - 50%
    3F800000 - 100%

    Player 1 Tan Modifier [Ralf]
    012687E8 000000xx

    Player 2 Tan Modifier [Ralf]
    0126AC28 000000xx

    Player 3 Tan Modifier [Ralf]
    0126D068 000000xx

    Player 4 Tan Modifier [Ralf]
    0126F4A8 000000xx

    xx = Tan 00 .. 08 (Max)

    Player 1 Max Tan [Ralf]

    Season Modifier (GFX Only) [Ralf]
    04003960 386000xx
    04003964 54661838
    04003968 483EFB1C
    043F3480 4BC104E0

    xx = Season


    00 - Winter (01. Jan - 03. Feb)
    01 - Winter (04. Feb - 17. Feb)
    02 - Winter (18. Feb - 24. Feb)
    03 - Spring (25. Feb - 31. Mar)
    04 - Spring (01. Apr - 08. Apr)
    05 - Spring (09. Apr - 25. May)
    06 - Summer (26. May - 22. Jul)
    07 - Summer (23. Jul - 31. Aug)
    08 - Summer (01. Sep - 15. Sep)
    09 - Autumn (16. Sep - 30. Sep)
    0A - Autumn (01. Oct - 15. Oct)
    0B - Autumn (16. Oct - 29. Oct)
    0C - Autumn (30. Oct - 12. Nov)
    0D - Autumn (13. Nov - 28. Nov)
    0E - Autumn (29. Nov - 09. Dec)
    0F - Winter (10. Dec - 17. Dec)
    10 - Winter (18. Dec - 25. Dec)
    11 - Winter (26. Dec - 31. Dec)

    Endless Summer [Ralf]

    Villager Model Replacer [Ralf]
    040051A0 3C600001
    040051A4 3863xxxx
    040051A8 7C032040
    040051AC 7C832378
    040051B0 4082000C
    040051B4 3C600001
    040051B8 3863yyyy
    040051BC 4E800020
    0453A198 4BACB009
    04544FFC 4BAC01A5

    Replaces villager model xxxx with model yyyy.

    Villager Model Modifier [Ralf]
    040051A0 3C600001
    040051A4 3863xxxx
    040051A8 4E800020
    0453A198 4BACB009
    04544FFC 4BAC01A5

    xxxx = Villager Model ID

    Regular Villager Model IDs

    E000 - Bob (Cat)
    E001 - Olivia (Cat)
    E002 - Mitzi (Cat)
    E003 - Kiki (Cat)
    E004 - Tangy (Cat)
    E005 - Kabuki (Cat)
    E006 - Tabby (Cat)
    E007 - Monique (Cat)
    E008 - Stinky (Cat)
    E009 - Purrl (Cat)
    E00A - Kitty (Cat)
    E00B - Tom (Cat)
    E00C - Rosie (Cat)
    E00D - Nosegay (Anteater)
    E00E - Zoe (Anteater)
    E00F - Pango (Anteater)

    E010 - Cyrano (Anteater)
    E011 - Snooty (Anteater)
    E012 - Teddy (Bear)
    E013 - Chow (Bear)
    E014 - Dozer (Bear)
    E015 - Nate (Bear)
    E016 - Groucho (Bear)
    E017 - Tutu (Bear)
    E018 - Ursula (Bear)
    E019 - Grizzly (Bear)
    E01A - Pinky (Bear)
    E01B - Jay (Bird)
    E01C - Twiggy (Bird)
    E01D - Anchovy (Bird)
    E01E - Piper (Bird)
    E01F - Admiral (Bird)

    E020 - Otis (Bird)
    E021 - Robin (Bird)
    E022 - Midge (Bird)
    E023 - Ace (Bird)
    E024 - Twirp (Bird)
    E025 - Chuck (Cow)
    E026 - Stu (Cow)
    E027 - Goose (Chicken)
    E028 - Betty (Chicken)
    E029 - Hector (Chicken)
    E02A - Egbert (Chicken)
    E02B - Ava (Chicken)
    E02C - Hank (Chicken)
    E02D - Leigh (Chicken)
    E02E - Rhoda (Chicken)
    E02F - Vladimir (Bear)

    E030 - Murphy (Bear)
    E031 - Cupcake (Bear)
    E032 - Kody (Bear)
    E033 - Maple (Bear)
    E034 - Pudge (Bear)
    E035 - Olive (Bear)
    E036 - Poncho (Bear)
    E037 - Bluebear (Bear)
    E038 - Patty (Cow)
    E039 - Petunia (Cow)
    E03A - Bessie (Cow)
    E03B - Belle (Cow)
    E03C - Alfonso (Alligator)
    E03D - Boots (Alligator)
    E03E - Liz (Alligator)
    E03F - Biskit (Dog)

    E040 - Goldie (Dog)
    E041 - Daisy (Dog)
    E042 - Lucky (Dog)
    E043 - Portia (Dog)
    E044 - Maddie (Dog)
    E045 - Butch (Dog)
    E046 - Bill (Duck)
    E047 - Pompom (Duck)
    E048 - Joey (Duck)
    E049 - Scoot (Duck)
    E04A - Derwin (Duck)
    E04B - Freckles (Duck)
    E04C - Paolo (Elephant)
    E04D - Dizzy (Elephant)
    E04E - Axel (Elephant)
    E04F - Emerald (Frog)

    E050 - Tad (Frog)
    E051 - Wart Jr. (Frog)
    E052 - Cousteau (Frog)
    E053 - Puddles (Frog)
    E054 - Lily (Frog)
    E055 - Jeremiah (Frog)
    E056 - Huck (Frog)
    E057 - Camofrog (Frog)
    E058 - Ribbot (Frog)
    E059 - Prince (Frog)
    E05A - Jambette (Frog)
    E05B - Billy (Goat)
    E05C - Chevre (Goat)
    E05D - Iggy (Goat)
    E05E - Gruff (Goat)
    E05F - Sven (Goat)

    E060 - Velma (Goat)
    E061 - Jane (Gorilla)
    E062 - Cesar (Gorilla)
    E063 - Louie (Gorilla)
    E064 - Peewee (Gorilla)
    E065 - Rollo (Hippo)
    E066 - Bubbles (Hippo)
    E067 - Bertha (Hippo)
    E068 - Elmer (Horse)
    E069 - Winnie (Horse)
    E06A - Savannah (Horse)
    E06B - Ed (Horse)
    E06C - Cleo (Horse)
    E06D - Peaches (Horse)
    E06E - Buck (Horse)
    E06F - Carrie (Kangaroo)

    E070 - Mathilda (Kangaroo)
    E071 - Marcy (Kangaroo)
    E072 - Kitt (Kangaroo)
    E073 - Valise (Kangaroo)
    E074 - Astrid (Kangaroo)
    E075 - Sydney (Koala)
    E076 - Gonzo (Koala)
    E077 - Ozzie (Koala)
    E078 - Yuka (Koala)
    E079 - Huggy (Koala)
    E07A - Rex (Lion)
    E07B - Aziz (Lion)
    E07C - Leopold (Lion)
    E07D - Samson (Mouse)
    E07E - Penny (Mouse)
    E07F - Dora (Mouse)

    E080 - Chico (Mouse)
    E081 - Candi (Mouse)
    E082 - Rizzo (Mouse)
    E083 - Anicotti (Mouse)
    E084 - Limberg (Mouse)
    E085 - Carmen (Mouse)
    E086 - Octavian (Octopus)
    E087 - Sandy (Ostrich)
    E088 - Sprocket (Ostrich)
    E089 - Rio (Ostrich)
    E08A - Queenie (Ostrich)
    E08B - Apollo (Hawk)
    E08C - Buzz (Hawk)
    E08D - Quetzal (Hawk)
    E08E - Amelia (Hawk)
    E08F - Pierce (Hawk)

    E090 - Roald (Penguin)
    E091 - Aurora (Penguin)
    E082 - Hopper (Penguin)
    E093 - Cube (Penguin)
    E094 - Puck (Penguin)
    E095 - Gwen (Penguin)
    E096 - Friga (Penguin)
    E097 - Curly (Pig)
    E098 - Truffles (Pig)
    E099 - Spork (Pig)
    E09A - Hugh (Pig)
    E09B - Rasher (Pig)
    E09C - Sue E (Pig)
    E09D - Hambo (Pig)
    E09E - Lucy (Pig)
    E09F - Cobb (Pig)

    E0A0 - Boris (Pig)
    E0A1 - Bunnie (Rabbit)
    E0A2 - Doc (Rabbit)
    E0A3 - Gaston (Rabbit)
    E0A4 - Coco (Rabbit)
    E0A5 - Gabi (Rabbit)
    E0A6 - Dotty (Rabbit)
    E0A7 - Genji (Rabbit)
    E0A8 - Snake (Rabbit)
    E0A9 - Claude (Rabbit)
    E0AA - Tank (Rhino)
    E0AB - Spike (Rhino)
    E0AC - Tiara (Rhino)
    E0AD - Vesta (Sheep)
    E0AE - Filbert (Squirrel)
    E0AF - Hazel (Squirrel)

    E0B0 - Peanut (Squirrel)
    E0B1 - Pecan (Squirrel)
    E0B2 - Ricky (Squirrel)
    E0B3 - Static (Squirrel)
    E0B4 - Mint (Squirrel)
    E0B5 - Nibbles (Squirrel)
    E0B6 - Tybalt (Tiger)
    E0B7 - Rolf (Tiger)
    E0B8 - Bangle (Tiger)
    E0B9 - Lobo (Wolf)
    E0BA - Freya (Wolf)
    E0BB - Chief (Wolf)
    E0BC - Weber (Duck)
    E0BD - Mallary (Duck)
    E0BE - Wolfgang (Wolf)
    E0BF - Hornsby (Rhino)

    E0C0 - Oxford (Cow)
    E0C1 - T-Bone (Cow)
    E0C2 - Biff (Hippo)
    E0C3 - Opal (Elephant)
    E0C4 - Bones (Dog)
    E0C5 - Bea (Dog)
    E0C6 - Bitty (Hippo)
    E0C7 - Rocco (Hippo)
    E0C8 - Lulu (Hippo)
    E0C9 - Blaire (Squirrel)
    E0CA - Sally (Squirrel)
    E0CB - Ellie (Elephant)
    E0CC - Eloise (Elephant)
    E0CD - Alli (Alligator)
    E0CE - Pippy (Rabbit)
    E0CF - Eunice (Sheep)

    E0D0 - Baabara (Sheep)
    E0D1 - Fang (Wolf)
    E0D2 - Deena (Duck)
    E0D3 - Pate (Duck)
    E0D4 - Stella (Sheep)
    E0D5 - Cashmere (Sheep)
    E0D6 - Woolio (Sheep)
    E0D7 - Cookie (Dog)
    E0D8 - Maelle (Duck - Islander)
    E0D9 - O'Hare (Rabbit - Islander)
    E0DA - Bliss (Squirrel - Islander)
    E0DB - Drift (Frog - Islander)
    E0DC - Bud (Lion - Islander)
    E0DD - Boomer (Duck - Islander)
    E0DE - Eilina (Elephant - Islander)
    E0DF - Flash (Bird - Islander)

    E0E0 - Dobie (Wolf - Islander)
    E0E1 - Flossie (Mouse - Islander)
    E0E2 - Annalise (Horse - Islander)
    E0E3 - Plucky (Chicken - Islander)
    E0E4 - Faith (Koala - Islander)
    E0E5 - Yodel (Gorilla - Islander)
    E0E6 - Rowan (Tiger - Islander)
    E0E7 - June (Bear - Islander)
    E0E8 - Cheri (Bear)
    E0E9 - Pigleg (Pig - Islander)
    E0EA - Ankha (Cat - Islander)
    E0EB - Punchy (Cat)

    Special Villager Model IDs

    D000 - Wendell (Walrus)
    D001 - Redd (Fox)
    D002 - Gracie (Giraffe)
    D003 - Pelly (Pelican)
    D004 - Rover (Cat)
    D005 - Rover (Cat)
    D006 - Saharah (Camel)
    D007 - Joan (Pig - Backpack)
    D008 - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Blue Apron)
    D009 - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Striped Shirt)
    D00A - Tom Nook (Raccoon - White Apron)
    D00B - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Blue Suit)
    D00C - Katrina (Cat)
    D00D - Copper (Dog)
    D00E - Porter (Monkey)
    D00F - Jingle (Reindeer)

    D010 - Booker (Dog)
    D011 - Pete (Pelican)
    D012 - Phyllis (Pelican)
    D013 - Redd (Fox)
    D014 - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Blue Apron)
    D015 - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Striped Shirt)
    D016 - Tom Nook (Raccoon - White Apron)
    D017 - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Blue Suit)
    D018 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D019 - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Blue Apron)
    D01A - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Striped Shirt)
    D01B - Tom Nook (Raccoon - White Apron)
    D01C - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Blue Suit)
    D01D - Chip (Beaver)
    D01E - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Striped Apron)
    D01F - K.K. Slider (Dog)

    D020 - Jack (Spooky Spirit)
    D021 - Jack (Spooky Spirit)
    D022 - Jack (Spooky Spirit)
    D023 - Jack (Spooky Spirit)
    D024 - Jack (Spooky Spirit)
    D025 - Jack (Spooky Spirit)
    D026 - Tommy (Raccoon)
    D027 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D028 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D029 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D02A - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D02B - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D02C - Redd (Fox - Striped Apron)
    D02D - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D02E - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D02F - K.K. Slider (Dog)

    D030 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D031 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D032 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D033 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D034 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D035 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D036 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D037 - Timmy (Raccoon)
    D038 - Joan (Pig)
    D039 - Redd (Fox)
    D03A - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Striped Apron)
    D03B - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Striped Apron)
    D03C - Tom Nook (Raccoon - Striped Apron)
    D03D - Katrina (Cat)
    D03E - Mr. Resetti (Mole)
    D03F - K.K. Slider (Dog)

    D040 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D041 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D042 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D043 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D044 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D045 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D046 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D047 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D048 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D049 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D04A - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D04B - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D04C - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D04D - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D04E - Copper (Dog - Tracksuit)
    D04F - K.K. Slider (Dog)

    D050 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D051 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D052 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D053 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D054 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D055 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D056 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D057 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D058 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D059 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D05A - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D05B - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D05C - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D05D - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D05E - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D05F - K.K. Slider (Dog)

    D060 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D061 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D062 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D063 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D064 - Gulliver (Pelican)
    D065 - Mr. Resetti (Mole)
    D066 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D067 - Porter (Monkey)
    D068 - Mr. Resetti (Mole)
    D069 - Mr. Resetti (Mole)
    D06A - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D06B - Mr. Resetti (Mole)
    D06C - Blazel (Squirrel - Beta)
    D06D - Blathers (Owl)
    D06E - Tortimer (Turtle)
    D06F - Wisp (Ghost)

    D070 - Mable (Hedgehog)
    D071 - Sable (Hedgehog)
    D072 - Kapp'n (Turtle)
    D073 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D074 - Tortimer (Turtle)
    D075 - Blanca (Cat)
    D076 - Blanca (Cat)
    D077 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D078 - Tortimer (Turtle)
    D079 - Jack (Spooky Spirit)
    D07A - Porter (Monkey)
    D07B - Gulliver (Pelican)
    D07C - Mr. Resetti (Mole)
    D07D - Mr. Resetti (Mole)
    D07E - Don Resetti (Mole)
    D07F - Tortimer (Turtle)

    D080 - Mr. Resetti (Mole)
    D081 - Mr. Resetti (Mole - Black Suit)
    D082 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D083 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D084 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D085 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D086 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D087 - Tortimer (Turtle)
    D088 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D089 - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D08A - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D08B - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D08C - K.K. Slider (Dog)
    D08D - Franklin (Turkey)
    D08E - Farley (Well-Spirit - Invisible)
    D08F - K.K. Slider (Dog)

    Replace All Villager Models With Don Resetti Model [Ralf]

    Replace Museum Owl Model With K.K. Slider Model [Ralf]

    Random Villager Models [Ralf]

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!

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    Default Animal Crossing (GCN/AR/NTSC-U)

    16:9 Aspect Ratio v2 (Widescreen) [Ralf]

    Incl. Screen Fader Fix

    Insects: Purely Random Encounters [Ralf]

    Fishes: Purely Random Encounters [Ralf]

    Insect Encounter Modifier [Ralf]
    04594940 390000xx

    xx = Insect ID

    Insect IDs

    00 - Common Butterfly
    01 - Yellow Butterfly
    02 - Tiger Butterfly
    03 - Purple Butterfly
    04 - Robust Cicada
    05 - Walker Cicada
    06 - Evening Cicada
    07 - Brown Cicada
    08 - Bee
    09 - Common Dragonfly
    0A - Red Dragonfly
    0B - Darner Dragonfly
    0C - Banded Dragonfly
    0D - Long Locust
    0E - Migratory Locust
    0F - Cricket

    10 - Grasshopper
    11 - Bell Cricket
    12 - Pine Cricket
    13 - Drone Beetle
    14 - Dynastid Beetle
    15 - Flat Stag Beetle
    16 - Jewel Beetle
    17 - Longhorn Beetle
    18 - Ladybug
    19 - Spotted Ladybug
    1A - Mantis
    1B - Firefly
    1C - Cockroach
    1D - Saw Stag Beetle
    1E - Mountain Beetle
    1F - Giant Beetle

    20 - Snail
    21 - Mole Cricket
    22 - Pond Skater
    23 - Bagworm
    24 - Pill Bug
    25 - Spider
    26 - Ant
    27 - Mosquito
    28 - Spirit

    Fish Encounter Modifier [Ralf]
    045A1FD0 394000xx

    xx = Fish ID

    Fish IDs

    00 - Crucian Carp
    01 - Brook Trout
    02 - Carp
    03 - Koi
    04 - Catfish
    05 - Small Bass
    06 - Bass
    07 - Large Bass
    08 - Bluegill
    09 - Giant Catfish
    0A - Giant Snakehead
    0B - Barbel Steed
    0C - Dace
    0D - Pale Chub
    0E - Bitterling
    0F - Loach

    10 - Pond Smelt
    11 - Sweetfish
    12 - Cherry Salmon
    13 - Large Char
    14 - Rainbow Trout
    15 - Stringfish
    16 - Salmon
    17 - Goldfish
    18 - Piranha
    19 - Arowana
    1A - Eel
    1B - Freshwater Goby
    1C - Angelfish
    1D - Guppy
    1E - Popeyed Goldfish
    1F - Coelacanth

    20 - Crawfish
    21 - Frog
    22 - Killifish
    23 - Jellyfish
    24 - Sea Bass
    25 - Red Snapper
    26 - Barred Knifejaw
    27 - Arapaima
    28 - None
    29 - Empty Can
    2A - Old Shoe
    2B - Tire
    2C - Salmon

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!

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    Default Animal Crossing (GCN/AR/NTSC-U)

    Animal Crossing Action Replay Town Editing Guide by bowsersenemy-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    NOTE: To jump right to a location, simply copy
    the code nearby, press CTRL and F. now, paste
    the code into the box, and hit Find.
    NOTICE: Some of the information in this guide may now be out of date since
    acre control has become available. For instance, it IS safe to move your
    dump, as long as you keep it in a dump acre, and the dump acre is in the
    A acres. As such, it may well be safe to move things such as the light house.
    Sure, you can have as many as you want, but you may be required to keep one
    in a lighthouse acre. If that's true, then you CAN move it, as long as you
    move it with your lighthouse acre. Some of these these are untested, so
    you're welcome to try them, and should something go wrong, simply make a
    code to reverse it.
    I have discovered that some items and all acres stay even if you
    reset. This may not be the case with every item, but to be sure, I have
    decided to post one of the questions from the Frequently Asked Questions
    section, here.
    Here's the question as it appears in the FAQS section.
    Q: Oops! I put the wrong town in!
    A: Relax. There's still hope. Just reset, put
    the right town in, and start again. Once you're
    done, check the town you accidentaly had in.
    If your town doesn't crash after loading,
    things are looking good. Go through all the
    areas you had set to be altered, and if something
    looks out of place, make another code to fix it.
    I can't stress enough how important it is to make
    sure you use the right town. Mark your memory
    cards. Also, once you've altered a town, turn
    the system completely off after saving, as any
    other town you so much as visit or load will have
    these effects brought into it.
    Also, take note. I finaly added the Cautious items.
    Take care when using these.
    1.0 What this guide is about..........[what]
      1.1 Version History.................[past]
    2.0 Frequently Asked Questions........[faqs]
    3.0 What you need.....................[need]
      3.1 Action Replay...................[a.r.]
      3.2 GCNcrypt........................(code)
    4.0 How to use this guide.............[how2]
      4.1 How to remove items.............[cya!]
      4.2 Do's and Dont's.................[oops]
      4.3 Known Glitches..................[huh?]
      4.4 European (PAL) hacking..........[PALH]
    5.0 Town Hacking......................[town]
      5.1 Remove/Replace House Codes......[home]
      5.2 Building sizes..................[size]
      5.3 Acre Map and Acre Shortcuts.....[shrt]
      5.4 Various Cool Info...............[info]
      5.5 Items...........................[item]
      5.6 Cautious Items..................[care]
      5.7 Town hacking....................[hack]
    6.0 Acre Hacking......................[acre]
      6.1 How to hack acres...............[inst]
      6.2 The Real Town Map...............[mapy]
      6.3 Acres...........................[dirt]
      6.4 Acre Adresses...................[addy] 
    7.0 Villager Hacking..................[vill]
      7.1 The Housing Situation...........[hows]
      7.2 Attitudes.......................[atit]
      7.3 The Villagers...................[vily]
      7.4 The Islanders...................[isle]
      7.5 Fun Characters..................[haha]
      7.6 Villager Addresses..............[zipc]
    8.0 Player Name Hacking...............[name]
      8.1 What's in a name?...............[hwdy]
      8.2 Letters and Numbers.............[text]
      8.3 Name Addresses..................[mr.c]
    9.0 Limited Town Name Hacking.........[t.n.]
      9.1 Letters and Numbers 2...........[txt2]
      9.2 Town Name Addresses.............[4est]
    A.0 End of Guide......................[end.]
      A.1 Legal...........................[legl]
      A.2 Thanks and Credits..............[cred]
    |What this guide is about. [what]|
    This guide was built so that people playing the
    Gamecube version of Animal Crossing can edit thier
    towns, with a few exceptions. You can't control
    the way the river works, or what the acres look
    like, but you CAN control what's IN the acres.
    Now, you could do that before, but with problems.
    Whenever you gave yourself items such as the town
    message board, your character would recieve
    letters from Tom Nook, with glitched items. The
    mail box STAYS full of them, no matter how many
    times you delete them. This guide shows you how
    to put items like that directly into your town,
    without having to worry about the Glitch Letters.
    |Version History. [past]|
    1.0: Public release on YouTube and Gamefaqs
    message boards.
    1.1: Minor updates, spelling fixes and some
    FAQS added.
    1.2: Major addition: Building sizes were added
    so that proper removal and adding new buildings
    would be easier, also, Action Replay codes added
    for easier removal and restoration of player houses.
    1.3: Officialy submitted to Gamefaqs, and accepted!
    Minor spelling fixes and more FAQS, one of which
    is in regards to the Brutis villager myth, and a
    link to my video showcasing the ONLY beta villager
    left in the game.
    1.4: A problem has been addressed about removal
    of items accidentaly put in, or put into the wrong
    town. However, proper usage of the guide and making
    sure that the correct memory card used, will ensure
    minimal to zero glitches, all of which appear to be
    minor in the worst situations. Also, more FAQS.
    1.5: Altered a few things in the guide a bit, fixed
    some spelling, and added a couple new sections.
    Firstly, Mp16z suggested I add the rest of the items.
    I took his advice. The rest of the items that
    I found have been added. Well, those that haven't
    proven dangerous. Warnings have been added on these.
    Also, I have added a Custom Town Videos section. Now
    you can make a custom town, record a video of it,
    upload it to the internet and I'll post the link here.
    Just give me the link. That's all. Gamecube towns only,
    and no downloads.
    1.6: Rocks have been added to the list of available
    items. Just don't use too many, or you'll end up with
    the burried weeds glitch. Not dangerous, but you don't
    want to see a dig spot, only to find it to be a weed.
    Also, yet another new section. This one, will hold the
    findings of Mp16z, another Animal Crossing researcher
    that is on Gamefaqs. He's done some extensive testing,
    so check that section out.
    2.0: The Videos section was removed due to no videos
    being submitted, but I replaced it with the Acre
    Hacking section. An all around better section anyway,
    right? Also included is a villager hacking section
    and a player name hacking section.
    2.1: Thanks goes to bmsortiz of Youtube who pointed out
    that I had the wrong addresses for the villagers!
    Upon converting them to 16 bit overwrite, I forgot
    to change the address to match! They're fine now
    though. Also included this time, is PAL hacking,
    and limited town name hacking.
    |Frequently Asked Questions. [faqs]|
    Q: Can I make a code and use it on any town?
    A: No, that won't work. It's rare that two towns
    would look alike, and besides, each code must be
    built arround one towns design. If used on
    another town, the items would be in the wrong
    places and look strange, or worse, crash the
    Q: My Action Replay says that the code has
    already been entered!
    A: All you have to do, is reencrypt the code
    again, and put the new one in. Keep doing this
    untill the AR accepts the code. I'll go into
    more detail in the GCNcrypt section.
    Q: My Action Replay says I used an invalid code!
    A: Go back over the code, and make sure you put
    it in right. If you did, make sure you put the
    right game ID in GCNcrypt, and reencrypt the
    code. Animal Crossing's ID is 0A9 in the U.S.
    You MUST put that into GCNcrypt before anything
    else, or NONE of the codes will work.
    Q: Oops! I put the wrong town in!
    A: Relax. There's still hope. Just reset, put
    the right town in, and start again. Once you're
    done, check the town you accidentaly had in.
    If your town doesn't crash after loading,
    things are looking good. Go through all the
    areas you had set to be altered, and if something
    looks out of place, make another code to fix it.
    I can't stress enough how important it is to make
    sure you use the right town. Mark your memory
    cards. Also, once you've altered a town, turn
    the system completely off after saving, as any
    other town you so much as visit or load will have
    these effects brought into it.
    Q: Does it matter which character I start
    A: No. Any character will work fine.
    Q: If I have a different Nook store, and I put
    Nook 'n' Go in my town, will it be open late?
    A: Sadly, no. No matter how many different
    Nook stores you have in one town, they will
    all match the hours of your current store.
    Q: Ok, so can I stop Nook from upgrading?
    A: Again, sadly, no. Buying anything from
    any store you may add would help your main
    store to upgade.
    Q: Can I have more than one of a particular
    item in my town at a time?
    A: Yes. Just don't get too many items in one
    acre. That seems to cause problems.
    Q: Can each flag in my town have it's own
    A: Unfortunatly, all flags will have the same
    design on them. Change one, and ALL others will
    change to match it. Even the one on the Island.
    Q: Is it safe to go to my island? I haven't
    named it yet!
    A: Yes. It's perfectly safe. When a character
    is supposed to mention the Island's name, they
    just show nothing instead. Nothing to worry about.
    Also, as a bonus for doing it this way, your island
    will now match the current season! Some may not like
    this, due to not being able to catch summer fish/bugs
    in the middle of winter.
    Q: I walked into my Islander's house, and they had
    all kinds of furniture!
    A: This happens only the first time you walk into
    your Islanders house if you didn't get there by
    the Game Boy Advance. It's normal. Walk back in,
    and they'll be normal.
    Q: Hey! I put something in my town, but I can't
    see it! What gives here?
    A: What most likely happened, is you put too many
    "special" items in the same acre. Only so many
    of these types of items can appear at once for
    some reason. I don't recomend leaving them there,
    so if you haven't saved yet, turn the game off
    without saving, or if you HAVE saved already,
    just remake the same code, but in place of the
    items that are invisible, use 0000 instead. This
    causes no problems that I have seen, but just
    incase, I do recomend removing invisible items.
    Q: I've heard tell of a glitch villager named
    Brutis/Brutus/Rufus, is he real?
    A: Based on what I've seen in the game, no.
    I've heard tell of it possibly being a form
    of the well known villager fusion glitch, but from
    what I've read, usualy the glitch villager's house
    is supposed to force the game to reset, and that's
    never mentioned with the villager fusion glitch.
    The only way that should happen is if the villager
    doesn't have a pre set house. That would mean that
    the villager should be in the registered villagers
    lists. I've been through both lists and haven't
    seen anything like him. This isn't related to the
    guide, but I thought it was worth mentioning, due
    to the repeated mentions of him. There IS a beta
    villager though. Since I haven't been able to find
    a name for her, and since she looks like both
    Bliss, and Hazel, I've named her Blazel. Here's a
    video showing her off. She's near the end of it.
    Q: Are there any Beta items?
    A: Yes. Yes there is. So far, I've only found
    one, but it's a monster. A paper airplane. Now,
    what sounds so monstrous about that? Easy. Nintendo
    had decided to play arround with it a bit for some
    reason, and never finished. Place this thing in your
    town, and it will spread itself given enough time.
    It will slowly shut down each acre it fills. Once
    it reaches the edge of an acre, it will spread to
    the next one. I have dubbed it The Animal Crossing
    Virus. It IS curable, but if it spreads to another
    acre, it can be a pain. I will get a video up showing
    it, but I'll do that later. For safety, I will not
    release it's item number, as it is a true town
    corruption item.
    Q: I saved with a Beta Acre in my town!
    A: No cause for alarm. Just replace it with another
    acre. The worst that will happen, is your game will
    reset every time you open the map, but that's fixed
    when you change it back to a normal acre.
    Q: RRRGH! I HATE THIS VILLAGER! Can I make them move?
    A: Believe me, I wish I could help, but I tried making
    a code for the Action Replay that removes a villager,
    and instead I corrupted my town! Now it won't even
    load! I have to make another code to fix it. Sorry,
    but for everyones (and mine) safety, I won't even work
    on another villager removal code. Now, what you CAN
    do, is change the villager to one you like better.
    See the villager hacking section for more on this.
    Q: Can my name be more than 8 characters?
    A: No, sorry. 8 is the most you can use. I'ts not
    my fault, that's just the way it is.
    Q: Can I change my town name?
    A: No. I wish that would have worked, but I never was
    able to pinpoint the origin of the town name. I know
    there has to be one point that all these sections
    read from, but I can't find that source. If that was
    a bit to technical, then let me just say, I can't find
    Q: Will changing my name cause me to have trouble
    using passwords made for me?
    A: As far as I can tell, just use your new name when
    having passwords made for you. To be safe though, you can
    have them made in your old name too. If you want to test it
    though, there's password generators out there that should
    be able to help you test it. One I can recomend is
    acuc.multiverseworks.com/acuc that's the online one made by
    garycxjk. It's based off of Mooglyguy's code generator.
    Q: Can I have (villager) talk like (villager)?
    A: Yes! This was a feature I thought was cool. You can make
    any villager sound any way you want! Unfortunately, if they
    ever move, they will return to thier normal voice and
    Q: Can I have more than one of the same villager?
    A: I've never tested it, but from experience, I don't see
    where it would be dangerous, but to be sure, I'd test it out
    in another town first.
    Q: Can I make (villager) have (villager)'s house?
    A: No. Each villager has a set house, and if they have someone
    elses house, it causes a glitch. If you go into ANY house, the
    game will reset. This is fixed, when thier house is fixed.
    A villagers house, is the same as the villager though. For
    instance, say you set a villager to E034. You would have
    to find thier house, and change it to 5034. Yeah, the first
    letter is different, but everything else is the same.
    Q: Ok, so does that mean that I can give Nook or "Blazel"
    a house of thier own?
    A: No. Those aren't meant to be villagers, so they don't have
    a set house, thus causing the glitch no matter what. I only
    included them for fun. You may have to change them back to
    a normal villager once you're done with them, even if you
    reset the game.
    Q: Can I use your guide on my site?
    A: Ask me first, but if I don't respond, then go
    ahead and put it up. But give credit for it and
    don't change anything in it.
    |What you need. [need]|
    You will need a couple of things before you can
    do this. Don't worry, all you'll need to buy, is
    the Action Replay.
    Action Replay [a.r.]
    This is the most important piece. Without this
    item, this guide is useless to you. It usualy
    cost's about $30 in America, new, so it's not
    bad on the price. NOTICE! This will not work
    on a Wii! The Wii locks all Action Replays that
    use unnoficial codes, and the only GCN Action
    Replay that will work with the Wii doesn't
    allow custom codes! Please make sure you are
    buying the right Action Replay!
    GCNcrypt {code}
    GCNcrypt is used to put codes into a format so
    that the Action Replay can use them. The codes
    you will be making with this guide are called
    "Unencrypted". You need GCNcrypt to put them
    together. As for where to find it, you can
    download it here:
    If this is for some reason no longer working,
    notify me if possible and look for the program
    on a search engine.
    Here's how to use it with this guide.
    Step 1: Get your code put together.
    Step 2: Open GCNcrypt, and in the bottom left
    corner, you will see the Game ID box. Put 0A9
    in it. That's Animal Crossing's ID number for
    the U.S.
    Step 3: Copy and Paste your code into GCNcrypt,
    and press Encrypt. Notice that the code on the
    left is one line longer. It's supposed to do
    Step 4: Put the whole code on the right side
    into your Action Replay.
    Step 5: Use the code, and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE
    THE RIGHT CARD IN. Now, come out as any
    character, and then save and quit. Turn off
    the gamecube, so if you time travel, or visit
    another town, there will be no odd effects,
    and you're done!
    |How to use this guide. [how2]|
    I strongly recomend reading this section
    before going head first into editing your town
    because you may do something, and have a mess
    to clean up.
    First, you need to understand this. When you
    put an item down, it will fall to one spot.
    There are 255 spots in each acre. Even the
    spots in the river, and above the fences.
    Another thing to realize, is that there are
    16 spots going from left to right, and 16
    spots going from top to bottom in each acre.
    This is how you will judge where you want an
    item to go in your town, and how to remove
    things from your town. I made an acre outline
    and put quick access points so you can jump
    between spots, and the outline to tell what
    would end up where. It's up to you to make
    sure whatever you put down doesn't end up in
    the water, unless you wanted it there. I'll
    explain how to fix mistakes and remove things
    later. An important tip though, another good
    idea for figuring out what will go where,
    place items and dig holes in the acre. It
    helps more than you think.
    Here is how you put an item in your town.
    This line will edit the very top left corner
    of A-1.
    1-1 03279BA8 0000xxxx
    Now, you can't use it like that, so try this.
    03279BA8 00001DEC
    That can be put into GCNcrypt. It will put
    Super Mario Bros. in the top left corner of
    A-1. I wouldn't recomend putting it
    there though. You can't reach it for the
    Take the Acre Map and notice that I've named
    all of the spots in the acres. Use that to
    figure out which line you want to use.
    |How to remove items. [cya!]|
    Now that you know how to put an item IN your
    town, let me teach you how to REMOVE them.
    Here's the same code as before.
    03279BA8 00001DEC
    Let's change that, shall we?
    03279BA8 00000000
    see the difference? If you replace the xxxx
    in a code line with 0000 and use it, it will
    REMOVE whatever is in that spot. The line above,
    will remove whatever is in the top left
    corner of A-1.
    Now, alot of the time, items are far larger
    than just one spot. If you remove say, the
    Post Office, with just one line, it will be
    gone, yes, but it leaves what I call it's
    "foundation". Blank spots that were put there
    for some reason. You can't dig there, unless
    you erase those blank spots with a removal
    code. I will go into more detail about what
    will need to be removed in Building sizes.
    that way you can have a clean spot.
    Now, don't missunderstand this. You can put
    a new building down, and not have to worry
    about adding a foundation. Same goes for
    removing a building you put down. There is
    no foundation placed when YOU put a building
    somewhere, so if you want to remove a
    building you put down, just use the same
    line as before, but with all zeros on the
    right half.
    |Do's and Dont's. [oops]|
    You're going to have to be carefull with
    this guide. I decided to add certain
    items that can cause problems. I had put
    an Igloo in my town, walked inside to find
    no one there, walked out, and the igloo was
    gone with a sign in it's spot. Sometimes, it
    stays. I dedided to include this item and others
    like it. Just be very careful when adding items
    from that section.
    It's completely safe to remove any player
    houses that you don't want. I have even
    made codes for this already. Even codes
    that restore the houses if you change your
    mind. Just make sure no one's living there.
    It's also safe to remove the Message board
    and Map boards, but if you create a new
    character, you will need a Message board.
    You can remove the lily pads from the pond
    so that you can see to fish as well. In
    fact, if you place it right, you can even
    put a bridge at the end of the fishing pier
    to extend your fishing range. Be carefull
    though, if there is anything blocking a
    river route to the ocean, don't do it. If
    you fall into the Pond, the only way back
    on dry land is the beach!
    One cool thing to do is put a bridge in one
    of your F acres, so that you can walk off
    of it and to your island. Careful again
    though, don't bring up your map until you're
    on the main land. You could reset your game.
    It's completely safe to remove the Museum!
    I know it sounds strange, but it's true! You
    don't have to keep it! Ditch it if you don't
    like it, or move it if you want it elsewhere.
    for that matter, have as many Museums as you
    Same goes for the Post Office. You can move,
    or remove, it, with one minor glitch. When
    you send five letters, and walk outside,
    after having moved the post office, Postman
    Pete will not fly off with the letters. You
    can go back in though, and send even more
    You can move and remove, the Able Sisters too.
    Personaly, I recomend replacing them with one
    of Tom Nook's stores, so that you can go fising
    and have a quick sale stop. Nook's Cranny is good
    because it's small and not as much in the way as
    the larger stores.
    You can safely remove Nook's store, but only
    once it's become Nookington's. If you remove
    it before it's finished upgrading, it could
    cause trouble. There's a possibility that the
    upgrading proccess relies on the previous store
    actualy being where it should be. That's why I
    recomend leaving it alone untill it becomes
    some people seem to have trouble understanding
    how to even get Nookingtons, so I thought I'd
    explain it here.
    First, you start out with Nook's Cranny. That
    upgrades to Nook 'n' Go, then becomes Nookway.
    Once you have Nookway, it's going to take more
    than just a load of cash, (and I do mean a load
    of cash,) you're also going to need someone from
    another town to come in and buy something from
    Nookway. Give it some time, and eventualy, you
    will have Nookington's.
    Don't put signs or anything at all arround your
    houses until all characters intended to be made
    are in there, because Nook needs a way to walk
    out of the acre, and If he doesn't have one, the
    game will basicly be locked.
    Never remove villager houses!
    Only move signs if you intend to put another
    one somewhere else. Keep track of these.
    Thanks to Mp16z for this. There can only be 8
    signs per acre.
    Never remove the Wishing Well!
    TAKE CAUTION WITH THE DUMP! Mp16z has discovered
    that you can safely move the dump, as long as you
    keep it in the A acres and it also has to be
    placed in a Dump acre, so if you want to move your
    dump, make one of the A acres a dump acre and move
    it there.
    Don't try to look for Acre F-5. I purposly
    left it out. Some call it the Action Replay
    Glitch Acre, with good reason.
    Never remove the Town Tune board. I did this
    once, and every time I ran over the spot it was
    in, my character seemed to jump over the spot
    as if something was there. I recomend leaving
    this one here. Seems safe to put more down though.
    Never remove your Lighthouse. This could be bad.
    If you ever deal with a River meets Ocean acre,
    you should put a lighthouse in it. you can also
    put lighthouses anywhere else in town you want.
    Also, never remove your Clock Tower, unless you
    keep it with your train station, and read the one
    below too.
    If you're going to move your housing acre,
    either keep it right underneath the train station,
    unless you don't intend to make any new players.
    A little info about the Fences. You can safely
    remove, move, or replace them, but don't leave
    them gone long. If you walk up where they should
    be, you will become stuck, with no way out.
    The police station should be safe to move as long
    as you put it in another police station acre.
    When making a new town, you must include one of each
    main acre. For instance, you must have a Player Houses
    acre, a Police acre, a Dump acre (A acres only), etc.
    About Gyroids. If you decide to place your
    Gyroid somewhere, I must warn you, DO NOT SAVE
    with the new Gyroid. It won't always work.
    I recomend going back to your house and using
    that Gyroid like you have been. It's the safest
    way to do it.
    I don't think anyone will actualy do this, but
    just to be safe, don't remove a house that
    you or another player lives in. It's a cruel
    and dangerous joke.
    This one is a big one. DO NOT place bridges
    until AFTER Tortimer puts one in for you.
    The reason why, is that it's required in the
    game for Tortimer to do that, and if you
    already have all of the pre set locations
    covered with bridges, you have a problem.
    For the record, Tortimer will do this some
    time after you get 15 villagers.
    Lastly, don't fill an acre with too many things.
    It's not good. For Instance, too many Flags,
    or too many Waterfalls. It's not good for the
    acre, and sometimes, the extra items won't
    appear. Feel free to spread them throughout
    your town though.
    |Known Glitches. [huh?]|
    From what I've seen, there are only two glitches
    that come from SAFE editing of your town. First,
    when I say, "safe editing", I mean making your
    town safe to play in. For instance, leaving a
    gap in your fences, or puting a bridge somewhere
    you can walk off without a clear path to the
    ocean. That's not safe. Anyway, here they are.
    Also, for the record, these seem to have no ill
    Missing Postman (safe)
    I mentioned this elsewhere, but it's worth
    repeating. When the post office is moved to an
    acre other than a Post Office acre, Pete
    will no longer fly away when you mail five
    letters. You can go back in and mail more though.
    Burried Weeds (safe)
    Also, don't fill an acre with too many fences or
    rocks. Why? I have an acre that suffers from a
    comical glitch. I sometimes get weeds, that are
    BURRIED! they look like a normal dig spot, but
    when you dig it, you see a weed fly out! It only
    happens in that particular acre though. Probably
    due to the ammount of signs I have in it. They
    were rocks, but I later changed them to signs.
    House Reset (not safe, but fixable)
    As it turns out, if you put a villager that
    doesn't have a preset house of thier own into
    your town, ALL, I repeat A L L houses in your
    town will reset when you walk into them. The
    same goes if you change a villager, but forget
    to change thier house to match the new villager.
    Also, failing to "rematch" the house, may result
    in the house being a different/odd color, which
    is the only cool part about it. However, it's
    a pretty easy fix. Just put the same villager
    back, or, just change the house to match.
    |European (PAL) hacking. [PALH]|
    If you're in this section, that means that you either
    have a save editing device, or you have the European,
    or PAL as it's sometimes called, version of the game.
    Well then I have good news! You can still hack your
    town! All you have to do is apply these offsets to
    each line of code you will be using before you put
    it into your Action Replay, or save file. However,
    the PAL version also has a different Game ID, but
    that's listed below, so no need to worry about
    finding it.
    European Offset: SUBTRACT 16E6A0 from each line of code
    European Game ID: 1F9 Place this in GCNrd first
    |Town Hacking. [town]|
    Ah, time to get to the good parts, eh? Let's get
    started here! First, you need to familiarize
    yourself with the Acre Map, and look over the list
    of available items so you know what you can and
    can't use. If you don't see an item you're wanting,
    it's either due to the fact that it can't be gotten,
    or the fact that I haven't included it because of it
    being dangerous.
    |Remove/Restore House Codes. [home]|
    Like I said before, it's safe to remove the player
    houses, and put things in thier place. If you
    change your mind though, you can always put the
    houses back. To make this part easier, I already
    made the codes for you.
    Remove Player Houses
    Remove Top Left House
    Remove Top Right House
    Remove Bottom Left House
    Remove Bottom Right House
    Restore Player Houses
    Restore Top Left House
    Restore Top Right House
    Restore Bottom Left House
    Restore Bottom Right House
    |Building sizes. [size]|
    If you're looking to remove a building that was
    already in your town, or add a new one, you will
    need to look here for it's size. Outside of the
    Player houses, there's only realy 4 buildings
    that are safe to touch. X represents the
    building, and if you are removing, get rid of
    everything there. The other letters represent
    the Item Number. In other words, that's the
    "center" of the building. That's where the Item
    Number is in the building. That is to say, if
    you place a building down, all of the Xes will
    be arround the spot you placed the building. I
    hope I was able to make this clear enough for
    Post Office
    P: Center
    Nook's Cranny
    WARNING: Do not remove your main store
    until it is upgraded to Nookington's.
    N: Center
    Nook 'n' Go
    WARNING: Do not remove your main store
    until it is upgraded to Nookington's.
    N: Center
    WARNING: Do not remove your main store
    until it is upgraded to Nookington's.
    N: Center
    N: Center
    M: Center
    Able Sisters (Tailors)
    A: Center
    |Acre Map and Acre Shortcuts. [shrt]|
    Here's the Acre Map. Imagine this, like the town map,
    only, zoomed in to one acre. Since all acres are the
    same size (yes, the A acres are the same size as the
    B acres. The acre goes above the fences!) I have only
    made a general map. Now, how you get to the specific
    acre you want, is to use the acre list. If you want
    to jump back here quickly, copy the acre name, press
    CTRL and F at the same time, paste the acre name in
    the box, and press find. You will jump here instantly.
    You can do this also to jump back to this section.
    Same goes for the item list.
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G
    |Acre Quick Jump|
    To use this section, hold CTRL and press F to
    bring up a Find option. Copy and past the entire
    acre name (for instance, [Acre X-X])into the box,
    and then press Find. Due to the recent addition
    of Acre control, I have modified these so that
    the shortcuts won't take you to the wrong place.
    A acres
    [Acre A-1]
    [Acre A-2]
    [Acre A-3]
    [Acre A-4]
    [Acre A-5]
    B acres
    [Acre B-1]
    [Acre B-2]
    [Acre B-3]
    [Acre B-4]
    [Acre B-5]
    C acres
    [Acre C-1]
    [Acre C-2]
    [Acre C-3]
    [Acre C-4]
    [Acre c-5]
    D acres
    [Acre D-1]
    [Acre D-2]
    [Acre D-3]
    [Acre D-4]
    [Acre D-5]
    E acres
    [Acre E-1]
    [Acre E-2]
    [Acre E-3]
    [Acre E-4]
    [Acre E-5]
    F acres
    [Acre F-1]
    [Acre F-2]
    [Acre F-3]
    [Acre F-4]
    [Island Left Side]
    [Island Right Side]
    |Various Cool Info. [info]|
    All information and findings in this section are credit
    to Mp16z of the Gamefaqs Animal Crossing forums, unless
    otherwise stated. These are mostly copy and pastes from
    emails exchanged between us (permision given) with minor
    Islander houses and other island finds
    The island is always in the same acres.
    There's absolutely no major glitches that occur when you put an
    Islander's home in your town (at least by dropping it from your
    pockets that is). However, I had visited and named by island
    before. There's only two very minor bugs that happen with the
    islander's house.  
    The furniture instead can't be changed even if you give the Islander
    items. It's kind of like a villager's house, the furniture never changes.
    Sometimes a weed will appear around the fence part of the house.
    They can all be picked except when one is in front of the "sign" part.
    Also, not really a glitch, but the Islander never leaves its house.
    Also, I attempted to get a villager to live on the island,
    but even with it being the last available sign in the town,
    a villager will not live there. However, special characters
    such as Summer Campers, Katrina, Gracie, etc. all use the
    sign. It's actually really cool. Especially the summer campers. 
    And I tested saving the island when Crazy Redd was there onto the GBA.
    Nothing happened. The island on the GBA didn't even recognize Crazy Redd
    was there. No garbage tiles, nothing. Oh well.
    Another really interesting thing is when you ask Copper about
    any goings-ons and a special character is using the sign on the
    island, Copper will say they're in acre i-4 or acre i-5. If you
    follow the pattern of the acres, the island should be acre H.
    NOTE: Bowsersenemy here. Why it's not called H-4 or H-5, is this.
    The game stores it's letters or "font" in memory, with what looks
    like a lower case i being the very first on the list, or 00 in hex.
    Sometimes if there is no name given for an item, it's name is simply
    listed with whatever the first thing on the list is. So in this case,
    the island is in what the game calls Acre i, when like Mp16z said, it
    should be Acre H. Now, back to Mp16z's findings.
    For one, it's perfectly safe to place Kapp'n's boat anywhere. In fact,
    if you make a dock, (I assume he means bridges) and plug in your GBA,
    he'll even take you to the island no matter where he is! It's really
    amazing. When I first tried this, I put him in acre F-2 and I thought
    he would just boat his way into the glitch ocean acre and the game
    would reset. But instead, he boated horizontal for a long time and
    eventually made a curve into the Island dock! Unfortunately, his boat
    was too crooked to realign properly into the dock and the game made an
    infinite unescapable loop of Kapp'n trying to pull into the dock. I'm
    sure if Kapp'n didn't have to make such a wide turn, he would pull in
    just fine. Possibly acre F-4. So if your acre F-5 becomes glitches,
    you can still use Kapp'n to get to the Island! And another thing:
    Kapp'n won't disappear even after saving and quitting and turning
    off the console!
    Signs and Villagers and Visitors
    Whenever you place multiple signs in an acre, they'll all say the same
    thing (mine was the wisdom of fishing tip). Once the sign gets occupied,
    this bug will get corrected and a random tip will be replaced with the
    wisdom of fishing one.
    There can be 9 signs in each acre. If you add more than 9 signs to an
    acre, the sign furthest down and too the left of the acre will become
    hidden. This is exactly what happens with the hidden items glitch. Pretty
    NOTE: B.E. again. The Hidden items Glitch is something Mp16z found. It
    involves special placement of items in your house, running, and droping a
    table at a specific point, and ending up on top of a table. It allows for
    more items to be placed, thus boosting your HRA score to nearly limitless
    heights. He Currently holds the World Record HRA score because of this.
    To find out more, go to his site: http://www.freewebs.com/mp16_2006
    Back to Mp16z.
    When four villagers all live in one acre, all four names are displayed on the
    map like they normally should. However, only 1, 2 or 3 mini-houses appear on
    the map. For some reason, the number of houses that appear on the map isn't
    based on the number of original signs in the acre. One of the acres I put 9
    signs in originally had 3 signs in it, but on the map, only one house is
    displayed when four villagers all live in that acre.
    Once you reach Five+ villagers in an acre, then there are a few different
    very minor glitches. The map removes all the mini-houses in that particular
    acre, and no names are displayed on the map. However, the text box is
    slightly expanded as if there is one invisible name. Everything in the
    actual acre works fine though. All five+ villagers can be out at once and
    it's fine.
    Of course, when you first enter the acre, sometimes some houses don't load
    immediately due to too many things in one acre. Other than that, it's
    perfectly safe to have 5+ villagers in a given acre!
    After finally reaching the max of 9 villagers in an acre, there are some new
    glitches. For one, 1 or 2 of the villagers will always "Be Out" except the
    first time you meet them. In other words, after you've met them, they never
    appear again. However, they can move away.
    Another fairly weird thing happened twice to me. When I had 7 villagers
    all in one acre, my game randomly froze when I was in the acre. Then when
    I had the full 9, my game froze upon entering the acre. However, it's not
    like what happens when you enter a messed up acre F-5. The screen doesn't
    go black and reset. Instead, the game stops everything that's going on,
    meaning you can't move and none of the buttons/controls on the controller
    do anything, but the music keeps playing. I don't know what happens if you
    wait for a new hour to appear, but I'm guessing time freezes as well and the
    new hour won't come. I'm able to enter a 9 villager acre just fine the
    majority of the time. It's more of a caution that the game CAN freeze due to
    too much stuff in one acre.
    There are some cautions I should mention though. Never put a sign on the very
    edge of an acre. When a villager tries to move in where that sign is, a house
    won't be built, but the villager will still live there. So far, I haven't seen
    any corruption, but it just means a villager will live in your town, but won't
    have a house. Another interesting thing is you only occasionally see that
    villager. When you enter a building a leave (or go too far away), the villager
    will disappear and won't reappear for a while. It's pretty annoying since it
    basically lowers your max limit of villagers to 14. I removed the sign where
    the house would be, and the villager still lived there and acted like a house
    was still there. The villager will eventually move away.
    And another caution is, if the sign is even two spots away from another acre
    there are potential minor problems. Once a villager lives there, the house
    will be unloaded until you enter the acre. (meaning you can't see it from other
    acres until you enter the acre it's in.) And if you enter the acre when the
    house is unloaded where the house will appear, you sometimes get pushed back
    to the acre you were in, and almost everything in the acre you got pushed back
    into will be unloaded. Nothing bad happens, it's just annoying. Other times,
    you'll just go on top of the house. 
    Interestingly, if you put rope bridges by the house and lead it towards the
    train tracks, you can get on top of the house and walk across the rope
    bridges over the train tracks! So there is another method of getting onto
    the train tracks without jumping or "treeing".
    NOTE: Bowsersenemy again. "treeing" is a term I made up. It refers to standing
    still near an object, and droping a Tree from out of your pockets. You will
    end up standing on the tree, and usualy being able to walk onto whatever you
    were standing near. I'd explain the jumping, but if you're reading this, you
    most likely have an Action Replay, and therefore most likely know what we mean.
    Back to Mp16z.
    And here's a cool little thing I discovered.
    If you put a sign in an acre that a sign isn't supposed to be (such as Nook's
    Shop, the Post Office, etc.) and a villager moves in, some cool minor glitches
    happen. For one, the name of the villager (on the map) takes over the name of
    the Name of the special acre. (In my case, Nookway is replaced with Static,
    the squirrel villager) Secondly, a mini-house is actually placed on the map.
    For Nook's acre, the house is placed above the fence on the left side and
    extends past the actual map. It's pretty cool! And if more than one villager
    moves in to one of these acres, no additional mini-houses are placed on
    the map.
    |Items. [item]|
    Please note, it is recomended that you don't use a code
    that puts these items directly in your pockets.
    If you do, you will recieve glitched items in
    the mail constantly. I don't know why that
    happens, but it's one reason I created this guide.
    So people can edit thier towns, without worrying
    about that glitch. Please notice items 000B, 000D,
    and 000F. They all say Place one spot left of
    (some board). When I say that, I mean just that.
    They are basicly the left half of that board!
    So, don't stick them to the left of the WHOLE
    board, just one to the left of the ITEM NUMBER.
    At the suggestion of Mp16z, I have decided
    to make some codes that will put Signs in your
    pockets. One code for each player in the town.
    I must warn you though, it will cause that player
    and that player only, to recieve Glitch Letters
    from Tom Nook. An endless supply of them. Of
    course, all you have to do, is delete that player,
    and make a new one (optional). The reason I'm
    inlcuding these, is that it makes it easier
    to add signs this way, and it's the ONLY way
    to get them on your island.
    A quote from Mp16z:
    As long as there's nothing in your way, when you drop them, they
    will drop right under you. So the best way to make sure they go
    where you want them to is to dig a hole, refill it, and stand directly
    on top of where the hole was.
    NOTE: Empty your pockets before using these codes!
    First Player On List has Signs
    Second Player has Signs
    Player 3 has Signs
    Player 4 Signs
    0007 - Message Board (WORKS!)
    000B - Place one spot left of Message Board Item
    000C - Map Board (WORKS!)
    000D - Place one spot left of Map Board Item
    000E - Music Board (WORKS!)
    000F - Place one spot left of Music Board Item
    0010 - Wooden fence (1x1 horiz)
    63 big regular rock
    64 short dumpy rock
    65 realy short dumpy rock
    66 double tip rock angle: \
    67 twin rocks angle: /
    5800 - Top left player house
    5801 - Top right player house
    5802 - Bottom left player house
    5803 - Bottom right player house
    5804 - Nook's Cranny
    5805 - Nook 'n' Go
    5806 - Nookway
    5807 - Nookington's
    5808 - Post Office
    580D - Waterfall
    580E - Waterfall going left
    580F - Waterfall going right
    5810 - Sign
    5816 - Sign
    5819 - Sign
    581B - Sign
    581C - Sign
    581D - Sign
    581E - Sign
    581F - Sign
    5820 - Sign
    5821 - Sign
    5822 - Sign
    5823 - Sign
    5824 - Sign
    5841 - Lilly pads from pond
    5844 - Lighthouse
    584A - Museum
    584B - Rope bridge! Direction: /
    584c - Rope bridge! Direction: \
    584D - Tailors (able sisters)
    584E - Island Flag
    5850 - Island house
    A000 - top left house mailbox
    A001 - top right house mailbox
    A002 - bottom left house mailbox
    A003 - bottom right house mailbox
    A004 - top left house gyroid
    A005 - top right house gyroid
    A006 - bottom left house gyroid
    A007 - bottom right house gyroid
    0804 - Regular Tree
    080C - Apple Tree (With Fruit)
    0814 - Orange Tree (With Fruit)
    081C - Peach Tree (With Fruit)
    0824 - Pear Tree (With Fruit)
    082C - Cherry Tree (With Fruit)
    085B - Palm Tree (With Fruit)
    0861 - Cedar Tree (Full-Grown)
    0867 - Golden Tree (With Golden Shovel)
    0868 - Golden Tree (Full-Grown)
    0845 - White Pansies
    0846 - Purple Pansies
    0847 - Yellow Pansies
    0848 - Yellow Cosmos
    0849 - Purple Cosmos
    084A - Blue Cosmos
    084B - Red Tulips
    084C - White Tulips
    084D - Yellow Tulips
    |Cautious Items. [care]|
    Take special cautions using these items.
    Most of these aren't permanent, and will
    eventualy leave. The problem with those
    items, is that they usualy leave a Sign
    behind. Now, I DID include the Dump, but
    if you intend to test it out, I recomend
    you do so on a town you don't want to keep.
    Just don't remove your main dump. That I KNOW
    is dangerous. Use these items at your own risk
    but don't say you weren't warned. Just be safe
    and test them in another town first. If an
    item does no damage, let me know. I'll move it
    to the safe items.
    To test these, put them in a town you don't care
    for, and then save and quit. Come back on, and
    if everything is fine, you're good to go. Let me
    know what's cool and what's not, and like said,
    i'll move it to the safe section, or leave it
    here with explanations. It depends on what does
    New data suggests that it would be safe to included
    some of these items in your town, as long as you put
    them in acres that they are supposed to go in. For instance,
    it is safe to place a dump in your town, as long as it's in
    a Dump acre, and that dump acre is in the A acres.
    580C - police station
    5825 - wishing well
    5826 - redds market
    5827 - Katrina's tent
    5828 - Gracies Car
    5829 - igloo (character inside during winter only)
    582A - cherry festival table 1
    582B - cherry festival table 2
    582C - Aerobics radio outside version
    582D - reds handhelds stand facing right
    582E - reds handhelds stand facing left
    582F - unknown katrina item facing right
    5830 - same as above facing left
    5831 - Katrina's new years table
    5832 - part of countdown clock (New Years)
    5833 - part of countdown clock (New Years)
    5834 - red balls (sports fair)
    5835 - white balls (sports fair)
    5836 - red basket for ball toss (sports fair)
    5837 - white basket for ball toss (sports fair)
    5838 - fish checking stand facing right
    5839 - fish checking stand facing left
    583A - FISH WINDSOCK! Lasts until sports fair comes and goes
    5842 - K.K.s pad (doesn't make K.K. appear)
    5845 - tortimer's groundhog day stand
    5846 - cherry blossom festival table again?
    5847 - cherry blossom festival table 2 again?
    5848 - harvest festival table (fork and knife)
    5849 - camping tent (character inside!)
    584F - kappn's boat
    5851 - islanders house
    5852 - kapp'ns sign
    |The Acres. [hack]|
    [Acre A-1]
    1-1 03279BA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 03279BAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 03279BAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 03279BAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 03279BB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 03279BB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 03279BB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 03279BB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 03279BB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 03279BBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 03279BBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 03279BBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 03279BC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 03279BC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 03279BC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 03279BC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 03279BC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 03279BCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 03279BCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 03279BCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 03279BD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 03279BD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 03279BD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 03279BD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 03279BD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 03279BDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 03279BDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 03279BDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 03279BE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 03279BE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 03279BE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 03279BE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 03279BE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 03279BEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 03279BEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 03279BEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 03279BF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 03279BF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 03279BF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 03279BF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 03279BF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 03279BFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 03279BFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 03279BFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 03279C00 0000xxxx
    3-E 03279C02 0000xxxx
    3-F 03279C04 0000xxxx
    3-G 03279C06 0000xxxx
    4-1 03279C08 0000xxxx
    4-2 03279C0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 03279C0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 03279C0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 03279C10 0000xxxx
    4-6 03279C12 0000xxxx
    4-7 03279C14 0000xxxx
    4-8 03279C16 0000xxxx
    4-9 03279C18 0000xxxx
    4-A 03279C1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 03279C1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 03279C1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 03279C20 0000xxxx
    4-E 03279C22 0000xxxx
    4-F 03279C24 0000xxxx
    4-G 03279C26 0000xxxx
    5-1 03279C28 0000xxxx
    5-2 03279C2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 03279C2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 03279C2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 03279C30 0000xxxx
    5-6 03279C32 0000xxxx
    5-7 03279C34 0000xxxx
    5-8 03279C36 0000xxxx
    5-9 03279C38 0000xxxx
    5-A 03279C3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 03279C3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 03279C3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 03279C40 0000xxxx
    5-E 03279C42 0000xxxx
    5-F 03279C44 0000xxxx
    5-G 03279C46 0000xxxx
    6-1 03279C48 0000xxxx
    6-2 03279C4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 03279C4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 03279C4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 03279C50 0000xxxx
    6-6 03279C52 0000xxxx
    6-7 03279C54 0000xxxx
    6-8 03279C56 0000xxxx
    6-9 03279C58 0000xxxx
    6-A 03279C5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 03279C5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 03279C5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 03279C60 0000xxxx
    6-E 03279C62 0000xxxx
    6-F 03279C64 0000xxxx
    6-G 03279C66 0000xxxx
    7-1 03279C68 0000xxxx
    7-2 03279C6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 03279C6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 03279C6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 03279C70 0000xxxx
    7-6 03279C72 0000xxxx
    7-7 03279C74 0000xxxx
    7-8 03279C76 0000xxxx
    7-9 03279C78 0000xxxx
    7-A 03279C7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 03279C7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 03279C7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 03279C80 0000xxxx
    7-E 03279C82 0000xxxx
    7-F 03279C84 0000xxxx
    7-G 03279C86 0000xxxx
    8-1 03279C88 0000xxxx
    8-2 03279C8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 03279C8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 03279C8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 03279C90 0000xxxx
    8-6 03279C92 0000xxxx
    8-7 03279C94 0000xxxx
    8-8 03279C96 0000xxxx
    8-9 03279C98 0000xxxx
    8-A 03279C9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 03279C9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 03279C9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 03279CA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 03279CA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 03279CA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 03279CA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 03279CA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 03279CAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 03279CAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 03279CAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 03279CB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 03279CB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 03279CB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 03279CB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 03279CB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 03279CBA 0000xxxx
    9-B 03279CBC 0000xxxx
    9-C 03279CBE 0000xxxx
    9-D 03279CC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 03279CC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 03279CC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 03279CC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 03279CC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 03279CCA 0000xxxx
    A-3 03279CCC 0000xxxx
    A-4 03279CCE 0000xxxx
    A-5 03279CD0 0000xxxx
    A-6 03279CD2 0000xxxx
    A-7 03279CD4 0000xxxx
    A-8 03279CD6 0000xxxx
    A-9 03279CD8 0000xxxx
    A-A 03279CDA 0000xxxx
    A-B 03279CDC 0000xxxx
    A-C 03279CDE 0000xxxx
    A-D 03279CE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 03279CE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 03279CE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 03279CE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 03279CE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 03279CEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 03279CEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 03279CEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 03279CF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 03279CF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 03279CF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 03279CF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 03279CF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 03279CFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 03279CFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 03279CFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 03279D00 0000xxxx
    B-E 03279D02 0000xxxx
    B-F 03279D04 0000xxxx
    B-G 03279D06 0000xxxx
    C-1 03279D08 0000xxxx
    C-2 03279D0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 03279D0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 03279D0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 03279D10 0000xxxx
    C-6 03279D12 0000xxxx
    C-7 03279D14 0000xxxx
    C-8 03279D16 0000xxxx
    C-9 03279D18 0000xxxx
    C-A 03279D1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 03279D1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 03279D1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 03279D20 0000xxxx
    C-E 03279D22 0000xxxx
    C-F 03279D24 0000xxxx
    C-G 03279D26 0000xxxx
    D-1 03279D28 0000xxxx
    D-2 03279D2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 03279D2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 03279D2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 03279D30 0000xxxx
    D-6 03279D32 0000xxxx
    D-7 03279D34 0000xxxx
    D-8 03279D36 0000xxxx
    D-9 03279D38 0000xxxx
    D-A 03279D3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 03279D3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 03279D3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 03279D40 0000xxxx
    D-E 03279D42 0000xxxx
    D-F 03279D44 0000xxxx
    D-G 03279D46 0000xxxx
    E-1 03279D48 0000xxxx
    E-2 03279D4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 03279D4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 03279D4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 03279D50 0000xxxx
    E-6 03279D52 0000xxxx
    E-7 03279D54 0000xxxx
    E-8 03279D56 0000xxxx
    E-9 03279D58 0000xxxx
    E-A 03279D5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 03279D5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 03279D5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 03279D60 0000xxxx
    E-E 03279D62 0000xxxx
    E-F 03279D64 0000xxxx
    E-G 03279D66 0000xxxx
    F-1 03279D68 0000xxxx
    F-2 03279D6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 03279D6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 03279D6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 03279D70 0000xxxx
    F-6 03279D72 0000xxxx
    F-7 03279D74 0000xxxx
    F-8 03279D76 0000xxxx
    F-9 03279D78 0000xxxx
    F-A 03279D7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 03279D7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 03279D7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 03279D80 0000xxxx
    F-E 03279D82 0000xxxx
    F-F 03279D84 0000xxxx
    F-G 03279D86 0000xxxx
    G-1 03279D88 0000xxxx
    G-2 03279D8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 03279D8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 03279D8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 03279D90 0000xxxx
    G-6 03279D92 0000xxxx
    G-7 03279D94 0000xxxx
    G-8 03279D96 0000xxxx
    G-9 03279D98 0000xxxx
    G-A 03279D9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 03279D9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 03279D9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 03279DA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 03279DA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 03279DA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 03279DA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre A-2]
    1-1 03279DA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 03279DAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 03279DAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 03279DAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 03279DB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 03279DB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 03279DB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 03279DB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 03279DB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 03279DBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 03279DBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 03279DBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 03279DC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 03279DC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 03279DC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 03279DC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 03279DC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 03279DCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 03279DCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 03279DCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 03279DD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 03279DD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 03279DD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 03279DD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 03279DD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 03279DDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 03279DDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 03279DDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 03279DE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 03279DE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 03279DE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 03279DE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 03279DE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 03279DEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 03279DEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 03279DEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 03279DF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 03279DF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 03279DF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 03279DF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 03279DF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 03279DFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 03279DFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 03279DFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 03279E00 0000xxxx
    3-E 03279E02 0000xxxx
    3-F 03279E04 0000xxxx
    3-G 03279E06 0000xxxx
    4-1 03279E08 0000xxxx
    4-2 03279E0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 03279E0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 03279E0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 03279E10 0000xxxx
    4-6 03279E12 0000xxxx
    4-7 03279E14 0000xxxx
    4-8 03279E16 0000xxxx
    4-9 03279E18 0000xxxx
    4-A 03279E1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 03279E1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 03279E1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 03279E20 0000xxxx
    4-E 03279E22 0000xxxx
    4-F 03279E24 0000xxxx
    4-G 03279E26 0000xxxx
    5-1 03279E28 0000xxxx
    5-2 03279E2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 03279E2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 03279E2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 03279E30 0000xxxx
    5-6 03279E32 0000xxxx
    5-7 03279E34 0000xxxx
    5-8 03279E36 0000xxxx
    5-9 03279E38 0000xxxx
    5-A 03279E3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 03279E3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 03279E3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 03279E40 0000xxxx
    5-E 03279E42 0000xxxx
    5-F 03279E44 0000xxxx
    5-G 03279E46 0000xxxx
    6-1 03279E48 0000xxxx
    6-2 03279E4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 03279E4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 03279E4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 03279E50 0000xxxx
    6-6 03279E52 0000xxxx
    6-7 03279E54 0000xxxx
    6-8 03279E56 0000xxxx
    6-9 03279E58 0000xxxx
    6-A 03279E5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 03279E5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 03279E5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 03279E60 0000xxxx
    6-E 03279E62 0000xxxx
    6-F 03279E64 0000xxxx
    6-G 03279E66 0000xxxx
    7-1 03279E68 0000xxxx
    7-2 03279E6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 03279E6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 03279E6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 03279E70 0000xxxx
    7-6 03279E72 0000xxxx
    7-7 03279E74 0000xxxx
    7-8 03279E76 0000xxxx
    7-9 03279E78 0000xxxx
    7-A 03279E7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 03279E7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 03279E7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 03279E80 0000xxxx
    7-E 03279E82 0000xxxx
    7-F 03279E84 0000xxxx
    7-G 03279E86 0000xxxx
    8-1 03279E88 0000xxxx
    8-2 03279E8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 03279E8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 03279E8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 03279E90 0000xxxx
    8-6 03279E92 0000xxxx
    8-7 03279E94 0000xxxx
    8-8 03279E96 0000xxxx
    8-9 03279E98 0000xxxx
    8-A 03279E9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 03279E9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 03279E9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 03279EA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 03279EA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 03279EA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 03279EA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 03279EA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 03279EAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 03279EAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 03279EAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 03279EB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 03279EB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 03279EB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 03279EB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 03279EB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 03279EBA 0000xxxx
    9-B 03279EBC 0000xxxx
    9-C 03279EBE 0000xxxx
    9-D 03279EC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 03279EC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 03279EC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 03279EC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 03279EC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 03279ECA 0000xxxx
    A-3 03279ECC 0000xxxx
    A-4 03279ECE 0000xxxx
    A-5 03279ED0 0000xxxx
    A-6 03279ED2 0000xxxx
    A-7 03279ED4 0000xxxx
    A-8 03279ED6 0000xxxx
    A-9 03279ED8 0000xxxx
    A-A 03279EDA 0000xxxx
    A-B 03279EDC 0000xxxx
    A-C 03279EDE 0000xxxx
    A-D 03279EE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 03279EE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 03279EE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 03279EE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 03279EE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 03279EEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 03279EEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 03279EEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 03279EF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 03279EF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 03279EF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 03279EF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 03279EF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 03279EFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 03279EFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 03279EFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 03279F00 0000xxxx
    B-E 03279F02 0000xxxx
    B-F 03279F04 0000xxxx
    B-G 03279F06 0000xxxx
    C-1 03279F08 0000xxxx
    C-2 03279F0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 03279F0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 03279F0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 03279F10 0000xxxx
    C-6 03279F12 0000xxxx
    C-7 03279F14 0000xxxx
    C-8 03279F16 0000xxxx
    C-9 03279F18 0000xxxx
    C-A 03279F1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 03279F1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 03279F1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 03279F20 0000xxxx
    C-E 03279F22 0000xxxx
    C-F 03279F24 0000xxxx
    C-G 03279F26 0000xxxx
    D-1 03279F28 0000xxxx
    D-2 03279F2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 03279F2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 03279F2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 03279F30 0000xxxx
    D-6 03279F32 0000xxxx
    D-7 03279F34 0000xxxx
    D-8 03279F36 0000xxxx
    D-9 03279F38 0000xxxx
    D-A 03279F3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 03279F3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 03279F3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 03279F40 0000xxxx
    D-E 03279F42 0000xxxx
    D-F 03279F44 0000xxxx
    D-G 03279F46 0000xxxx
    E-1 03279F48 0000xxxx
    E-2 03279F4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 03279F4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 03279F4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 03279F50 0000xxxx
    E-6 03279F52 0000xxxx
    E-7 03279F54 0000xxxx
    E-8 03279F56 0000xxxx
    E-9 03279F58 0000xxxx
    E-A 03279F5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 03279F5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 03279F5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 03279F60 0000xxxx
    E-E 03279F62 0000xxxx
    E-F 03279F64 0000xxxx
    E-G 03279F66 0000xxxx
    F-1 03279F68 0000xxxx
    F-2 03279F6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 03279F6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 03279F6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 03279F70 0000xxxx
    F-6 03279F72 0000xxxx
    F-7 03279F74 0000xxxx
    F-8 03279F76 0000xxxx
    F-9 03279F78 0000xxxx
    F-A 03279F7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 03279F7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 03279F7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 03279F80 0000xxxx
    F-E 03279F82 0000xxxx
    F-F 03279F84 0000xxxx
    F-G 03279F86 0000xxxx
    G-1 03279F88 0000xxxx
    G-2 03279F8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 03279F8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 03279F8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 03279F90 0000xxxx
    G-6 03279F92 0000xxxx
    G-7 03279F94 0000xxxx
    G-8 03279F96 0000xxxx
    G-9 03279F98 0000xxxx
    G-A 03279F9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 03279F9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 03279F9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 03279FA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 03279FA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 03279FA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 03279FA6 0000xxxX
    [Acre A-3]
    1-1 03279FA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 03279FAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 03279FAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 03279FAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 03279FB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 03279FB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 03279FB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 03279FB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 03279FB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 03279FBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 03279FBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 03279FBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 03279FC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 03279FC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 03279FC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 03279FC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 03279FC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 03279FCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 03279FCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 03279FCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 03279FD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 03279FD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 03279FD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 03279FD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 03279FD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 03279FDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 03279FDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 03279FDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 03279FE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 03279FE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 03279FE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 03279FE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 03279FE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 03279FEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 03279FEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 03279FEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 03279FF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 03279FF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 03279FF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 03279FF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 03279FF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 03279FFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 03279FFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 03279FFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327A000 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327A002 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327A004 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327A006 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327A008 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327A00A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327A00C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327A00E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327A010 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327A012 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327A014 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327A016 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327A018 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327A01A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327A01C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327A01E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327A020 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327A022 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327A024 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327A026 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327A028 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327A02A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327A02C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327A02E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327A030 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327A032 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327A034 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327A036 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327A038 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327A03A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327A03C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327A03E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327A040 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327A042 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327A044 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327A046 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327A048 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327A04A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327A04C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327A04E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327A050 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327A052 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327A054 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327A056 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327A058 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327A05A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327A05C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327A05E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327A060 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327A062 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327A064 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327A066 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327A068 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327A06A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327A06C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327A06E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327A070 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327A072 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327A074 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327A076 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327A078 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327A07A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327A07C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327A07E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327A080 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327A082 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327A084 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327A086 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327A088 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327A08A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327A08C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327A08E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327A090 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327A092 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327A094 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327A096 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327A098 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327A09A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327A09C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327A09E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327A0A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327A0A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327A0A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327A0A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327A0A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327A0AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327A0AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327A0AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327A0B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327A0B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327A0B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327A0B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327A0B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327A0BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327A0BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327A0BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327A0C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327A0C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327A0C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327A0C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327A0C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327A0CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327A0CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327A0CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327A0D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327A0D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327A0D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327A0D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327A0D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327A0DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327A0DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327A0DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327A0E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327A0E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327A0E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327A0E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327A0E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327A0EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327A0EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327A0EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327A0F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327A0F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327A0F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327A0F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327A0F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327A0FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327A0FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327A0FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327A100 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327A102 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327A104 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327A106 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327A108 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327A10A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327A10C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327A10E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327A110 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327A112 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327A114 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327A116 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327A118 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327A11A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327A11C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327A11E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327A120 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327A122 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327A124 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327A126 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327A128 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327A12A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327A12C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327A12E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327A130 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327A132 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327A134 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327A136 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327A138 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327A13A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327A13C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327A13E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327A140 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327A142 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327A144 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327A146 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327A148 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327A14A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327A14C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327A14E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327A150 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327A152 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327A154 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327A156 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327A158 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327A15A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327A15C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327A15E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327A160 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327A162 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327A164 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327A166 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327A168 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327A16A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327A16C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327A16E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327A170 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327A172 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327A174 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327A176 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327A178 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327A17A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327A17C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327A17E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327A180 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327A182 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327A184 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327A186 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327A188 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327A18A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327A18C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327A18E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327A190 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327A192 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327A194 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327A196 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327A198 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327A19A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327A19C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327A19E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327A1A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327A1A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327A1A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327A1A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre A-4]
    1-1 0327A1A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327A1AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327A1AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327A1AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327A1B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327A1B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327A1B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327A1B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327A1B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327A1BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327A1BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327A1BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327A1C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327A1C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327A1C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327A1C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327A1C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327A1CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327A1CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327A1CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327A1D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327A1D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327A1D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327A1D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327A1D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327A1DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327A1DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327A1DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327A1E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327A1E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327A1E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327A1E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327A1E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327A1EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327A1EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327A1EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327A1F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327A1F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327A1F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327A1F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327A1F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327A1FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327A1FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327A1FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327A200 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327A202 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327A204 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327A206 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327A208 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327A20A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327A20C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327A20E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327A210 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327A212 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327A214 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327A216 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327A218 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327A21A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327A21C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327A21E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327A220 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327A222 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327A224 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327A226 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327A228 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327A22A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327A22C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327A22E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327A230 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327A232 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327A234 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327A236 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327A238 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327A23A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327A23C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327A23E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327A240 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327A242 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327A244 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327A246 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327A248 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327A24A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327A24C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327A24E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327A250 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327A252 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327A254 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327A256 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327A258 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327A25A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327A25C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327A25E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327A260 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327A262 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327A264 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327A266 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327A268 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327A26A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327A26C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327A26E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327A270 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327A272 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327A274 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327A276 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327A278 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327A27A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327A27C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327A27E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327A280 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327A282 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327A284 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327A286 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327A288 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327A28A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327A28C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327A28E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327A290 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327A292 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327A294 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327A296 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327A298 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327A29A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327A29C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327A29E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327A2A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327A2A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327A2A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327A2A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327A2A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327A2AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327A2AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327A2AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327A2B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327A2B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327A2B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327A2B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327A2B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327A2BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327A2BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327A2BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327A2C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327A2C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327A2C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327A2C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327A2C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327A2CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327A2CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327A2CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327A2D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327A2D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327A2D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327A2D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327A2D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327A2DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327A2DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327A2DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327A2E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327A2E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327A2E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327A2E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327A2E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327A2EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327A2EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327A2EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327A2F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327A2F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327A2F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327A2F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327A2F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327A2FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327A2FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327A2FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327A300 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327A302 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327A304 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327A306 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327A308 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327A30A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327A30C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327A30E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327A310 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327A312 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327A314 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327A316 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327A318 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327A31A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327A31C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327A31E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327A320 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327A322 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327A324 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327A326 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327A328 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327A32A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327A32C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327A32E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327A330 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327A332 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327A334 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327A336 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327A338 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327A33A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327A33C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327A33E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327A340 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327A342 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327A344 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327A346 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327A348 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327A34A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327A34C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327A34E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327A350 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327A352 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327A354 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327A356 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327A358 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327A35A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327A35C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327A35E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327A360 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327A362 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327A364 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327A366 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327A368 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327A36A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327A36C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327A36E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327A370 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327A372 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327A374 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327A376 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327A378 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327A37A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327A37C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327A37E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327A380 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327A382 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327A384 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327A386 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327A388 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327A38A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327A38C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327A38E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327A390 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327A392 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327A394 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327A396 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327A398 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327A39A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327A39C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327A39E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327A3A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327A3A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327A3A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327A3A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre A-5]
    1-1 0327A3A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327A3AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327A3AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327A3AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327A3B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327A3B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327A3B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327A3B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327A3B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327A3BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327A3BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327A3BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327A3C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327A3C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327A3C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327A3C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327A3C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327A3CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327A3CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327A3CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327A3D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327A3D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327A3D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327A3D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327A3D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327A3DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327A3DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327A3DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327A3E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327A3E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327A3E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327A3E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327A3E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327A3EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327A3EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327A3EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327A3F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327A3F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327A3F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327A3F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327A3F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327A3FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327A3FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327A3FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327A400 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327A402 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327A404 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327A406 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327A408 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327A40A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327A40C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327A40E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327A410 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327A412 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327A414 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327A416 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327A418 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327A41A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327A41C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327A41E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327A420 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327A422 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327A424 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327A426 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327A428 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327A42A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327A42C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327A42E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327A430 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327A432 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327A434 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327A436 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327A438 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327A43A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327A43C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327A43E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327A440 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327A442 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327A444 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327A446 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327A448 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327A44A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327A44C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327A44E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327A450 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327A452 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327A454 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327A456 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327A458 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327A45A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327A45C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327A45E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327A460 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327A462 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327A464 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327A466 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327A468 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327A46A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327A46C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327A46E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327A470 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327A472 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327A474 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327A476 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327A478 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327A47A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327A47C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327A47E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327A480 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327A482 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327A484 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327A486 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327A488 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327A48A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327A48C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327A48E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327A490 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327A492 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327A494 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327A496 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327A498 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327A49A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327A49C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327A49E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327A4A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327A4A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327A4A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327A4A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327A4A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327A4AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327A4AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327A4AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327A4B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327A4B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327A4B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327A4B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327A4B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327A4BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327A4BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327A4BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327A4C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327A4C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327A4C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327A4C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327A4C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327A4CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327A4CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327A4CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327A4D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327A4D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327A4D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327A4D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327A4D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327A4DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327A4DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327A4DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327A4E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327A4E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327A4E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327A4E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327A4E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327A4EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327A4EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327A4EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327A4F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327A4F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327A4F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327A4F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327A4F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327A4FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327A4FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327A4FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327A500 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327A502 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327A504 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327A506 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327A508 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327A50A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327A50C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327A50E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327A510 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327A512 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327A514 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327A516 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327A518 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327A51A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327A51C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327A51E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327A520 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327A522 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327A524 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327A526 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327A528 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327A52A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327A52C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327A52E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327A530 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327A532 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327A534 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327A536 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327A538 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327A53A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327A53C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327A53E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327A540 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327A542 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327A544 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327A546 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327A548 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327A54A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327A54C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327A54E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327A550 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327A552 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327A554 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327A556 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327A558 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327A55A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327A55C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327A55E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327A560 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327A562 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327A564 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327A566 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327A568 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327A56A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327A56C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327A56E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327A570 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327A572 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327A574 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327A576 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327A578 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327A57A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327A57C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327A57E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327A580 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327A582 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327A584 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327A586 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327A588 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327A58A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327A58C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327A58E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327A590 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327A592 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327A594 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327A596 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327A598 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327A59A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327A59C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327A59E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327A5A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327A5A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327A5A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327A5A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre B-1]
    1-1 0327A5A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327A5AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327A5AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327A5AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327A5B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327A5B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327A5B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327A5B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327A5B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327A5BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327A5BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327A5BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327A5C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327A5C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327A5C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327A5C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327A5C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327A5CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327A5CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327A5CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327A5D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327A5D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327A5D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327A5D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327A5D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327A5DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327A5DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327A5DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327A5E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327A5E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327A5E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327A5E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327A5E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327A5EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327A5EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327A5EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327A5F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327A5F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327A5F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327A5F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327A5F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327A5FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327A5FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327A5FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327A600 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327A602 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327A604 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327A606 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327A608 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327A60A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327A60C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327A60E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327A610 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327A612 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327A614 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327A616 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327A618 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327A61A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327A61C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327A61E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327A620 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327A622 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327A624 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327A626 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327A628 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327A62A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327A62C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327A62E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327A630 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327A632 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327A634 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327A636 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327A638 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327A63A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327A63C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327A63E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327A640 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327A642 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327A644 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327A646 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327A648 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327A64A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327A64C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327A64E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327A650 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327A652 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327A654 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327A656 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327A658 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327A65A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327A65C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327A65E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327A660 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327A662 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327A664 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327A666 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327A668 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327A66A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327A66C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327A66E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327A670 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327A672 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327A674 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327A676 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327A678 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327A67A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327A67C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327A67E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327A680 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327A682 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327A684 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327A686 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327A688 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327A68A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327A68C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327A68E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327A690 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327A692 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327A694 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327A696 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327A698 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327A69A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327A69C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327A69E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327A6A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327A6A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327A6A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327A6A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327A6A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327A6AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327A6AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327A6AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327A6B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327A6B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327A6B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327A6B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327A6B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327A6BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327A6BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327A6BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327A6C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327A6C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327A6C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327A6C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327A6C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327A6CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327A6CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327A6CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327A6D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327A6D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327A6D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327A6D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327A6D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327A6DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327A6DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327A6DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327A6E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327A6E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327A6E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327A6E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327A6E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327A6EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327A6EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327A6EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327A6F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327A6F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327A6F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327A6F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327A6F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327A6FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327A6FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327A6FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327A700 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327A702 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327A704 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327A706 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327A708 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327A70A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327A70C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327A70E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327A710 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327A712 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327A714 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327A716 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327A718 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327A71A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327A71C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327A71E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327A720 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327A722 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327A724 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327A726 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327A728 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327A72A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327A72C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327A72E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327A730 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327A732 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327A734 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327A736 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327A738 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327A73A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327A73C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327A73E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327A740 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327A742 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327A744 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327A746 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327A748 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327A74A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327A74C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327A74E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327A750 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327A752 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327A754 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327A756 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327A758 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327A75A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327A75C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327A75E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327A760 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327A762 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327A764 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327A766 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327A768 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327A76A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327A76C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327A76E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327A770 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327A772 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327A774 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327A776 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327A778 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327A77A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327A77C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327A77E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327A780 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327A782 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327A784 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327A786 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327A788 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327A78A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327A78C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327A78E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327A790 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327A792 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327A794 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327A796 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327A798 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327A79A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327A79C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327A79E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327A7A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327A7A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327A7A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327A7A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre B-2]
    1-1 0327A7A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327A7AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327A7AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327A7AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327A7B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327A7B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327A7B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327A7B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327A7B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327A7BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327A7BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327A7BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327A7C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327A7C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327A7C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327A7C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327A7C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327A7CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327A7CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327A7CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327A7D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327A7D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327A7D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327A7D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327A7D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327A7DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327A7DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327A7DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327A7E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327A7E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327A7E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327A7E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327A7E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327A7EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327A7EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327A7EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327A7F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327A7F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327A7F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327A7F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327A7F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327A7FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327A7FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327A7FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327A800 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327A802 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327A804 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327A806 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327A808 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327A80A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327A80C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327A80E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327A810 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327A812 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327A814 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327A816 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327A818 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327A81A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327A81C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327A81E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327A820 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327A822 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327A824 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327A826 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327A828 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327A82A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327A82C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327A82E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327A830 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327A832 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327A834 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327A836 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327A838 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327A83A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327A83C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327A83E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327A840 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327A842 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327A844 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327A846 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327A848 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327A84A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327A84C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327A84E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327A850 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327A852 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327A854 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327A856 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327A858 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327A85A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327A85C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327A85E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327A860 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327A862 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327A864 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327A866 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327A868 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327A86A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327A86C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327A86E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327A870 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327A872 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327A874 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327A876 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327A878 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327A87A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327A87C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327A87E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327A880 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327A882 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327A884 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327A886 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327A888 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327A88A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327A88C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327A88E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327A890 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327A892 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327A894 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327A896 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327A898 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327A89A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327A89C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327A89E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327A8A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327A8A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327A8A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327A8A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327A8A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327A8AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327A8AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327A8AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327A8B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327A8B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327A8B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327A8B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327A8B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327A8BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327A8BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327A8BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327A8C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327A8C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327A8C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327A8C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327A8C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327A8CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327A8CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327A8CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327A8D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327A8D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327A8D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327A8D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327A8D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327A8DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327A8DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327A8DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327A8E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327A8E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327A8E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327A8E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327A8E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327A8EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327A8EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327A8EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327A8F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327A8F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327A8F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327A8F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327A8F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327A8FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327A8FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327A8FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327A900 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327A902 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327A904 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327A906 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327A908 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327A90A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327A90C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327A90E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327A910 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327A912 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327A914 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327A916 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327A918 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327A91A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327A91C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327A91E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327A920 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327A922 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327A924 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327A926 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327A928 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327A92A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327A92C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327A92E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327A930 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327A932 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327A934 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327A936 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327A938 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327A93A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327A93C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327A93E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327A940 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327A942 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327A944 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327A946 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327A948 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327A94A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327A94C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327A94E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327A950 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327A952 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327A954 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327A956 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327A958 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327A95A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327A95C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327A95E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327A960 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327A962 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327A964 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327A966 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327A968 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327A96A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327A96C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327A96E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327A970 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327A972 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327A974 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327A976 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327A978 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327A97A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327A97C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327A97E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327A980 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327A982 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327A984 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327A986 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327A988 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327A98A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327A98C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327A98E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327A990 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327A992 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327A994 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327A996 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327A998 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327A99A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327A99C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327A99E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327A9A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327A9A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327A9A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327A9A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre B-3]
    1-1 0327A9A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327A9AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327A9AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327A9AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327A9B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327A9B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327A9B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327A9B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327A9B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327A9BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327A9BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327A9BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327A9C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327A9C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327A9C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327A9C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327A9C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327A9CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327A9CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327A9CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327A9D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327A9D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327A9D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327A9D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327A9D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327A9DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327A9DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327A9DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327A9E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327A9E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327A9E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327A9E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327A9E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327A9EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327A9EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327A9EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327A9F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327A9F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327A9F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327A9F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327A9F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327A9FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327A9FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327A9FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327AA00 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327AA02 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327AA04 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327AA06 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327AA08 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327AA0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327AA0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327AA0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327AA10 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327AA12 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327AA14 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327AA16 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327AA18 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327AA1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327AA1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327AA1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327AA20 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327AA22 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327AA24 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327AA26 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327AA28 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327AA2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327AA2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327AA2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327AA30 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327AA32 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327AA34 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327AA36 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327AA38 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327AA3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327AA3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327AA3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327AA40 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327AA42 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327AA44 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327AA46 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327AA48 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327AA4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327AA4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327AA4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327AA50 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327AA52 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327AA54 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327AA56 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327AA58 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327AA5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327AA5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327AA5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327AA60 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327AA62 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327AA64 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327AA66 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327AA68 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327AA6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327AA6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327AA6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327AA70 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327AA72 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327AA74 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327AA76 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327AA78 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327AA7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327AA7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327AA7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327AA80 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327AA82 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327AA84 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327AA86 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327AA88 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327AA8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327AA8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327AA8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327AA90 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327AA92 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327AA94 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327AA96 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327AA98 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327AA9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327AA9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327AA9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327AAA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327AAA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327AAA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327AAA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327AAA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327AAAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327AAAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327AAAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327AAB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327AAB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327AAB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327AAB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327AAB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327AABA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327AABC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327AABE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327AAC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327AAC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327AAC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327AAC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327AAC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327AACA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327AACC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327AACE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327AAD0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327AAD2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327AAD4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327AAD6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327AAD8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327AADA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327AADC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327AADE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327AAE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327AAE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327AAE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327AAE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327AAE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327AAEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327AAEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327AAEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327AAF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327AAF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327AAF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327AAF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327AAF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327AAFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327AAFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327AAFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327AB00 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327AB02 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327AB04 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327AB06 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327AB08 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327AB0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327AB0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327AB0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327AB10 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327AB12 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327AB14 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327AB16 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327AB18 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327AB1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327AB1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327AB1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327AB20 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327AB22 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327AB24 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327AB26 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327AB28 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327AB2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327AB2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327AB2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327AB30 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327AB32 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327AB34 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327AB36 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327AB38 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327AB3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327AB3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327AB3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327AB40 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327AB42 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327AB44 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327AB46 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327AB48 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327AB4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327AB4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327AB4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327AB50 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327AB52 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327AB54 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327AB56 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327AB58 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327AB5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327AB5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327AB5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327AB60 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327AB62 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327AB64 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327AB66 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327AB68 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327AB6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327AB6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327AB6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327AB70 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327AB72 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327AB74 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327AB76 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327AB78 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327AB7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327AB7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327AB7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327AB80 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327AB82 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327AB84 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327AB86 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327AB88 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327AB8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327AB8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327AB8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327AB90 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327AB92 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327AB94 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327AB96 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327AB98 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327AB9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327AB9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327AB9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327ABA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327ABA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327ABA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327ABA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre B-4]
    1-1 0327ABA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327ABAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327ABAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327ABAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327ABB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327ABB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327ABB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327ABB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327ABB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327ABBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327ABBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327ABBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327ABC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327ABC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327ABC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327ABC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327ABC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327ABCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327ABCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327ABCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327ABD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327ABD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327ABD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327ABD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327ABD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327ABDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327ABDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327ABDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327ABE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327ABE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327ABE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327ABE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327ABE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327ABEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327ABEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327ABEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327ABF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327ABF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327ABF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327ABF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327ABF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327ABFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327ABFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327ABFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327AC00 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327AC02 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327AC04 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327AC06 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327AC08 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327AC0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327AC0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327AC0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327AC10 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327AC12 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327AC14 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327AC16 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327AC18 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327AC1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327AC1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327AC1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327AC20 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327AC22 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327AC24 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327AC26 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327AC28 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327AC2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327AC2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327AC2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327AC30 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327AC32 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327AC34 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327AC36 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327AC38 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327AC3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327AC3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327AC3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327AC40 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327AC42 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327AC44 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327AC46 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327AC48 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327AC4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327AC4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327AC4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327AC50 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327AC52 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327AC54 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327AC56 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327AC58 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327AC5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327AC5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327AC5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327AC60 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327AC62 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327AC64 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327AC66 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327AC68 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327AC6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327AC6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327AC6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327AC70 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327AC72 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327AC74 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327AC76 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327AC78 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327AC7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327AC7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327AC7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327AC80 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327AC82 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327AC84 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327AC86 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327AC88 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327AC8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327AC8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327AC8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327AC90 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327AC92 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327AC94 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327AC96 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327AC98 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327AC9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327AC9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327AC9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327ACA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327ACA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327ACA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327ACA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327ACA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327ACAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327ACAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327ACAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327ACB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327ACB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327ACB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327ACB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327ACB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327ACBA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327ACBC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327ACBE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327ACC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327ACC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327ACC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327ACC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327ACC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327ACCA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327ACCC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327ACCE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327ACD0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327ACD2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327ACD4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327ACD6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327ACD8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327ACDA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327ACDC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327ACDE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327ACE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327ACE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327ACE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327ACE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327ACE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327ACEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327ACEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327ACEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327ACF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327ACF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327ACF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327ACF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327ACF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327ACFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327ACFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327ACFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327AD00 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327AD02 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327AD04 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327AD06 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327AD08 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327AD0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327AD0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327AD0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327AD10 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327AD12 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327AD14 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327AD16 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327AD18 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327AD1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327AD1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327AD1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327AD20 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327AD22 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327AD24 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327AD26 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327AD28 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327AD2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327AD2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327AD2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327AD30 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327AD32 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327AD34 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327AD36 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327AD38 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327AD3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327AD3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327AD3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327AD40 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327AD42 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327AD44 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327AD46 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327AD48 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327AD4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327AD4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327AD4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327AD50 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327AD52 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327AD54 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327AD56 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327AD58 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327AD5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327AD5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327AD5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327AD60 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327AD62 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327AD64 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327AD66 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327AD68 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327AD6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327AD6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327AD6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327AD70 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327AD72 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327AD74 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327AD76 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327AD78 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327AD7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327AD7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327AD7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327AD80 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327AD82 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327AD84 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327AD86 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327AD88 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327AD8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327AD8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327AD8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327AD90 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327AD92 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327AD94 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327AD96 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327AD98 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327AD9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327AD9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327AD9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327ADA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327ADA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327ADA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327ADA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre B-5]
    1-1 0327ADA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327ADAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327ADAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327ADAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327ADB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327ADB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327ADB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327ADB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327ADB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327ADBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327ADBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327ADBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327ADC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327ADC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327ADC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327ADC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327ADC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327ADCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327ADCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327ADCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327ADD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327ADD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327ADD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327ADD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327ADD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327ADDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327ADDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327ADDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327ADE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327ADE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327ADE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327ADE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327ADE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327ADEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327ADEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327ADEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327ADF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327ADF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327ADF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327ADF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327ADF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327ADFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327ADFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327ADFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327AE00 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327AE02 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327AE04 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327AE06 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327AE08 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327AE0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327AE0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327AE0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327AE10 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327AE12 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327AE14 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327AE16 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327AE18 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327AE1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327AE1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327AE1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327AE20 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327AE22 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327AE24 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327AE26 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327AE28 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327AE2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327AE2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327AE2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327AE30 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327AE32 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327AE34 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327AE36 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327AE38 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327AE3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327AE3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327AE3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327AE40 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327AE42 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327AE44 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327AE46 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327AE48 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327AE4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327AE4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327AE4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327AE50 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327AE52 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327AE54 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327AE56 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327AE58 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327AE5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327AE5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327AE5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327AE60 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327AE62 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327AE64 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327AE66 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327AE68 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327AE6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327AE6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327AE6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327AE70 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327AE72 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327AE74 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327AE76 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327AE78 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327AE7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327AE7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327AE7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327AE80 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327AE82 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327AE84 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327AE86 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327AE88 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327AE8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327AE8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327AE8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327AE90 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327AE92 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327AE94 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327AE96 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327AE98 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327AE9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327AE9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327AE9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327AEA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327AEA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327AEA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327AEA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327AEA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327AEAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327AEAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327AEAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327AEB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327AEB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327AEB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327AEB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327AEB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327AEBA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327AEBC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327AEBE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327AEC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327AEC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327AEC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327AEC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327AEC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327AECA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327AECC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327AECE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327AED0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327AED2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327AED4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327AED6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327AED8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327AEDA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327AEDC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327AEDE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327AEE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327AEE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327AEE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327AEE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327AEE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327AEEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327AEEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327AEEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327AEF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327AEF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327AEF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327AEF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327AEF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327AEFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327AEFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327AEFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327AF00 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327AF02 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327AF04 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327AF06 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327AF08 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327AF0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327AF0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327AF0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327AF10 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327AF12 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327AF14 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327AF16 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327AF18 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327AF1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327AF1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327AF1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327AF20 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327AF22 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327AF24 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327AF26 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327AF28 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327AF2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327AF2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327AF2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327AF30 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327AF32 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327AF34 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327AF36 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327AF38 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327AF3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327AF3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327AF3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327AF40 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327AF42 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327AF44 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327AF46 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327AF48 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327AF4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327AF4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327AF4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327AF50 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327AF52 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327AF54 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327AF56 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327AF58 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327AF5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327AF5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327AF5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327AF60 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327AF62 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327AF64 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327AF66 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327AF68 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327AF6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327AF6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327AF6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327AF70 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327AF72 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327AF74 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327AF76 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327AF78 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327AF7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327AF7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327AF7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327AF80 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327AF82 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327AF84 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327AF86 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327AF88 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327AF8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327AF8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327AF8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327AF90 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327AF92 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327AF94 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327AF96 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327AF98 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327AF9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327AF9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327AF9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327AFA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327AFA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327AFA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327AFA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre C-1]
    1-1 0327AFA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327AFAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327AFAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327AFAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327AFB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327AFB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327AFB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327AFB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327AFB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327AFBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327AFBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327AFBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327AFC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327AFC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327AFC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327AFC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327AFC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327AFCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327AFCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327AFCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327AFD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327AFD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327AFD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327AFD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327AFD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327AFDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327AFDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327AFDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327AFE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327AFE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327AFE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327AFE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327AFE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327AFEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327AFEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327AFEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327AFF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327AFF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327AFF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327AFF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327AFF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327AFFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327AFFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327AFFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327B000 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327B002 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327B004 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327B006 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327B008 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327B00A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327B00C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327B00E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327B010 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327B012 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327B014 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327B016 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327B018 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327B01A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327B01C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327B01E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327B020 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327B022 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327B024 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327B026 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327B028 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327B02A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327B02C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327B02E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327B030 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327B032 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327B034 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327B036 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327B038 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327B03A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327B03C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327B03E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327B040 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327B042 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327B044 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327B046 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327B048 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327B04A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327B04C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327B04E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327B050 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327B052 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327B054 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327B056 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327B058 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327B05A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327B05C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327B05E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327B060 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327B062 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327B064 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327B066 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327B068 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327B06A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327B06C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327B06E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327B070 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327B072 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327B074 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327B076 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327B078 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327B07A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327B07C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327B07E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327B080 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327B082 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327B084 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327B086 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327B088 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327B08A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327B08C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327B08E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327B090 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327B092 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327B094 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327B096 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327B098 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327B09A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327B09C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327B09E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327B0A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327B0A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327B0A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327B0A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327B0A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327B0AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327B0AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327B0AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327B0B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327B0B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327B0B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327B0B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327B0B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327B0BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327B0BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327B0BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327B0C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327B0C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327B0C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327B0C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327B0C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327B0CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327B0CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327B0CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327B0D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327B0D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327B0D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327B0D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327B0D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327B0DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327B0DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327B0DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327B0E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327B0E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327B0E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327B0E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327B0E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327B0EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327B0EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327B0EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327B0F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327B0F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327B0F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327B0F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327B0F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327B0FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327B0FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327B0FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327B100 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327B102 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327B104 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327B106 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327B108 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327B10A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327B10C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327B10E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327B110 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327B112 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327B114 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327B116 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327B118 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327B11A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327B11C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327B11E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327B120 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327B122 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327B124 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327B126 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327B128 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327B12A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327B12C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327B12E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327B130 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327B132 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327B134 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327B136 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327B138 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327B13A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327B13C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327B13E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327B140 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327B142 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327B144 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327B146 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327B148 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327B14A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327B14C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327B14E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327B150 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327B152 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327B154 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327B156 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327B158 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327B15A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327B15C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327B15E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327B160 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327B162 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327B164 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327B166 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327B168 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327B16A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327B16C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327B16E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327B170 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327B172 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327B174 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327B176 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327B178 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327B17A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327B17C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327B17E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327B180 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327B182 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327B184 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327B186 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327B188 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327B18A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327B18C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327B18E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327B190 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327B192 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327B194 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327B196 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327B198 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327B19A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327B19C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327B19E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327B1A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327B1A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327B1A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327B1A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre C-2]
    1-1 0327B1A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327B1AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327B1AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327B1AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327B1B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327B1B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327B1B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327B1B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327B1B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327B1BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327B1BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327B1BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327B1C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327B1C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327B1C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327B1C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327B1C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327B1CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327B1CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327B1CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327B1D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327B1D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327B1D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327B1D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327B1D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327B1DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327B1DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327B1DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327B1E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327B1E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327B1E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327B1E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327B1E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327B1EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327B1EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327B1EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327B1F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327B1F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327B1F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327B1F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327B1F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327B1FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327B1FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327B1FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327B200 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327B202 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327B204 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327B206 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327B208 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327B20A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327B20C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327B20E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327B210 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327B212 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327B214 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327B216 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327B218 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327B21A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327B21C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327B21E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327B220 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327B222 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327B224 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327B226 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327B228 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327B22A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327B22C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327B22E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327B230 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327B232 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327B234 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327B236 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327B238 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327B23A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327B23C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327B23E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327B240 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327B242 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327B244 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327B246 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327B248 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327B24A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327B24C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327B24E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327B250 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327B252 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327B254 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327B256 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327B258 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327B25A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327B25C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327B25E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327B260 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327B262 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327B264 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327B266 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327B268 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327B26A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327B26C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327B26E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327B270 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327B272 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327B274 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327B276 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327B278 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327B27A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327B27C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327B27E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327B280 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327B282 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327B284 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327B286 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327B288 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327B28A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327B28C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327B28E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327B290 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327B292 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327B294 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327B296 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327B298 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327B29A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327B29C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327B29E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327B2A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327B2A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327B2A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327B2A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327B2A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327B2AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327B2AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327B2AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327B2B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327B2B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327B2B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327B2B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327B2B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327B2BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327B2BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327B2BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327B2C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327B2C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327B2C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327B2C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327B2C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327B2CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327B2CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327B2CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327B2D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327B2D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327B2D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327B2D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327B2D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327B2DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327B2DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327B2DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327B2E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327B2E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327B2E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327B2E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327B2E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327B2EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327B2EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327B2EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327B2F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327B2F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327B2F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327B2F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327B2F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327B2FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327B2FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327B2FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327B300 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327B302 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327B304 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327B306 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327B308 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327B30A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327B30C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327B30E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327B310 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327B312 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327B314 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327B316 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327B318 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327B31A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327B31C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327B31E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327B320 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327B322 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327B324 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327B326 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327B328 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327B32A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327B32C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327B32E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327B330 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327B332 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327B334 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327B336 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327B338 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327B33A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327B33C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327B33E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327B340 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327B342 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327B344 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327B346 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327B348 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327B34A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327B34C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327B34E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327B350 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327B352 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327B354 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327B356 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327B358 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327B35A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327B35C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327B35E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327B360 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327B362 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327B364 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327B366 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327B368 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327B36A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327B36C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327B36E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327B370 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327B372 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327B374 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327B376 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327B378 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327B37A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327B37C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327B37E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327B380 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327B382 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327B384 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327B386 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327B388 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327B38A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327B38C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327B38E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327B390 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327B392 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327B394 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327B396 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327B398 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327B39A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327B39C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327B39E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327B3A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327B3A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327B3A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327B3A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre C-3]
    1-1 0327B3A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327B3AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327B3AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327B3AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327B3B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327B3B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327B3B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327B3B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327B3B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327B3BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327B3BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327B3BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327B3C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327B3C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327B3C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327B3C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327B3C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327B3CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327B3CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327B3CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327B3D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327B3D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327B3D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327B3D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327B3D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327B3DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327B3DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327B3DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327B3E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327B3E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327B3E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327B3E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327B3E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327B3EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327B3EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327B3EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327B3F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327B3F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327B3F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327B3F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327B3F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327B3FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327B3FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327B3FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327B400 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327B402 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327B404 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327B406 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327B408 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327B40A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327B40C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327B40E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327B410 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327B412 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327B414 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327B416 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327B418 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327B41A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327B41C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327B41E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327B420 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327B422 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327B424 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327B426 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327B428 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327B42A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327B42C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327B42E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327B430 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327B432 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327B434 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327B436 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327B438 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327B43A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327B43C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327B43E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327B440 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327B442 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327B444 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327B446 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327B448 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327B44A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327B44C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327B44E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327B450 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327B452 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327B454 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327B456 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327B458 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327B45A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327B45C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327B45E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327B460 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327B462 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327B464 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327B466 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327B468 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327B46A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327B46C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327B46E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327B470 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327B472 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327B474 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327B476 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327B478 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327B47A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327B47C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327B47E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327B480 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327B482 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327B484 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327B486 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327B488 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327B48A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327B48C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327B48E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327B490 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327B492 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327B494 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327B496 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327B498 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327B49A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327B49C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327B49E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327B4A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327B4A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327B4A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327B4A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327B4A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327B4AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327B4AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327B4AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327B4B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327B4B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327B4B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327B4B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327B4B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327B4BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327B4BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327B4BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327B4C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327B4C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327B4C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327B4C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327B4C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327B4CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327B4CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327B4CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327B4D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327B4D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327B4D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327B4D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327B4D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327B4DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327B4DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327B4DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327B4E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327B4E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327B4E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327B4E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327B4E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327B4EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327B4EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327B4EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327B4F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327B4F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327B4F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327B4F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327B4F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327B4FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327B4FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327B4FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327B500 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327B502 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327B504 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327B506 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327B508 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327B50A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327B50C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327B50E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327B510 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327B512 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327B514 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327B516 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327B518 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327B51A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327B51C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327B51E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327B520 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327B522 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327B524 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327B526 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327B528 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327B52A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327B52C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327B52E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327B530 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327B532 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327B534 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327B536 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327B538 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327B53A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327B53C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327B53E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327B540 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327B542 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327B544 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327B546 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327B548 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327B54A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327B54C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327B54E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327B550 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327B552 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327B554 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327B556 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327B558 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327B55A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327B55C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327B55E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327B560 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327B562 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327B564 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327B566 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327B568 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327B56A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327B56C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327B56E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327B570 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327B572 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327B574 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327B576 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327B578 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327B57A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327B57C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327B57E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327B580 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327B582 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327B584 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327B586 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327B588 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327B58A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327B58C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327B58E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327B590 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327B592 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327B594 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327B596 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327B598 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327B59A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327B59C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327B59E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327B5A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327B5A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327B5A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327B5A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre C-4]
    1-1 0327B5A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327B5AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327B5AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327B5AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327B5B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327B5B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327B5B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327B5B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327B5B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327B5BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327B5BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327B5BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327B5C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327B5C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327B5C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327B5C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327B5C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327B5CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327B5CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327B5CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327B5D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327B5D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327B5D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327B5D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327B5D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327B5DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327B5DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327B5DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327B5E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327B5E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327B5E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327B5E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327B5E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327B5EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327B5EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327B5EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327B5F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327B5F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327B5F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327B5F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327B5F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327B5FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327B5FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327B5FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327B600 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327B602 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327B604 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327B606 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327B608 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327B60A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327B60C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327B60E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327B610 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327B612 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327B614 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327B616 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327B618 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327B61A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327B61C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327B61E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327B620 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327B622 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327B624 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327B626 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327B628 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327B62A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327B62C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327B62E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327B630 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327B632 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327B634 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327B636 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327B638 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327B63A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327B63C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327B63E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327B640 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327B642 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327B644 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327B646 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327B648 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327B64A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327B64C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327B64E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327B650 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327B652 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327B654 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327B656 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327B658 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327B65A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327B65C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327B65E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327B660 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327B662 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327B664 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327B666 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327B668 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327B66A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327B66C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327B66E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327B670 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327B672 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327B674 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327B676 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327B678 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327B67A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327B67C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327B67E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327B680 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327B682 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327B684 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327B686 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327B688 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327B68A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327B68C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327B68E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327B690 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327B692 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327B694 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327B696 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327B698 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327B69A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327B69C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327B69E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327B6A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327B6A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327B6A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327B6A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327B6A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327B6AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327B6AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327B6AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327B6B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327B6B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327B6B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327B6B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327B6B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327B6BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327B6BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327B6BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327B6C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327B6C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327B6C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327B6C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327B6C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327B6CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327B6CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327B6CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327B6D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327B6D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327B6D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327B6D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327B6D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327B6DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327B6DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327B6DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327B6E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327B6E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327B6E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327B6E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327B6E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327B6EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327B6EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327B6EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327B6F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327B6F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327B6F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327B6F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327B6F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327B6FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327B6FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327B6FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327B700 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327B702 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327B704 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327B706 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327B708 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327B70A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327B70C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327B70E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327B710 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327B712 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327B714 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327B716 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327B718 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327B71A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327B71C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327B71E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327B720 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327B722 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327B724 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327B726 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327B728 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327B72A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327B72C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327B72E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327B730 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327B732 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327B734 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327B736 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327B738 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327B73A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327B73C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327B73E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327B740 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327B742 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327B744 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327B746 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327B748 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327B74A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327B74C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327B74E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327B750 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327B752 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327B754 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327B756 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327B758 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327B75A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327B75C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327B75E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327B760 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327B762 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327B764 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327B766 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327B768 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327B76A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327B76C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327B76E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327B770 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327B772 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327B774 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327B776 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327B778 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327B77A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327B77C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327B77E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327B780 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327B782 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327B784 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327B786 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327B788 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327B78A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327B78C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327B78E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327B790 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327B792 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327B794 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327B796 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327B798 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327B79A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327B79C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327B79E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327B7A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327B7A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327B7A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327B7A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre C-5]
    1-1 0327B7A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327B7AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327B7AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327B7AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327B7B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327B7B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327B7B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327B7B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327B7B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327B7BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327B7BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327B7BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327B7C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327B7C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327B7C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327B7C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327B7C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327B7CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327B7CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327B7CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327B7D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327B7D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327B7D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327B7D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327B7D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327B7DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327B7DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327B7DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327B7E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327B7E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327B7E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327B7E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327B7E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327B7EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327B7EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327B7EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327B7F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327B7F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327B7F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327B7F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327B7F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327B7FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327B7FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327B7FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327B800 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327B802 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327B804 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327B806 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327B808 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327B80A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327B80C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327B80E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327B810 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327B812 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327B814 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327B816 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327B818 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327B81A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327B81C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327B81E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327B820 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327B822 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327B824 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327B826 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327B828 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327B82A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327B82C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327B82E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327B830 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327B832 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327B834 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327B836 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327B838 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327B83A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327B83C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327B83E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327B840 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327B842 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327B844 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327B846 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327B848 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327B84A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327B84C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327B84E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327B850 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327B852 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327B854 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327B856 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327B858 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327B85A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327B85C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327B85E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327B860 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327B862 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327B864 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327B866 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327B868 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327B86A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327B86C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327B86E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327B870 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327B872 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327B874 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327B876 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327B878 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327B87A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327B87C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327B87E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327B880 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327B882 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327B884 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327B886 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327B888 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327B88A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327B88C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327B88E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327B890 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327B892 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327B894 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327B896 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327B898 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327B89A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327B89C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327B89E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327B8A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327B8A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327B8A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327B8A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327B8A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327B8AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327B8AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327B8AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327B8B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327B8B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327B8B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327B8B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327B8B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327B8BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327B8BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327B8BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327B8C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327B8C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327B8C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327B8C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327B8C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327B8CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327B8CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327B8CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327B8D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327B8D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327B8D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327B8D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327B8D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327B8DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327B8DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327B8DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327B8E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327B8E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327B8E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327B8E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327B8E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327B8EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327B8EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327B8EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327B8F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327B8F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327B8F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327B8F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327B8F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327B8FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327B8FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327B8FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327B900 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327B902 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327B904 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327B906 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327B908 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327B90A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327B90C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327B90E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327B910 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327B912 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327B914 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327B916 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327B918 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327B91A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327B91C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327B91E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327B920 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327B922 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327B924 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327B926 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327B928 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327B92A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327B92C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327B92E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327B930 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327B932 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327B934 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327B936 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327B938 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327B93A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327B93C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327B93E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327B940 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327B942 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327B944 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327B946 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327B948 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327B94A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327B94C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327B94E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327B950 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327B952 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327B954 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327B956 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327B958 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327B95A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327B95C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327B95E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327B960 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327B962 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327B964 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327B966 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327B968 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327B96A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327B96C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327B96E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327B970 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327B972 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327B974 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327B976 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327B978 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327B97A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327B97C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327B97E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327B980 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327B982 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327B984 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327B986 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327B988 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327B98A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327B98C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327B98E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327B990 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327B992 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327B994 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327B996 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327B998 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327B99A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327B99C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327B99E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327B9A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327B9A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327B9A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327B9A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre D-1]
    1-1 0327B9A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327B9AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327B9AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327B9AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327B9B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327B9B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327B9B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327B9B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327B9B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327B9BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327B9BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327B9BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327B9C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327B9C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327B9C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327B9C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327B9C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327B9CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327B9CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327B9CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327B9D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327B9D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327B9D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327B9D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327B9D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327B9DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327B9DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327B9DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327B9E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327B9E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327B9E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327B9E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327B9E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327B9EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327B9EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327B9EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327B9F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327B9F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327B9F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327B9F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327B9F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327B9FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327B9FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327B9FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327BA00 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327BA02 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327BA04 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327BA06 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327BA08 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327BA0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327BA0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327BA0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327BA10 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327BA12 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327BA14 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327BA16 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327BA18 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327BA1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327BA1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327BA1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327BA20 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327BA22 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327BA24 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327BA26 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327BA28 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327BA2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327BA2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327BA2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327BA30 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327BA32 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327BA34 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327BA36 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327BA38 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327BA3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327BA3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327BA3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327BA40 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327BA42 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327BA44 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327BA46 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327BA48 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327BA4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327BA4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327BA4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327BA50 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327BA52 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327BA54 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327BA56 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327BA58 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327BA5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327BA5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327BA5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327BA60 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327BA62 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327BA64 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327BA66 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327BA68 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327BA6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327BA6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327BA6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327BA70 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327BA72 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327BA74 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327BA76 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327BA78 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327BA7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327BA7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327BA7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327BA80 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327BA82 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327BA84 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327BA86 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327BA88 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327BA8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327BA8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327BA8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327BA90 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327BA92 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327BA94 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327BA96 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327BA98 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327BA9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327BA9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327BA9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327BAA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327BAA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327BAA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327BAA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327BAA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327BAAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327BAAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327BAAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327BAB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327BAB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327BAB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327BAB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327BAB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327BABA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327BABC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327BABE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327BAC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327BAC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327BAC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327BAC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327BAC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327BACA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327BACC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327BACE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327BAD0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327BAD2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327BAD4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327BAD6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327BAD8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327BADA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327BADC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327BADE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327BAE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327BAE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327BAE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327BAE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327BAE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327BAEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327BAEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327BAEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327BAF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327BAF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327BAF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327BAF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327BAF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327BAFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327BAFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327BAFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327BB00 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327BB02 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327BB04 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327BB06 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327BB08 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327BB0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327BB0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327BB0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327BB10 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327BB12 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327BB14 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327BB16 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327BB18 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327BB1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327BB1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327BB1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327BB20 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327BB22 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327BB24 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327BB26 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327BB28 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327BB2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327BB2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327BB2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327BB30 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327BB32 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327BB34 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327BB36 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327BB38 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327BB3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327BB3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327BB3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327BB40 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327BB42 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327BB44 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327BB46 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327BB48 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327BB4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327BB4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327BB4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327BB50 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327BB52 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327BB54 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327BB56 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327BB58 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327BB5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327BB5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327BB5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327BB60 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327BB62 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327BB64 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327BB66 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327BB68 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327BB6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327BB6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327BB6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327BB70 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327BB72 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327BB74 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327BB76 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327BB78 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327BB7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327BB7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327BB7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327BB80 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327BB82 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327BB84 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327BB86 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327BB88 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327BB8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327BB8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327BB8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327BB90 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327BB92 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327BB94 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327BB96 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327BB98 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327BB9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327BB9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327BB9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327BBA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327BBA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327BBA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327BBA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre D-2]
    1-1 0327BBA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327BBAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327BBAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327BBAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327BBB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327BBB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327BBB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327BBB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327BBB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327BBBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327BBBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327BBBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327BBC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327BBC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327BBC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327BBC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327BBC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327BBCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327BBCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327BBCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327BBD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327BBD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327BBD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327BBD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327BBD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327BBDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327BBDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327BBDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327BBE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327BBE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327BBE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327BBE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327BBE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327BBEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327BBEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327BBEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327BBF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327BBF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327BBF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327BBF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327BBF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327BBFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327BBFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327BBFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327BC00 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327BC02 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327BC04 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327BC06 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327BC08 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327BC0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327BC0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327BC0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327BC10 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327BC12 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327BC14 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327BC16 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327BC18 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327BC1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327BC1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327BC1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327BC20 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327BC22 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327BC24 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327BC26 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327BC28 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327BC2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327BC2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327BC2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327BC30 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327BC32 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327BC34 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327BC36 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327BC38 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327BC3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327BC3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327BC3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327BC40 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327BC42 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327BC44 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327BC46 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327BC48 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327BC4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327BC4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327BC4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327BC50 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327BC52 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327BC54 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327BC56 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327BC58 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327BC5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327BC5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327BC5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327BC60 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327BC62 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327BC64 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327BC66 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327BC68 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327BC6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327BC6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327BC6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327BC70 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327BC72 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327BC74 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327BC76 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327BC78 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327BC7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327BC7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327BC7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327BC80 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327BC82 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327BC84 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327BC86 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327BC88 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327BC8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327BC8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327BC8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327BC90 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327BC92 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327BC94 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327BC96 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327BC98 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327BC9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327BC9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327BC9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327BCA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327BCA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327BCA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327BCA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327BCA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327BCAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327BCAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327BCAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327BCB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327BCB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327BCB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327BCB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327BCB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327BCBA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327BCBC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327BCBE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327BCC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327BCC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327BCC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327BCC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327BCC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327BCCA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327BCCC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327BCCE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327BCD0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327BCD2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327BCD4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327BCD6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327BCD8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327BCDA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327BCDC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327BCDE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327BCE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327BCE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327BCE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327BCE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327BCE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327BCEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327BCEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327BCEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327BCF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327BCF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327BCF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327BCF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327BCF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327BCFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327BCFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327BCFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327BD00 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327BD02 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327BD04 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327BD06 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327BD08 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327BD0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327BD0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327BD0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327BD10 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327BD12 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327BD14 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327BD16 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327BD18 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327BD1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327BD1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327BD1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327BD20 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327BD22 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327BD24 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327BD26 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327BD28 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327BD2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327BD2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327BD2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327BD30 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327BD32 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327BD34 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327BD36 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327BD38 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327BD3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327BD3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327BD3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327BD40 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327BD42 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327BD44 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327BD46 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327BD48 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327BD4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327BD4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327BD4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327BD50 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327BD52 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327BD54 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327BD56 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327BD58 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327BD5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327BD5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327BD5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327BD60 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327BD62 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327BD64 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327BD66 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327BD68 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327BD6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327BD6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327BD6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327BD70 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327BD72 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327BD74 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327BD76 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327BD78 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327BD7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327BD7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327BD7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327BD80 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327BD82 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327BD84 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327BD86 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327BD88 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327BD8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327BD8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327BD8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327BD90 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327BD92 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327BD94 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327BD96 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327BD98 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327BD9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327BD9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327BD9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327BDA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327BDA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327BDA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327BDA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre D-3]
    1-1 0327BDA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327BDAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327BDAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327BDAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327BDB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327BDB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327BDB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327BDB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327BDB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327BDBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327BDBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327BDBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327BDC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327BDC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327BDC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327BDC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327BDC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327BDCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327BDCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327BDCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327BDD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327BDD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327BDD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327BDD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327BDD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327BDDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327BDDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327BDDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327BDE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327BDE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327BDE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327BDE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327BDE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327BDEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327BDEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327BDEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327BDF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327BDF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327BDF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327BDF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327BDF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327BDFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327BDFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327BDFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327BE00 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327BE02 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327BE04 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327BE06 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327BE08 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327BE0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327BE0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327BE0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327BE10 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327BE12 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327BE14 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327BE16 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327BE18 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327BE1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327BE1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327BE1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327BE20 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327BE22 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327BE24 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327BE26 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327BE28 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327BE2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327BE2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327BE2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327BE30 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327BE32 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327BE34 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327BE36 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327BE38 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327BE3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327BE3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327BE3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327BE40 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327BE42 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327BE44 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327BE46 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327BE48 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327BE4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327BE4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327BE4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327BE50 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327BE52 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327BE54 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327BE56 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327BE58 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327BE5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327BE5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327BE5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327BE60 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327BE62 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327BE64 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327BE66 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327BE68 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327BE6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327BE6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327BE6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327BE70 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327BE72 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327BE74 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327BE76 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327BE78 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327BE7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327BE7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327BE7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327BE80 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327BE82 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327BE84 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327BE86 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327BE88 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327BE8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327BE8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327BE8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327BE90 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327BE92 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327BE94 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327BE96 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327BE98 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327BE9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327BE9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327BE9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327BEA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327BEA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327BEA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327BEA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327BEA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327BEAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327BEAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327BEAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327BEB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327BEB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327BEB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327BEB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327BEB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327BEBA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327BEBC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327BEBE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327BEC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327BEC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327BEC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327BEC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327BEC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327BECA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327BECC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327BECE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327BED0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327BED2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327BED4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327BED6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327BED8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327BEDA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327BEDC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327BEDE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327BEE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327BEE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327BEE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327BEE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327BEE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327BEEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327BEEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327BEEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327BEF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327BEF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327BEF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327BEF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327BEF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327BEFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327BEFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327BEFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327BF00 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327BF02 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327BF04 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327BF06 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327BF08 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327BF0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327BF0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327BF0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327BF10 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327BF12 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327BF14 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327BF16 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327BF18 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327BF1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327BF1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327BF1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327BF20 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327BF22 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327BF24 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327BF26 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327BF28 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327BF2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327BF2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327BF2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327BF30 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327BF32 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327BF34 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327BF36 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327BF38 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327BF3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327BF3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327BF3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327BF40 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327BF42 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327BF44 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327BF46 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327BF48 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327BF4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327BF4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327BF4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327BF50 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327BF52 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327BF54 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327BF56 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327BF58 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327BF5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327BF5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327BF5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327BF60 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327BF62 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327BF64 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327BF66 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327BF68 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327BF6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327BF6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327BF6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327BF70 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327BF72 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327BF74 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327BF76 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327BF78 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327BF7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327BF7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327BF7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327BF80 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327BF82 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327BF84 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327BF86 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327BF88 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327BF8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327BF8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327BF8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327BF90 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327BF92 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327BF94 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327BF96 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327BF98 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327BF9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327BF9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327BF9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327BFA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327BFA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327BFA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327BFA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre D-4]
    1-1 0327BFA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327BFAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327BFAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327BFAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327BFB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327BFB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327BFB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327BFB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327BFB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327BFBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327BFBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327BFBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327BFC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327BFC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327BFC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327BFC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327BFC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327BFCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327BFCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327BFCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327BFD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327BFD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327BFD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327BFD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327BFD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327BFDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327BFDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327BFDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327BFE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327BFE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327BFE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327BFE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327BFE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327BFEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327BFEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327BFEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327BFF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327BFF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327BFF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327BFF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327BFF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327BFFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327BFFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327BFFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327C000 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327C002 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327C004 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327C006 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327C008 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327C00A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327C00C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327C00E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327C010 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327C012 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327C014 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327C016 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327C018 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327C01A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327C01C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327C01E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327C020 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327C022 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327C024 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327C026 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327C028 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327C02A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327C02C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327C02E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327C030 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327C032 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327C034 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327C036 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327C038 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327C03A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327C03C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327C03E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327C040 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327C042 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327C044 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327C046 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327C048 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327C04A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327C04C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327C04E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327C050 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327C052 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327C054 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327C056 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327C058 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327C05A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327C05C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327C05E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327C060 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327C062 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327C064 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327C066 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327C068 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327C06A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327C06C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327C06E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327C070 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327C072 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327C074 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327C076 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327C078 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327C07A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327C07C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327C07E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327C080 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327C082 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327C084 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327C086 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327C088 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327C08A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327C08C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327C08E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327C090 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327C092 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327C094 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327C096 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327C098 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327C09A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327C09C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327C09E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327C0A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327C0A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327C0A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327C0A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327C0A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327C0AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327C0AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327C0AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327C0B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327C0B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327C0B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327C0B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327C0B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327C0BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327C0BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327C0BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327C0C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327C0C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327C0C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327C0C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327C0C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327C0CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327C0CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327C0CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327C0D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327C0D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327C0D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327C0D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327C0D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327C0DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327C0DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327C0DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327C0E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327C0E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327C0E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327C0E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327C0E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327C0EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327C0EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327C0EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327C0F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327C0F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327C0F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327C0F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327C0F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327C0FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327C0FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327C0FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327C100 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327C102 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327C104 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327C106 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327C108 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327C10A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327C10C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327C10E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327C110 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327C112 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327C114 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327C116 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327C118 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327C11A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327C11C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327C11E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327C120 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327C122 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327C124 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327C126 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327C128 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327C12A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327C12C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327C12E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327C130 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327C132 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327C134 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327C136 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327C138 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327C13A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327C13C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327C13E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327C140 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327C142 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327C144 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327C146 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327C148 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327C14A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327C14C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327C14E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327C150 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327C152 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327C154 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327C156 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327C158 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327C15A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327C15C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327C15E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327C160 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327C162 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327C164 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327C166 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327C168 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327C16A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327C16C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327C16E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327C170 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327C172 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327C174 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327C176 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327C178 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327C17A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327C17C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327C17E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327C180 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327C182 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327C184 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327C186 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327C188 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327C18A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327C18C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327C18E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327C190 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327C192 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327C194 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327C196 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327C198 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327C19A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327C19C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327C19E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327C1A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327C1A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327C1A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327C1A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre D-5]
    1-1 0327C1A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327C1AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327C1AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327C1AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327C1B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327C1B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327C1B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327C1B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327C1B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327C1BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327C1BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327C1BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327C1C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327C1C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327C1C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327C1C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327C1C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327C1CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327C1CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327C1CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327C1D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327C1D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327C1D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327C1D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327C1D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327C1DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327C1DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327C1DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327C1E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327C1E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327C1E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327C1E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327C1E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327C1EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327C1EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327C1EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327C1F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327C1F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327C1F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327C1F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327C1F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327C1FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327C1FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327C1FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327C200 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327C202 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327C204 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327C206 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327C208 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327C20A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327C20C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327C20E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327C210 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327C212 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327C214 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327C216 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327C218 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327C21A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327C21C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327C21E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327C220 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327C222 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327C224 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327C226 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327C228 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327C22A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327C22C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327C22E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327C230 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327C232 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327C234 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327C236 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327C238 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327C23A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327C23C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327C23E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327C240 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327C242 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327C244 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327C246 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327C248 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327C24A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327C24C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327C24E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327C250 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327C252 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327C254 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327C256 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327C258 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327C25A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327C25C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327C25E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327C260 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327C262 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327C264 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327C266 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327C268 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327C26A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327C26C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327C26E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327C270 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327C272 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327C274 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327C276 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327C278 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327C27A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327C27C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327C27E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327C280 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327C282 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327C284 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327C286 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327C288 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327C28A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327C28C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327C28E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327C290 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327C292 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327C294 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327C296 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327C298 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327C29A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327C29C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327C29E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327C2A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327C2A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327C2A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327C2A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327C2A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327C2AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327C2AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327C2AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327C2B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327C2B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327C2B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327C2B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327C2B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327C2BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327C2BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327C2BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327C2C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327C2C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327C2C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327C2C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327C2C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327C2CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327C2CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327C2CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327C2D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327C2D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327C2D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327C2D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327C2D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327C2DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327C2DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327C2DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327C2E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327C2E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327C2E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327C2E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327C2E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327C2EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327C2EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327C2EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327C2F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327C2F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327C2F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327C2F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327C2F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327C2FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327C2FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327C2FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327C300 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327C302 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327C304 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327C306 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327C308 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327C30A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327C30C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327C30E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327C310 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327C312 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327C314 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327C316 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327C318 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327C31A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327C31C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327C31E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327C320 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327C322 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327C324 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327C326 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327C328 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327C32A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327C32C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327C32E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327C330 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327C332 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327C334 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327C336 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327C338 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327C33A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327C33C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327C33E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327C340 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327C342 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327C344 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327C346 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327C348 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327C34A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327C34C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327C34E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327C350 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327C352 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327C354 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327C356 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327C358 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327C35A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327C35C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327C35E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327C360 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327C362 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327C364 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327C366 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327C368 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327C36A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327C36C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327C36E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327C370 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327C372 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327C374 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327C376 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327C378 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327C37A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327C37C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327C37E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327C380 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327C382 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327C384 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327C386 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327C388 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327C38A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327C38C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327C38E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327C390 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327C392 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327C394 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327C396 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327C398 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327C39A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327C39C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327C39E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327C3A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327C3A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327C3A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327C3A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre E-1]
    1-1 0327C3A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327C3AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327C3AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327C3AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327C3B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327C3B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327C3B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327C3B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327C3B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327C3BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327C3BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327C3BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327C3C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327C3C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327C3C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327C3C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327C3C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327C3CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327C3CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327C3CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327C3D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327C3D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327C3D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327C3D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327C3D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327C3DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327C3DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327C3DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327C3E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327C3E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327C3E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327C3E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327C3E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327C3EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327C3EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327C3EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327C3F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327C3F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327C3F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327C3F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327C3F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327C3FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327C3FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327C3FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327C400 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327C402 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327C404 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327C406 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327C408 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327C40A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327C40C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327C40E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327C410 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327C412 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327C414 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327C416 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327C418 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327C41A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327C41C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327C41E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327C420 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327C422 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327C424 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327C426 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327C428 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327C42A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327C42C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327C42E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327C430 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327C432 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327C434 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327C436 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327C438 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327C43A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327C43C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327C43E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327C440 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327C442 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327C444 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327C446 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327C448 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327C44A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327C44C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327C44E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327C450 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327C452 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327C454 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327C456 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327C458 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327C45A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327C45C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327C45E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327C460 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327C462 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327C464 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327C466 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327C468 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327C46A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327C46C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327C46E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327C470 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327C472 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327C474 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327C476 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327C478 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327C47A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327C47C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327C47E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327C480 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327C482 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327C484 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327C486 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327C488 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327C48A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327C48C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327C48E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327C490 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327C492 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327C494 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327C496 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327C498 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327C49A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327C49C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327C49E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327C4A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327C4A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327C4A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327C4A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327C4A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327C4AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327C4AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327C4AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327C4B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327C4B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327C4B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327C4B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327C4B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327C4BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327C4BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327C4BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327C4C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327C4C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327C4C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327C4C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327C4C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327C4CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327C4CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327C4CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327C4D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327C4D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327C4D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327C4D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327C4D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327C4DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327C4DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327C4DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327C4E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327C4E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327C4E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327C4E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327C4E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327C4EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327C4EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327C4EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327C4F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327C4F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327C4F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327C4F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327C4F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327C4FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327C4FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327C4FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327C500 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327C502 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327C504 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327C506 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327C508 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327C50A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327C50C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327C50E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327C510 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327C512 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327C514 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327C516 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327C518 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327C51A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327C51C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327C51E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327C520 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327C522 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327C524 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327C526 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327C528 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327C52A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327C52C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327C52E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327C530 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327C532 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327C534 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327C536 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327C538 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327C53A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327C53C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327C53E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327C540 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327C542 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327C544 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327C546 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327C548 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327C54A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327C54C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327C54E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327C550 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327C552 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327C554 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327C556 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327C558 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327C55A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327C55C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327C55E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327C560 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327C562 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327C564 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327C566 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327C568 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327C56A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327C56C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327C56E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327C570 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327C572 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327C574 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327C576 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327C578 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327C57A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327C57C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327C57E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327C580 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327C582 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327C584 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327C586 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327C588 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327C58A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327C58C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327C58E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327C590 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327C592 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327C594 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327C596 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327C598 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327C59A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327C59C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327C59E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327C5A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327C5A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327C5A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327C5A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre E-2]
    1-1 0327C5A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327C5AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327C5AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327C5AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327C5B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327C5B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327C5B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327C5B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327C5B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327C5BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327C5BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327C5BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327C5C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327C5C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327C5C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327C5C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327C5C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327C5CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327C5CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327C5CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327C5D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327C5D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327C5D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327C5D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327C5D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327C5DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327C5DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327C5DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327C5E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327C5E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327C5E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327C5E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327C5E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327C5EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327C5EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327C5EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327C5F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327C5F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327C5F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327C5F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327C5F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327C5FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327C5FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327C5FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327C600 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327C602 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327C604 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327C606 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327C608 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327C60A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327C60C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327C60E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327C610 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327C612 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327C614 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327C616 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327C618 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327C61A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327C61C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327C61E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327C620 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327C622 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327C624 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327C626 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327C628 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327C62A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327C62C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327C62E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327C630 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327C632 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327C634 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327C636 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327C638 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327C63A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327C63C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327C63E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327C640 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327C642 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327C644 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327C646 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327C648 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327C64A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327C64C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327C64E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327C650 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327C652 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327C654 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327C656 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327C658 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327C65A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327C65C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327C65E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327C660 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327C662 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327C664 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327C666 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327C668 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327C66A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327C66C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327C66E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327C670 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327C672 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327C674 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327C676 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327C678 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327C67A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327C67C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327C67E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327C680 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327C682 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327C684 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327C686 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327C688 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327C68A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327C68C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327C68E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327C690 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327C692 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327C694 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327C696 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327C698 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327C69A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327C69C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327C69E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327C6A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327C6A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327C6A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327C6A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327C6A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327C6AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327C6AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327C6AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327C6B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327C6B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327C6B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327C6B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327C6B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327C6BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327C6BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327C6BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327C6C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327C6C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327C6C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327C6C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327C6C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327C6CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327C6CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327C6CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327C6D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327C6D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327C6D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327C6D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327C6D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327C6DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327C6DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327C6DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327C6E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327C6E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327C6E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327C6E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327C6E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327C6EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327C6EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327C6EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327C6F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327C6F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327C6F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327C6F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327C6F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327C6FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327C6FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327C6FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327C700 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327C702 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327C704 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327C706 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327C708 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327C70A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327C70C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327C70E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327C710 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327C712 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327C714 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327C716 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327C718 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327C71A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327C71C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327C71E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327C720 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327C722 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327C724 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327C726 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327C728 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327C72A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327C72C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327C72E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327C730 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327C732 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327C734 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327C736 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327C738 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327C73A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327C73C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327C73E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327C740 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327C742 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327C744 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327C746 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327C748 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327C74A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327C74C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327C74E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327C750 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327C752 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327C754 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327C756 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327C758 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327C75A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327C75C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327C75E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327C760 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327C762 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327C764 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327C766 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327C768 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327C76A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327C76C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327C76E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327C770 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327C772 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327C774 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327C776 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327C778 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327C77A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327C77C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327C77E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327C780 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327C782 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327C784 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327C786 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327C788 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327C78A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327C78C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327C78E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327C790 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327C792 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327C794 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327C796 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327C798 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327C79A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327C79C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327C79E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327C7A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327C7A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327C7A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327C7A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre E-3]
    1-1 0327C7A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327C7AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327C7AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327C7AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327C7B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327C7B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327C7B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327C7B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327C7B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327C7BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327C7BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327C7BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327C7C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327C7C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327C7C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327C7C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327C7C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327C7CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327C7CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327C7CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327C7D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327C7D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327C7D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327C7D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327C7D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327C7DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327C7DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327C7DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327C7E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327C7E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327C7E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327C7E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327C7E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327C7EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327C7EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327C7EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327C7F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327C7F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327C7F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327C7F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327C7F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327C7FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327C7FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327C7FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327C800 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327C802 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327C804 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327C806 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327C808 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327C80A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327C80C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327C80E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327C810 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327C812 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327C814 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327C816 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327C818 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327C81A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327C81C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327C81E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327C820 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327C822 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327C824 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327C826 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327C828 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327C82A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327C82C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327C82E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327C830 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327C832 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327C834 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327C836 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327C838 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327C83A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327C83C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327C83E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327C840 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327C842 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327C844 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327C846 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327C848 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327C84A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327C84C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327C84E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327C850 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327C852 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327C854 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327C856 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327C858 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327C85A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327C85C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327C85E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327C860 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327C862 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327C864 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327C866 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327C868 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327C86A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327C86C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327C86E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327C870 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327C872 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327C874 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327C876 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327C878 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327C87A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327C87C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327C87E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327C880 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327C882 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327C884 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327C886 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327C888 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327C88A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327C88C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327C88E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327C890 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327C892 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327C894 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327C896 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327C898 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327C89A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327C89C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327C89E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327C8A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327C8A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327C8A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327C8A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327C8A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327C8AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327C8AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327C8AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327C8B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327C8B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327C8B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327C8B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327C8B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327C8BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327C8BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327C8BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327C8C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327C8C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327C8C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327C8C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327C8C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327C8CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327C8CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327C8CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327C8D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327C8D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327C8D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327C8D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327C8D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327C8DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327C8DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327C8DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327C8E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327C8E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327C8E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327C8E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327C8E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327C8EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327C8EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327C8EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327C8F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327C8F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327C8F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327C8F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327C8F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327C8FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327C8FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327C8FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327C900 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327C902 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327C904 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327C906 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327C908 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327C90A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327C90C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327C90E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327C910 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327C912 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327C914 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327C916 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327C918 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327C91A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327C91C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327C91E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327C920 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327C922 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327C924 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327C926 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327C928 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327C92A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327C92C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327C92E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327C930 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327C932 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327C934 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327C936 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327C938 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327C93A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327C93C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327C93E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327C940 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327C942 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327C944 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327C946 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327C948 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327C94A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327C94C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327C94E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327C950 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327C952 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327C954 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327C956 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327C958 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327C95A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327C95C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327C95E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327C960 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327C962 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327C964 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327C966 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327C968 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327C96A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327C96C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327C96E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327C970 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327C972 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327C974 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327C976 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327C978 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327C97A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327C97C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327C97E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327C980 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327C982 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327C984 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327C986 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327C988 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327C98A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327C98C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327C98E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327C990 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327C992 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327C994 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327C996 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327C998 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327C99A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327C99C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327C99E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327C9A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327C9A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327C9A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327C9A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre E-4]
    1-1 0327C9A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327C9AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327C9AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327C9AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327C9B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327C9B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327C9B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327C9B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327C9B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327C9BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327C9BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327C9BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327C9C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327C9C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327C9C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327C9C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327C9C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327C9CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327C9CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327C9CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327C9D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327C9D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327C9D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327C9D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327C9D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327C9DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327C9DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327C9DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327C9E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327C9E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327C9E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327C9E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327C9E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327C9EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327C9EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327C9EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327C9F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327C9F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327C9F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327C9F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327C9F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327C9FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327C9FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327C9FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327CA00 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327CA02 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327CA04 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327CA06 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327CA08 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327CA0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327CA0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327CA0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327CA10 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327CA12 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327CA14 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327CA16 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327CA18 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327CA1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327CA1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327CA1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327CA20 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327CA22 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327CA24 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327CA26 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327CA28 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327CA2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327CA2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327CA2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327CA30 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327CA32 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327CA34 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327CA36 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327CA38 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327CA3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327CA3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327CA3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327CA40 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327CA42 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327CA44 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327CA46 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327CA48 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327CA4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327CA4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327CA4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327CA50 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327CA52 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327CA54 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327CA56 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327CA58 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327CA5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327CA5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327CA5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327CA60 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327CA62 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327CA64 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327CA66 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327CA68 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327CA6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327CA6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327CA6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327CA70 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327CA72 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327CA74 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327CA76 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327CA78 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327CA7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327CA7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327CA7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327CA80 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327CA82 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327CA84 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327CA86 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327CA88 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327CA8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327CA8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327CA8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327CA90 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327CA92 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327CA94 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327CA96 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327CA98 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327CA9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327CA9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327CA9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327CAA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327CAA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327CAA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327CAA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327CAA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327CAAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327CAAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327CAAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327CAB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327CAB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327CAB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327CAB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327CAB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327CABA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327CABC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327CABE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327CAC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327CAC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327CAC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327CAC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327CAC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327CACA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327CACC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327CACE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327CAD0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327CAD2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327CAD4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327CAD6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327CAD8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327CADA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327CADC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327CADE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327CAE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327CAE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327CAE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327CAE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327CAE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327CAEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327CAEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327CAEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327CAF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327CAF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327CAF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327CAF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327CAF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327CAFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327CAFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327CAFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327CB00 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327CB02 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327CB04 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327CB06 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327CB08 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327CB0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327CB0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327CB0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327CB10 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327CB12 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327CB14 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327CB16 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327CB18 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327CB1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327CB1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327CB1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327CB20 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327CB22 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327CB24 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327CB26 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327CB28 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327CB2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327CB2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327CB2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327CB30 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327CB32 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327CB34 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327CB36 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327CB38 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327CB3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327CB3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327CB3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327CB40 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327CB42 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327CB44 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327CB46 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327CB48 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327CB4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327CB4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327CB4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327CB50 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327CB52 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327CB54 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327CB56 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327CB58 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327CB5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327CB5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327CB5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327CB60 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327CB62 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327CB64 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327CB66 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327CB68 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327CB6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327CB6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327CB6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327CB70 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327CB72 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327CB74 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327CB76 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327CB78 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327CB7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327CB7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327CB7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327CB80 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327CB82 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327CB84 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327CB86 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327CB88 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327CB8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327CB8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327CB8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327CB90 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327CB92 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327CB94 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327CB96 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327CB98 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327CB9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327CB9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327CB9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327CBA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327CBA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327CBA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327CBA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre E-5]
    1-1 0327CBA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327CBAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327CBAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327CBAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327CBB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327CBB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327CBB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327CBB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327CBB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327CBBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327CBBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327CBBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327CBC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327CBC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327CBC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327CBC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327CBC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327CBCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327CBCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327CBCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327CBD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327CBD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327CBD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327CBD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327CBD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327CBDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327CBDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327CBDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327CBE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327CBE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327CBE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327CBE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327CBE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327CBEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327CBEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327CBEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327CBF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327CBF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327CBF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327CBF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327CBF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327CBFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327CBFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327CBFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327CC00 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327CC02 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327CC04 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327CC06 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327CC08 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327CC0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327CC0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327CC0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327CC10 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327CC12 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327CC14 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327CC16 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327CC18 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327CC1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327CC1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327CC1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327CC20 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327CC22 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327CC24 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327CC26 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327CC28 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327CC2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327CC2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327CC2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327CC30 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327CC32 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327CC34 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327CC36 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327CC38 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327CC3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327CC3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327CC3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327CC40 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327CC42 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327CC44 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327CC46 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327CC48 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327CC4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327CC4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327CC4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327CC50 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327CC52 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327CC54 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327CC56 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327CC58 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327CC5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327CC5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327CC5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327CC60 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327CC62 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327CC64 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327CC66 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327CC68 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327CC6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327CC6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327CC6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327CC70 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327CC72 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327CC74 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327CC76 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327CC78 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327CC7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327CC7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327CC7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327CC80 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327CC82 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327CC84 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327CC86 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327CC88 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327CC8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327CC8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327CC8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327CC90 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327CC92 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327CC94 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327CC96 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327CC98 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327CC9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327CC9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327CC9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327CCA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327CCA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327CCA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327CCA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327CCA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327CCAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327CCAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327CCAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327CCB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327CCB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327CCB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327CCB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327CCB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327CCBA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327CCBC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327CCBE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327CCC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327CCC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327CCC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327CCC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327CCC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327CCCA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327CCCC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327CCCE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327CCD0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327CCD2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327CCD4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327CCD6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327CCD8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327CCDA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327CCDC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327CCDE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327CCE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327CCE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327CCE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327CCE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327CCE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327CCEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327CCEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327CCEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327CCF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327CCF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327CCF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327CCF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327CCF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327CCFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327CCFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327CCFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327CD00 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327CD02 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327CD04 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327CD06 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327CD08 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327CD0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327CD0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327CD0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327CD10 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327CD12 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327CD14 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327CD16 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327CD18 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327CD1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327CD1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327CD1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327CD20 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327CD22 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327CD24 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327CD26 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327CD28 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327CD2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327CD2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327CD2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327CD30 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327CD32 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327CD34 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327CD36 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327CD38 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327CD3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327CD3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327CD3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327CD40 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327CD42 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327CD44 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327CD46 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327CD48 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327CD4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327CD4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327CD4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327CD50 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327CD52 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327CD54 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327CD56 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327CD58 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327CD5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327CD5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327CD5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327CD60 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327CD62 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327CD64 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327CD66 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327CD68 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327CD6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327CD6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327CD6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327CD70 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327CD72 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327CD74 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327CD76 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327CD78 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327CD7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327CD7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327CD7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327CD80 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327CD82 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327CD84 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327CD86 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327CD88 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327CD8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327CD8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327CD8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327CD90 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327CD92 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327CD94 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327CD96 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327CD98 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327CD9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327CD9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327CD9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327CDA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327CDA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327CDA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327CDA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre F-1]
    1-1 0327CDA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327CDAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327CDAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327CDAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327CDB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327CDB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327CDB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327CDB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327CDB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327CDBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327CDBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327CDBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327CDC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327CDC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327CDC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327CDC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327CDC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327CDCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327CDCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327CDCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327CDD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327CDD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327CDD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327CDD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327CDD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327CDDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327CDDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327CDDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327CDE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327CDE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327CDE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327CDE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327CDE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327CDEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327CDEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327CDEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327CDF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327CDF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327CDF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327CDF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327CDF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327CDFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327CDFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327CDFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327CE00 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327CE02 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327CE04 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327CE06 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327CE08 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327CE0A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327CE0C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327CE0E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327CE10 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327CE12 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327CE14 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327CE16 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327CE18 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327CE1A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327CE1C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327CE1E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327CE20 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327CE22 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327CE24 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327CE26 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327CE28 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327CE2A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327CE2C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327CE2E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327CE30 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327CE32 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327CE34 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327CE36 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327CE38 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327CE3A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327CE3C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327CE3E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327CE40 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327CE42 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327CE44 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327CE46 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327CE48 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327CE4A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327CE4C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327CE4E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327CE50 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327CE52 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327CE54 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327CE56 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327CE58 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327CE5A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327CE5C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327CE5E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327CE60 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327CE62 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327CE64 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327CE66 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327CE68 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327CE6A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327CE6C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327CE6E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327CE70 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327CE72 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327CE74 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327CE76 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327CE78 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327CE7A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327CE7C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327CE7E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327CE80 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327CE82 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327CE84 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327CE86 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327CE88 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327CE8A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327CE8C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327CE8E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327CE90 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327CE92 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327CE94 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327CE96 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327CE98 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327CE9A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327CE9C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327CE9E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327CEA0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327CEA2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327CEA4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327CEA6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327CEA8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327CEAA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327CEAC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327CEAE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327CEB0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327CEB2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327CEB4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327CEB6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327CEB8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327CEBA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327CEBC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327CEBE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327CEC0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327CEC2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327CEC4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327CEC6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327CEC8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327CECA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327CECC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327CECE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327CED0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327CED2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327CED4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327CED6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327CED8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327CEDA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327CEDC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327CEDE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327CEE0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327CEE2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327CEE4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327CEE6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327CEE8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327CEEA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327CEEC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327CEEE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327CEF0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327CEF2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327CEF4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327CEF6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327CEF8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327CEFA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327CEFC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327CEFE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327CF00 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327CF02 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327CF04 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327CF06 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327CF08 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327CF0A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327CF0C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327CF0E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327CF10 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327CF12 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327CF14 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327CF16 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327CF18 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327CF1A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327CF1C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327CF1E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327CF20 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327CF22 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327CF24 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327CF26 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327CF28 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327CF2A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327CF2C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327CF2E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327CF30 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327CF32 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327CF34 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327CF36 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327CF38 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327CF3A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327CF3C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327CF3E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327CF40 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327CF42 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327CF44 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327CF46 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327CF48 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327CF4A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327CF4C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327CF4E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327CF50 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327CF52 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327CF54 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327CF56 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327CF58 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327CF5A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327CF5C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327CF5E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327CF60 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327CF62 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327CF64 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327CF66 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327CF68 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327CF6A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327CF6C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327CF6E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327CF70 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327CF72 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327CF74 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327CF76 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327CF78 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327CF7A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327CF7C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327CF7E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327CF80 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327CF82 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327CF84 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327CF86 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327CF88 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327CF8A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327CF8C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327CF8E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327CF90 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327CF92 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327CF94 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327CF96 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327CF98 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327CF9A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327CF9C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327CF9E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327CFA0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327CFA2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327CFA4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327CFA6 0000xxxx
    [Acre F-2]
    1-1 0327CFA8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327CFAA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327CFAC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327CFAE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327CFB0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327CFB2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327CFB4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327CFB6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327CFB8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327CFBA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327CFBC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327CFBE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327CFC0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327CFC2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327CFC4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327CFC6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327CFC8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327CFCA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327CFCC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327CFCE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327CFD0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327CFD2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327CFD4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327CFD6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327CFD8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327CFDA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327CFDC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327CFDE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327CFE0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327CFE2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327CFE4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327CFE6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327CFE8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327CFEA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327CFEC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327CFEE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327CFF0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327CFF2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327CFF4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327CFF6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327CFF8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327CFFA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327CFFC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327CFFE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327D000 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327D002 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327D004 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327D006 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327D008 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327D00A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327D00C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327D00E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327D010 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327D012 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327D014 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327D016 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327D018 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327D01A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327D01C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327D01E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327D020 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327D022 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327D024 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327D026 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327D028 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327D02A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327D02C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327D02E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327D030 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327D032 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327D034 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327D036 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327D038 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327D03A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327D03C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327D03E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327D040 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327D042 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327D044 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327D046 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327D048 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327D04A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327D04C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327D04E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327D050 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327D052 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327D054 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327D056 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327D058 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327D05A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327D05C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327D05E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327D060 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327D062 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327D064 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327D066 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327D068 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327D06A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327D06C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327D06E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327D070 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327D072 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327D074 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327D076 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327D078 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327D07A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327D07C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327D07E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327D080 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327D082 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327D084 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327D086 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327D088 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327D08A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327D08C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327D08E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327D090 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327D092 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327D094 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327D096 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327D098 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327D09A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327D09C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327D09E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327D0A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327D0A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327D0A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327D0A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327D0A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327D0AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327D0AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327D0AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327D0B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327D0B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327D0B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327D0B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327D0B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327D0BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327D0BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327D0BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327D0C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327D0C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327D0C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327D0C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327D0C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327D0CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327D0CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327D0CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327D0D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327D0D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327D0D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327D0D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327D0D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327D0DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327D0DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327D0DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327D0E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327D0E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327D0E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327D0E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327D0E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327D0EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327D0EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327D0EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327D0F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327D0F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327D0F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327D0F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327D0F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327D0FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327D0FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327D0FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327D100 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327D102 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327D104 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327D106 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327D108 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327D10A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327D10C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327D10E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327D110 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327D112 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327D114 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327D116 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327D118 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327D11A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327D11C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327D11E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327D120 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327D122 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327D124 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327D126 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327D128 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327D12A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327D12C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327D12E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327D130 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327D132 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327D134 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327D136 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327D138 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327D13A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327D13C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327D13E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327D140 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327D142 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327D144 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327D146 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327D148 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327D14A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327D14C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327D14E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327D150 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327D152 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327D154 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327D156 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327D158 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327D15A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327D15C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327D15E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327D160 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327D162 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327D164 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327D166 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327D168 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327D16A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327D16C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327D16E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327D170 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327D172 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327D174 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327D176 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327D178 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327D17A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327D17C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327D17E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327D180 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327D182 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327D184 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327D186 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327D188 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327D18A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327D18C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327D18E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327D190 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327D192 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327D194 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327D196 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327D198 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327D19A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327D19C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327D19E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327D1A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327D1A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327D1A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327D1A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre F-3]
    1-1 0327D1A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327D1AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327D1AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327D1AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327D1B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327D1B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327D1B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327D1B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327D1B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327D1BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327D1BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327D1BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327D1C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327D1C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327D1C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327D1C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327D1C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327D1CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327D1CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327D1CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327D1D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327D1D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327D1D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327D1D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327D1D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327D1DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327D1DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327D1DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327D1E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327D1E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327D1E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327D1E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327D1E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327D1EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327D1EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327D1EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327D1F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327D1F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327D1F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327D1F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327D1F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327D1FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327D1FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327D1FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327D200 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327D202 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327D204 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327D206 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327D208 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327D20A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327D20C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327D20E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327D210 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327D212 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327D214 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327D216 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327D218 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327D21A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327D21C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327D21E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327D220 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327D222 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327D224 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327D226 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327D228 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327D22A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327D22C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327D22E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327D230 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327D232 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327D234 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327D236 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327D238 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327D23A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327D23C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327D23E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327D240 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327D242 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327D244 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327D246 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327D248 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327D24A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327D24C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327D24E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327D250 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327D252 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327D254 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327D256 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327D258 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327D25A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327D25C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327D25E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327D260 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327D262 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327D264 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327D266 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327D268 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327D26A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327D26C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327D26E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327D270 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327D272 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327D274 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327D276 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327D278 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327D27A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327D27C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327D27E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327D280 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327D282 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327D284 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327D286 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327D288 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327D28A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327D28C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327D28E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327D290 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327D292 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327D294 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327D296 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327D298 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327D29A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327D29C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327D29E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327D2A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327D2A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327D2A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327D2A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327D2A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327D2AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327D2AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327D2AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327D2B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327D2B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327D2B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327D2B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327D2B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327D2BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327D2BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327D2BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327D2C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327D2C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327D2C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327D2C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327D2C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327D2CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327D2CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327D2CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327D2D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327D2D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327D2D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327D2D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327D2D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327D2DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327D2DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327D2DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327D2E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327D2E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327D2E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327D2E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327D2E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327D2EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327D2EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327D2EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327D2F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327D2F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327D2F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327D2F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327D2F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327D2FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327D2FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327D2FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327D300 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327D302 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327D304 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327D306 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327D308 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327D30A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327D30C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327D30E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327D310 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327D312 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327D314 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327D316 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327D318 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327D31A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327D31C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327D31E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327D320 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327D322 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327D324 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327D326 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327D328 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327D32A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327D32C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327D32E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327D330 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327D332 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327D334 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327D336 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327D338 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327D33A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327D33C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327D33E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327D340 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327D342 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327D344 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327D346 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327D348 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327D34A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327D34C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327D34E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327D350 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327D352 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327D354 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327D356 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327D358 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327D35A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327D35C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327D35E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327D360 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327D362 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327D364 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327D366 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327D368 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327D36A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327D36C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327D36E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327D370 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327D372 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327D374 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327D376 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327D378 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327D37A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327D37C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327D37E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327D380 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327D382 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327D384 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327D386 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327D388 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327D38A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327D38C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327D38E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327D390 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327D392 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327D394 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327D396 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327D398 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327D39A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327D39C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327D39E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327D3A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327D3A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327D3A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327D3A6 0000xxxx
    [Acre F-4]
    1-1 0327D3A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327D3AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327D3AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327D3AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327D3B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327D3B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327D3B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327D3B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327D3B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327D3BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327D3BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327D3BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327D3C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327D3C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327D3C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327D3C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327D3C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327D3CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327D3CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327D3CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327D3D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327D3D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327D3D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327D3D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327D3D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327D3DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327D3DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327D3DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327D3E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327D3E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327D3E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327D3E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327D3E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327D3EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327D3EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327D3EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327D3F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327D3F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327D3F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327D3F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327D3F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327D3FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327D3FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327D3FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327D400 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327D402 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327D404 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327D406 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327D408 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327D40A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327D40C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327D40E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327D410 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327D412 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327D414 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327D416 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327D418 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327D41A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327D41C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327D41E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327D420 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327D422 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327D424 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327D426 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327D428 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327D42A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327D42C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327D42E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327D430 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327D432 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327D434 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327D436 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327D438 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327D43A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327D43C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327D43E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327D440 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327D442 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327D444 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327D446 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327D448 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327D44A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327D44C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327D44E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327D450 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327D452 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327D454 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327D456 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327D458 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327D45A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327D45C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327D45E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327D460 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327D462 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327D464 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327D466 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327D468 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327D46A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327D46C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327D46E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327D470 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327D472 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327D474 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327D476 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327D478 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327D47A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327D47C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327D47E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327D480 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327D482 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327D484 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327D486 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327D488 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327D48A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327D48C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327D48E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327D490 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327D492 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327D494 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327D496 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327D498 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327D49A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327D49C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327D49E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327D4A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327D4A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327D4A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327D4A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327D4A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327D4AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327D4AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327D4AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327D4B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327D4B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327D4B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327D4B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327D4B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327D4BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327D4BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327D4BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327D4C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327D4C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327D4C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327D4C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327D4C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327D4CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327D4CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327D4CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327D4D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327D4D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327D4D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327D4D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327D4D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327D4DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327D4DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327D4DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327D4E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327D4E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327D4E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327D4E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327D4E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327D4EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327D4EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327D4EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327D4F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327D4F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327D4F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327D4F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327D4F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327D4FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327D4FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327D4FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327D500 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327D502 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327D504 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327D506 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327D508 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327D50A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327D50C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327D50E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327D510 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327D512 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327D514 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327D516 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327D518 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327D51A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327D51C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327D51E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327D520 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327D522 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327D524 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327D526 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327D528 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327D52A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327D52C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327D52E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327D530 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327D532 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327D534 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327D536 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327D538 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327D53A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327D53C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327D53E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327D540 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327D542 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327D544 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327D546 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327D548 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327D54A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327D54C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327D54E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327D550 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327D552 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327D554 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327D556 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327D558 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327D55A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327D55C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327D55E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327D560 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327D562 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327D564 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327D566 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327D568 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327D56A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327D56C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327D56E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327D570 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327D572 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327D574 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327D576 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327D578 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327D57A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327D57C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327D57E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327D580 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327D582 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327D584 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327D586 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327D588 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327D58A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327D58C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327D58E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327D590 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327D592 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327D594 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327D596 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327D598 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327D59A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327D59C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327D59E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327D5A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327D5A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327D5A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327D5A6 0000xxxx
    [Island Left side]
    1-1 03288954 0000xxxx
    1-2 03288956 0000xxxx
    1-3 03288958 0000xxxx
    1-4 0328895A 0000xxxx
    1-5 0328895C 0000xxxx
    1-6 0328895E 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327D3B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327D3B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327D3B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327D3BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327D3BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327D3BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327D3C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327D3C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327D3C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327D3C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327D3C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327D3CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327D3CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327D3CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327D3D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327D3D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327D3D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327D3D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327D3D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327D3DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327D3DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327D3DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327D3E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327D3E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327D3E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327D3E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327D3E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327D3EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327D3EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327D3EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327D3F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327D3F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327D3F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327D3F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327D3F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327D3FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327D3FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327D3FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327D400 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327D402 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327D404 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327D406 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327D408 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327D40A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327D40C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327D40E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327D410 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327D412 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327D414 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327D416 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327D418 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327D41A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327D41C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327D41E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327D420 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327D422 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327D424 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327D426 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327D428 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327D42A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327D42C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327D42E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327D430 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327D432 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327D434 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327D436 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327D438 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327D43A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327D43C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327D43E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327D440 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327D442 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327D444 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327D446 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327D448 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327D44A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327D44C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327D44E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327D450 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327D452 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327D454 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327D456 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327D458 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327D45A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327D45C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327D45E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327D460 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327D462 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327D464 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327D466 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327D468 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327D46A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327D46C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327D46E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327D470 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327D472 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327D474 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327D476 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327D478 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327D47A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327D47C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327D47E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327D480 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327D482 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327D484 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327D486 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327D488 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327D48A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327D48C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327D48E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327D490 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327D492 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327D494 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327D496 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327D498 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327D49A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327D49C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327D49E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327D4A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327D4A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327D4A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327D4A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327D4A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327D4AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327D4AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327D4AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327D4B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327D4B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327D4B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327D4B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327D4B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327D4BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327D4BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327D4BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327D4C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327D4C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327D4C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327D4C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327D4C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327D4CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327D4CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327D4CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327D4D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327D4D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327D4D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327D4D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327D4D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327D4DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327D4DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327D4DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327D4E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327D4E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327D4E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327D4E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327D4E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327D4EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327D4EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327D4EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327D4F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327D4F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327D4F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327D4F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327D4F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327D4FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327D4FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327D4FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327D500 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327D502 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327D504 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327D506 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327D508 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327D50A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327D50C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327D50E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327D510 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327D512 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327D514 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327D516 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327D518 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327D51A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327D51C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327D51E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327D520 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327D522 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327D524 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327D526 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327D528 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327D52A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327D52C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327D52E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327D530 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327D532 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327D534 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327D536 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327D538 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327D53A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327D53C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327D53E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327D540 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327D542 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327D544 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327D546 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327D548 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327D54A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327D54C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327D54E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327D550 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327D552 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327D554 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327D556 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327D558 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327D55A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327D55C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327D55E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327D560 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327D562 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327D564 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327D566 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327D568 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327D56A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327D56C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327D56E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327D570 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327D572 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327D574 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327D576 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327D578 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327D57A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327D57C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327D57E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327D580 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327D582 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327D584 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327D586 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327D588 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327D58A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327D58C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327D58E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327D590 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327D592 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327D594 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327D596 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327D598 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327D59A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327D59C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327D59E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327D5A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327D5A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327D5A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327D5A6 0000xxxx
    [Island Right side]
    1-1 0327D5A8 0000xxxx
    1-2 0327D5AA 0000xxxx
    1-3 0327D5AC 0000xxxx
    1-4 0327D5AE 0000xxxx
    1-5 0327D5B0 0000xxxx
    1-6 0327D5B2 0000xxxx
    1-7 0327D5B4 0000xxxx
    1-8 0327D5B6 0000xxxx
    1-9 0327D5B8 0000xxxx
    1-A 0327D5BA 0000xxxx
    1-B 0327D5BC 0000xxxx
    1-C 0327D5BE 0000xxxx
    1-D 0327D5C0 0000xxxx
    1-E 0327D5C2 0000xxxx
    1-F 0327D5C4 0000xxxx
    1-G 0327D5C6 0000xxxx
    2-1 0327D5C8 0000xxxx
    2-2 0327D5CA 0000xxxx
    2-3 0327D5CC 0000xxxx
    2-4 0327D5CE 0000xxxx
    2-5 0327D5D0 0000xxxx
    2-6 0327D5D2 0000xxxx
    2-7 0327D5D4 0000xxxx
    2-8 0327D5D6 0000xxxx
    2-9 0327D5D8 0000xxxx
    2-A 0327D5DA 0000xxxx
    2-B 0327D5DC 0000xxxx
    2-C 0327D5DE 0000xxxx
    2-D 0327D5E0 0000xxxx
    2-E 0327D5E2 0000xxxx
    2-F 0327D5E4 0000xxxx
    2-G 0327D5E6 0000xxxx
    3-1 0327D5E8 0000xxxx
    3-2 0327D5EA 0000xxxx
    3-3 0327D5EC 0000xxxx
    3-4 0327D5EE 0000xxxx
    3-5 0327D5F0 0000xxxx
    3-6 0327D5F2 0000xxxx
    3-7 0327D5F4 0000xxxx
    3-8 0327D5F6 0000xxxx
    3-9 0327D5F8 0000xxxx
    3-A 0327D5FA 0000xxxx
    3-B 0327D5FC 0000xxxx
    3-C 0327D5FE 0000xxxx
    3-D 0327D600 0000xxxx
    3-E 0327D602 0000xxxx
    3-F 0327D604 0000xxxx
    3-G 0327D606 0000xxxx
    4-1 0327D608 0000xxxx
    4-2 0327D60A 0000xxxx
    4-3 0327D60C 0000xxxx
    4-4 0327D60E 0000xxxx
    4-5 0327D610 0000xxxx
    4-6 0327D612 0000xxxx
    4-7 0327D614 0000xxxx
    4-8 0327D616 0000xxxx
    4-9 0327D618 0000xxxx
    4-A 0327D61A 0000xxxx
    4-B 0327D61C 0000xxxx
    4-C 0327D61E 0000xxxx
    4-D 0327D620 0000xxxx
    4-E 0327D622 0000xxxx
    4-F 0327D624 0000xxxx
    4-G 0327D626 0000xxxx
    5-1 0327D628 0000xxxx
    5-2 0327D62A 0000xxxx
    5-3 0327D62C 0000xxxx
    5-4 0327D62E 0000xxxx
    5-5 0327D630 0000xxxx
    5-6 0327D632 0000xxxx
    5-7 0327D634 0000xxxx
    5-8 0327D636 0000xxxx
    5-9 0327D638 0000xxxx
    5-A 0327D63A 0000xxxx
    5-B 0327D63C 0000xxxx
    5-C 0327D63E 0000xxxx
    5-D 0327D640 0000xxxx
    5-E 0327D642 0000xxxx
    5-F 0327D644 0000xxxx
    5-G 0327D646 0000xxxx
    6-1 0327D648 0000xxxx
    6-2 0327D64A 0000xxxx
    6-3 0327D64C 0000xxxx
    6-4 0327D64E 0000xxxx
    6-5 0327D650 0000xxxx
    6-6 0327D652 0000xxxx
    6-7 0327D654 0000xxxx
    6-8 0327D656 0000xxxx
    6-9 0327D658 0000xxxx
    6-A 0327D65A 0000xxxx
    6-B 0327D65C 0000xxxx
    6-C 0327D65E 0000xxxx
    6-D 0327D660 0000xxxx
    6-E 0327D662 0000xxxx
    6-F 0327D664 0000xxxx
    6-G 0327D666 0000xxxx
    7-1 0327D668 0000xxxx
    7-2 0327D66A 0000xxxx
    7-3 0327D66C 0000xxxx
    7-4 0327D66E 0000xxxx
    7-5 0327D670 0000xxxx
    7-6 0327D672 0000xxxx
    7-7 0327D674 0000xxxx
    7-8 0327D676 0000xxxx
    7-9 0327D678 0000xxxx
    7-A 0327D67A 0000xxxx
    7-B 0327D67C 0000xxxx
    7-C 0327D67E 0000xxxx
    7-D 0327D680 0000xxxx
    7-E 0327D682 0000xxxx
    7-F 0327D684 0000xxxx
    7-G 0327D686 0000xxxx
    8-1 0327D688 0000xxxx
    8-2 0327D68A 0000xxxx
    8-3 0327D68C 0000xxxx
    8-4 0327D68E 0000xxxx
    8-5 0327D690 0000xxxx
    8-6 0327D692 0000xxxx
    8-7 0327D694 0000xxxx
    8-8 0327D696 0000xxxx
    8-9 0327D698 0000xxxx
    8-A 0327D69A 0000xxxx
    8-B 0327D69C 0000xxxx
    8-C 0327D69E 0000xxxx
    8-D 0327D6A0 0000xxxx
    8-E 0327D6A2 0000xxxx
    8-F 0327D6A4 0000xxxx
    8-G 0327D6A6 0000xxxx
    9-1 0327D6A8 0000xxxx
    9-2 0327D6AA 0000xxxx
    9-3 0327D6AC 0000xxxx
    9-4 0327D6AE 0000xxxx
    9-5 0327D6B0 0000xxxx
    9-6 0327D6B2 0000xxxx
    9-7 0327D6B4 0000xxxx
    9-8 0327D6B6 0000xxxx
    9-9 0327D6B8 0000xxxx
    9-A 0327D6BA 0000xxxx
    9-B 0327D6BC 0000xxxx
    9-C 0327D6BE 0000xxxx
    9-D 0327D6C0 0000xxxx
    9-E 0327D6C2 0000xxxx
    9-F 0327D6C4 0000xxxx
    9-G 0327D6C6 0000xxxx
    A-1 0327D6C8 0000xxxx
    A-2 0327D6CA 0000xxxx
    A-3 0327D6CC 0000xxxx
    A-4 0327D6CE 0000xxxx
    A-5 0327D6D0 0000xxxx
    A-6 0327D6D2 0000xxxx
    A-7 0327D6D4 0000xxxx
    A-8 0327D6D6 0000xxxx
    A-9 0327D6D8 0000xxxx
    A-A 0327D6DA 0000xxxx
    A-B 0327D6DC 0000xxxx
    A-C 0327D6DE 0000xxxx
    A-D 0327D6E0 0000xxxx
    A-E 0327D6E2 0000xxxx
    A-F 0327D6E4 0000xxxx
    A-G 0327D6E6 0000xxxx
    B-1 0327D6E8 0000xxxx
    B-2 0327D6EA 0000xxxx
    B-3 0327D6EC 0000xxxx
    B-4 0327D6EE 0000xxxx
    B-5 0327D6F0 0000xxxx
    B-6 0327D6F2 0000xxxx
    B-7 0327D6F4 0000xxxx
    B-8 0327D6F6 0000xxxx
    B-9 0327D6F8 0000xxxx
    B-A 0327D6FA 0000xxxx
    B-B 0327D6FC 0000xxxx
    B-C 0327D6FE 0000xxxx
    B-D 0327D700 0000xxxx
    B-E 0327D702 0000xxxx
    B-F 0327D704 0000xxxx
    B-G 0327D706 0000xxxx
    C-1 0327D708 0000xxxx
    C-2 0327D70A 0000xxxx
    C-3 0327D70C 0000xxxx
    C-4 0327D70E 0000xxxx
    C-5 0327D710 0000xxxx
    C-6 0327D712 0000xxxx
    C-7 0327D714 0000xxxx
    C-8 0327D716 0000xxxx
    C-9 0327D718 0000xxxx
    C-A 0327D71A 0000xxxx
    C-B 0327D71C 0000xxxx
    C-C 0327D71E 0000xxxx
    C-D 0327D720 0000xxxx
    C-E 0327D722 0000xxxx
    C-F 0327D724 0000xxxx
    C-G 0327D726 0000xxxx
    D-1 0327D728 0000xxxx
    D-2 0327D72A 0000xxxx
    D-3 0327D72C 0000xxxx
    D-4 0327D72E 0000xxxx
    D-5 0327D730 0000xxxx
    D-6 0327D732 0000xxxx
    D-7 0327D734 0000xxxx
    D-8 0327D736 0000xxxx
    D-9 0327D738 0000xxxx
    D-A 0327D73A 0000xxxx
    D-B 0327D73C 0000xxxx
    D-C 0327D73E 0000xxxx
    D-D 0327D740 0000xxxx
    D-E 0327D742 0000xxxx
    D-F 0327D744 0000xxxx
    D-G 0327D746 0000xxxx
    E-1 0327D748 0000xxxx
    E-2 0327D74A 0000xxxx
    E-3 0327D74C 0000xxxx
    E-4 0327D74E 0000xxxx
    E-5 0327D750 0000xxxx
    E-6 0327D752 0000xxxx
    E-7 0327D754 0000xxxx
    E-8 0327D756 0000xxxx
    E-9 0327D758 0000xxxx
    E-A 0327D75A 0000xxxx
    E-B 0327D75C 0000xxxx
    E-C 0327D75E 0000xxxx
    E-D 0327D760 0000xxxx
    E-E 0327D762 0000xxxx
    E-F 0327D764 0000xxxx
    E-G 0327D766 0000xxxx
    F-1 0327D768 0000xxxx
    F-2 0327D76A 0000xxxx
    F-3 0327D76C 0000xxxx
    F-4 0327D76E 0000xxxx
    F-5 0327D770 0000xxxx
    F-6 0327D772 0000xxxx
    F-7 0327D774 0000xxxx
    F-8 0327D776 0000xxxx
    F-9 0327D778 0000xxxx
    F-A 0327D77A 0000xxxx
    F-B 0327D77C 0000xxxx
    F-C 0327D77E 0000xxxx
    F-D 0327D780 0000xxxx
    F-E 0327D782 0000xxxx
    F-F 0327D784 0000xxxx
    F-G 0327D786 0000xxxx
    G-1 0327D788 0000xxxx
    G-2 0327D78A 0000xxxx
    G-3 0327D78C 0000xxxx
    G-4 0327D78E 0000xxxx
    G-5 0327D790 0000xxxx
    G-6 0327D792 0000xxxx
    G-7 0327D794 0000xxxx
    G-8 0327D796 0000xxxx
    G-9 0327D798 0000xxxx
    G-A 0327D79A 0000xxxx
    G-B 0327D79C 0000xxxx
    G-C 0327D79E 0000xxxx
    G-D 0327D7A0 0000xxxx
    G-E 0327D7A2 0000xxxx
    G-F 0327D7A4 0000xxxx
    G-G 0327D7A6 0000xxxx
    |Acre Hacking.[acre]|
    The part you've all been waiting for! Acre Control!
    |How to hack acres.[inst]|
    The first thing you should know, is never place a second dump acre.
    They may be hazardous. you'll just have to settle for a dump acre in
    the A acres. Now, you can create towns over and over until you find
    one that has the dump in the A acre you want, but it will never be in
    A-3. That being said, there are other things you should know. Never
    mess with the outer acres, unless you're just adding an acre that
    should go there anyway. You'll see what I mean later. And as for what
    I mean by outer acres, I mean the ones that you can't normaly walk in.
    It may very well be safe to modify the ocean acres into normal acres,
    but one thing you should definetly know, is that if you do, you can't
    place items, trees, signs, ANYTHING in them. they'll just be empty.
    Of course, that can be a good or bad thing, all depending on how you
    look at it. I would venture to say you couldn't dig in them either.
    You probably can if you replace the Island with normal acres though.
    I will admit, at the time of this writing, there are things not yet
    tested, but they will be, and added to the guide later. Untill then,
    I will simply place these untested things as "Do at your own risk",
    with instructions on how to fix things if something goes wrong.
    One more thing. Be careful of your villagers locations. They may
    end up half on a cliff, or in the middle of a pond (which is funny).
    They may eventualy move, but other than that, nothing can be done
    about the ones already there. But what you CAN do, is control where
    the new villagers move to. Place signs anywhere you want them to
    move to. Now, understand that special visitors can pop up on those
    signs just as well as a new villager.
    |The Real Town Map.[mapy]|
    You're probably thinking, "Huh? you mean there's two?". No. There
    isn't. It's just that you've never seen the full version of what's
    already there. See, If you've ever used the Jump code on your
    Action Replay, then you already know that there are other acres
    outside of the normal ones. Like the one that leads to the start of
    the town's river, and the empty ocean acres that surround the Island.
    Those are part of what is called the Real Town Map. Why are they?
    Simple. You can edit them. Now, you can't put things in them, but
    you can at least change them to look the way you want. Even your
    island. Yes, you can customize your island. I'd go with caution
    there though, remember, you do have an islander to think of. Thing
    is, I realy don't know if it would be safe to move thier house. It
    could be, they don't have the same coding as villagers. Anyway,
    here is the REAL town map.
      0-0 0-1 0-2 0-3 0-4 0-5 0-A
      A-0 A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4 A-5 A-A
      B-0 B-1 B-2 B-3 B-4 B-5 B-A
      C-0 C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5 C-A
      D-0 D-1 D-2 D-3 D-4 D-5 D-A
      E-0 E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-A
      F-0 F-1 F-2 F-3 F-4 F-5 F-A
      7-0 7-1 7-2 7-3 7-4 7-5 7-A
      8-0 8-1 8-2 8-3 8-4 8-5 8-A
      9-0 9-1 9-2 9-3 9-4 9-5 9-A
    There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the complete town map.
    Rather large, no? The full thing is 7X10. 8-4 and 8-5 are your
    Ah, the real good part. Now, alot of these have pictures with
    them so you can tell what the look like on the map. I'm sorry,
    but pictures of what each acre looks like up close would be
    way to complex. The pictures were provided by Mp16z. Not to
    mention quite a few of the acres themselves. He helped me search
    through them.
    You should use the pictures listed near the acres to get an idea
    of how to line up your town. If the lines match up with these
    pictues, they'll match up in your town, and map.
    Also, some of you may be wondering about different heights of
    acres, and how to make multi layered towns. Easy. First, these
    acres are set at the lowest setting, just like the beach acres
    of EVERY town are. If you want them raised, just add one to
    the last digit of the acre. There are four levels for each
    Lowest : Always the lowest acres in your town. Includes beach.
    Medium : These are the top layer in two layer (most) towns.
    High   : These are the top layer in three layer towns.
    Highest: These are rarely to never used, but appear to be safe.
    From the desk of: Mp16z
    [left] and [right] refers to which way the river flows or on
    which side the cliff is. This only applies to horizontal
    rivers and vertical cliffs. 
    Anything in parenthesis means they are duplicates of each other.
    I put an asterisk (*) over the coolest looking acres
    (in my opinion of course)
    0374, 0378, 037C
    0370, 0380, 0384
    [comes with Porter!] 0154, 02F0, 02F4
    [corruption, do not use!] 0118, 0294, 0298
    Bowsersenemy here. Mp16z wrote the corruption thing,
    and he tested all of these acres to get the pictures.
    Since I never tried these particular acres
    myself, I don't realy know what he means about the
    corruption thing. If you're that desperate to move
    your dump, try these on a test town first.
    02B8, 02BC, 02C0, 02C4, 0070
    0358, 035C, 0360
    0480, 0484, 0488
    [comes with Copper!] 034C, 0350, 0354
    0364, 0368, 036C
    0098, 0274, 0274, 0278, 027C, 0280,
    0284, 0288, 028C, 0290, 0388, 0428,
    0454, 046C, 0470, 031D
    (00D8, 0478), 0170, 0174, 0220, 02E4
    0448, 0100, 024C, 0268
    (0420, 01FC)
    00E8, 017C, 0230
    024C, 0060*
    00F0, 0180, 0184
    0114, 0264
    [left] (043C, 00E0), 01C0, 01E0, 0228
    [left] 0108, 0258, 0271
    [left] 02CC
    [right] 00DC, 01BC, 01DC, 0224
    [right] 0104*, 0250, 026C
    [right] 02C8
    0438, 00EC, 01D0, 0234
    0110, 0260*
    00E4, 0178, 022C
    010C, 0254
    [left] 00B0, 019C
    [right] 00D0*, 0198
    0214, 006C
    00B8, 01C4
    0084, 0200, 0204, 0474
    0210, 008C
    0138, 01CC
    [cliff- left] 00F4**, 0248*
    [cliff- right] 00FC**
    [left] 00C8*, 01E4
    [right] 00C4, 01D4
    [left] 013C, 01D8
    [right] 00BC, 01C8
    [left] 00A4, 01AC, 020C
    [right] 00A0, 01A8, 0208
    0244**, 0090*
    0414*, 00F8*
    [left] 00AC, 01A0*, 01F0
    [left] 0124**
    [right] 0004, 00CC, 01B8, 0218
    [right] 0130
    (00C0, 0430, 012C), 01B4, 01E8
    00B4, 01B0, 01EC
    0128, 0190
    009C, 015C, 0160, 0164, 0168
    (0440, 0088), 011C, 018C, 0320
    (00A8, 042C), 016C, 01F4
    0410*, 0120, 0188
    (00D4, 0450), 01A4, 021C
    0418, 0424*, 0134*
    03A0, 03A4, 03F0, 03F4, 03F8, 03FC,
    0400, 0404, 0408, 040C
    048C, 0490, 0494
    03B0, 03C0, 03C4, 03C8, 03CC* 
    03D0, 03D4, 03D8
    0498, 05AC
    Using these in the main parts of town will cause
    glitches with the Town Map that appears when you
    check the Map Board, or press X. The glitches
    aren't permanent, just replace the acre with
    a normal one.
    Left half of Island
    No Pictures Available
    04A4, 0598*, 05A0, 05A8
    Right half of Island
    No Pictures Available
    04A0, 0594, 059C, 05A4
    Solid Ocean acres
    No Pictures Available
    049C, 04E0, 04E4, 04E8, 04EC, 04F0,
    04F4, 04F8, 04FC, 0500, 0568
    Half Ocean acres
    No Pictures Available
    0588, 058C
    The 0-acres (above the A acres)
    No Picture Available
    River start
    No Picture Available
    No Picture Available
    0344 same as above, but reveresed on the right side.
    Special Acres
    No Pictures Available
    03B8 this is the acre you see to the right of F-5
    03B4 and this is the one you see to the left of F-1
    0340 train tunnel: facing left. this is for right side use.
    033C cliff wall. rises about halfway up. made for the right side use.
    0338 cliff wall. made for right side use.
    0334 Train Tunnel: facing right. this is for left side use.
    0330 same as 033C, but reversed. for left side use.
    032C same as 0338, but reversed. for left side use.
    Beta Acres
    No Pictures Available
    0078*, 039C[slopes], 0074[normal],
    007C*[lake], 0080[river]
    Can�t enter these
    No Pictures Available
    0310[normal], 0314[river], 0318[cliff]
    With train tracks
    No Pictures Available
    029C, 02A0, 02A4, 02A8, 02AC, 02B0, 02B4
    Inside a mini house?! Top left corner. 
    No Picture Available
    0020 (0022 recomended for best view)
    |Acre Adresses. [addy]|
    Mp16z put these together, but I found the locations.
    0-0: 0327D7A8 0000XXXX
    0-1: 0327D7AA 0000XXXX
    0-2: 0327D7AC 0000XXXX
    0-3: 0327D7AE 0000XXXX
    0-4: 0327D7B0 0000XXXX
    0-5: 0327D7B2 0000XXXX
    0-A: 0327D7B4 0000XXXX
    A-0: 0327D7B6 0000XXXX
    A-1: 0327D7B8 0000XXXX
    A-2: 0327D7BA 0000XXXX
    A-3: 0327D7BC 0000XXXX
    A-4: 0327D7BE 0000XXXX
    A-5: 0327D7C0 0000XXXX
    A-A: 0327D7C2 0000XXXX
    B-0: 0327D7C4 0000XXXX
    B-1: 0327D7C6 0000XXXX
    B-2: 0327D7C8 0000XXXX
    B-3: 0327D7CA 0000XXXX
    B-4: 0327D7CC 0000XXXX
    B-5: 0327D7CE 0000XXXX
    B-A: 0327D7D0 0000XXXX
    C-0: 0327D7D2 0000XXXX
    C-1: 0327D7D4 0000XXXX
    C-2: 0327D7D6 0000XXXX
    C-3: 0327D7D8 0000XXXX
    C-4: 0327D7DA 0000XXXX
    C-5: 0327D7DC 0000XXXX
    C-A: 0327D7DE 0000XXXX
    D-0: 0327D7E0 0000XXXX
    D-1: 0327D7E2 0000XXXX
    D-2: 0327D7E4 0000XXXX
    D-3: 0327D7E6 0000XXXX
    D-4: 0327D7E8 0000XXXX
    D-5: 0327D7EA 0000XXXX
    D-A: 0327D7EC 0000XXXX
    E-0: 0327D7EE 0000XXXX
    E-1: 0327D7F0 0000XXXX
    E-2: 0327D7F2 0000XXXX
    E-3: 0327D7F4 0000XXXX
    E-4: 0327D7F6 0000XXXX
    E-5: 0327D7F8 0000XXXX
    E-A: 0327D7FA 0000XXXX
    F-0: 0327D7FC 0000XXXX
    F-1: 0327D7FE 0000XXXX
    F-2: 0327D800 0000XXXX
    F-3: 0327D802 0000XXXX
    F-4: 0327D804 0000XXXX
    F-5: 0327D806 0000XXXX
    F-A: 0327D808 0000XXXX
    7-0: 0327D80A 0000XXXX
    7-1: 0327D80C 0000XXXX
    7-2: 0327D80E 0000XXXX
    7-3: 0327D810 0000XXXX
    7-4: 0327D812 0000XXXX
    7-5: 0327D814 0000XXXX
    7-A: 0327D816 0000XXXX
    8-0: 0327D818 0000XXXX
    8-1: 0327D81A 0000XXXX
    8-2: 0327D81C 0000XXXX
    8-3: 0327D81E 0000XXXX
    8-4: 0327D820 0000XXXX (island, i-4)
    8-5: 0327D822 0000XXXX (island, i-5)
    8-A: 0327D824 0000XXXX
    9-0: 0327D826 0000XXXX
    9-1: 0327D828 0000XXXX
    9-2: 0327D82A 0000XXXX
    9-3: 0327D82C 0000XXXX
    9-4: 0327D82E 0000XXXX
    9-5: 0327D830 0000XXXX
    9-A: 0327D832 0000XXXX
    |Villager Hacking. [vill]|
    Got a villager you don't like? We all seem to.
    Well, I can't help you make them move, (believe
    me, I've tried) but I CAN help you change them to
    your liking, wether it be changing the villager
    entirely, or just changing thier attitude and even
    To figure out what villager to hack, make sure
    you've spoken with them all. Now, get a piece
    of paper, and start to write a letter. See the
    Mailing list full of villagers? They go by numbers.
    That's how you find out the number each villager is.
    There is one thing however. Should a villager move
    out, I don't know if the villagers underneath of it
    would change numbers or not, so your best bet is
    to either hack the villagers before one moves out,
    or hack them when you have exactly fifteen.
    This second method is by JasonHaffner.
    Another method of villager hacking, uses a second
    town, or a "junk" town, as I call it. This is why
    I recomend hacking a new town, and not an existing
    town. Get your sign boards set where you want the
    villagers to move, and remove the ones that are
    where you DON'T want the villagers. You can add
    more signs later for special visitors. Now, use
    the "All Villagers Are XX" code on the "junk"
    town, with the villager you want. Now take a trip
    to your hacked town, and it's guaranteed that the
    villager you want will move into it! Repeat this
    until you have the desired villagers. This takes
    more time, but is actually safer, and allows for
    a more custom villager placement. You may need to
    do some working to get the villagers gone that
    are already in places you don't want them, but
    you'd have to do that with either method.
    |The Housing Situation. [hows]|
    NOTE: If you used JasonHaffner's method to get your
    villagers, you don't need this section, since the
    villager will move with the right house automaticaly
    Something you need to know, is that villagers have
    preset housses. Meaning, that in order to work right,
    you have to change the house of the villager you're
    changing, to match the villager you're changing them
    to. For instance, say you change a villager to E045.
    You would need to find thier house, and change it to
    5045. Notice the only difference? the E and the 5.
    the rest is the same. So to find out a villager's
    house, just change the E in thier name, to a 5.
    You will need to find the location of the house
    though, which isn't hard. Just look at your town map.
    Head there, and measure the acre just as you would
    if you were adding something else from this guide,
    and replace the house's number, with the new number.
    Here's a small diagram of the spot you should replace.
    Villager House
    Replace H with the new number
    Like said, the new number is the same as the new villager
    except you change the E to a 5. I think you can guess that
    Nook and the rest of the special villagers don't have a
    house of thier own, so therefore you can't have them as a
    normal villager. They cause a glitch that doesn't let you
    enter any house without the game locking up. I included
    them however, for fun. I recomend changing them back once
    you're done, unless you don't plan to keep the town, or
    you don't care if you go in houses or not. Needless to
    say, Islanders can cause the same problems, because all
    islanders share the same house. However, it is untested
    what would happen if you were to replace a villager and
    thier house with an islander and the islander house item.
    It might work.
    |Attitudes. [atit]|
    Ah, the good part. If you're changing a villager, you
    might want to change thier attitude with them to match.
    Or not. Want that grouchy villager to talk like a girl?
    Go right ahead! There are no known glitches that happen
    from doing it! From what I can tell, it's safe! There is
    one thing you should know though. The villagers will
    change back to normal if they move to another town.
    There's other guides that tell you how villagers should
    act and how they shouldn't, so I won't bother listing
    that here. But I'll say this. Guides are based on
    oppinions as well. Some may think there is more than 6
    different attitudes that villagers can have. That is
    false. I've investigated it and there are only 6
    different attitudes that villagers can have. Everything
    after those are either special, or glitches. So when
    looking for a guide that has villager attitudes, you'll
    want one that uses the 6 attitude guideline. 3 for
    female villagers, and 3 for male villagers. Islander
    attitudes are untested as of this writing. They're a
    bit harder to discern than the villagers...
    If you used JasonHaffners method to get you're villagers,
    you won't need this section. But it's still fun to mess
    with thier attitudes.
    These names are based on my views.
    00 = Sweetie Girl
    01 = Valley Girl
    02 = Doofus
    03 = Athlete
    04 = Grump
    05 = Snob Girl
    Villager 1 Attitude Adjust
    0327D845 000000XX
    Villager 2 Attitude Adjust
    0327E1CD 000000XX
    Villager 3 Attitude Adjust
    0327EB55 000000XX
    Villager 4 Attitude Adjust
    0327F4DD 000000XX
    Villager 5 Attitude Adjust
    0327FE65 000000XX
    Villager 6 Attitude Adjust
    032807ED 000000XX
    Villager 7 Attitude Adjust
    03281175 000000XX
    Villager 8 Attitude Adjust
    03281AFD 000000XX
    Villager 9 Attitude Adjust
    03282485 000000XX
    Villager 10 Attitude Adjust
    03282E0D 000000XX
    Villager 11 Attitude Adjust
    03283795 000000XX
    Villager 12 Attitude Adjust
    0328411D 000000XX
    Villager 13 Attitude Adjust
    03284AA5 000000XX
    Villager 14 Attitude Adjust
    0328542D 000000XX
    Villager 15 Attitude Adjust
    03285DB5 000000XX
    NOTE: I don't yet have an idea on what the islander
    attitudes are, but here's the code to change them.
    I wouldn't go over 05 though, as the villagers don't
    go over that, and there's even less islanders.
    Islander Attitude Adjust
    0328984D 000000XX
    |The Villagers. [vily]|
    Here's the villagers. Use a little caution when messing
    with Punchy. For some reason, he comes after the
    islanders, and since the islanders don't have homes
    like normal villagers, I don't know if his house matches
    his number or if it comes right after Cookies'. You'll
    see a warning near his name. Credit for most all of
    these goes to jgmorford and JasonHaffner.
    If you used JasonHaffners method to get you're villagers,
    you won't need this section.
    E000 - Bob
    E001 - Olivia
    E002 - Mitzi
    E003 - Kiki
    E004 - Tangy
    E005 - Kabuki
    E006 - Tabby
    E007 - Monique
    E008 - Stinky
    E009 - Purrl
    E00A - Kitty
    E00B - Tom
    E00C - Rosie
    E00D - Nosegay
    E00E - Zoe
    E00F - Pango
    E010 - Cyrano
    E011 - Snooty
    E012 - Teddy
    E013 - Chow
    E014 - Dozer
    E015 - Nate
    E016 - Groucho
    E017 - Tutu
    E018 - Ursala
    E019 - Grizzly
    E01A - Pinky
    E01B - Jay
    E01C - Twiggy
    E01D - Anchovy
    E01E - Piper
    E01F - Admiral
    E020 - Otis
    E021 - Robin
    E022 - Midge
    E023 - Ace
    E024 - Twirp
    E025 - Chuck
    E026 - Stu
    E027 - Goose
    E028 - Betty
    E029 - Hector
    E02A - Egbert
    E02B - Ava
    E02C - Hank
    E02D - Leigh
    E02E - Rhoda
    E02F - Vladimir
    E030 - Murphy
    E031 - Cupcake
    E032 - Kody
    E033 - Maple
    E034 - Pudge
    E035 - Olive
    E036 - Poncho
    E037 - Bluebear
    E038 - Patty
    E039 - Petunia
    E03A - Bessie
    E03B - Belle
    E03C - Alfonso
    E03D - Boots
    E03E - Liz
    E03F - Biskit
    E040 - Goldie
    E041 - Daisy
    E042 - Lucky
    E043 - Portia
    E044 - Maddie
    E045 - Butch
    E046 - Bill
    E047 - Pompom
    E048 - Joey
    E049 - Scoot
    E04A - Derwin
    E04B - Freckles
    E04C - Paolo
    E04D - Dizzy
    E04E - Axel
    E04F - Emerald
    E050 - Tad
    E051 - Wart Jr.
    E052 - Cousteau
    E053 - Puddles
    E054 - Lily
    E055 - Jeremiah
    E056 - Huck
    E057 - Camofrog
    E058 - Ribbot
    E059 - Prince
    E05A - Jambette
    E05B - Billy
    E05C - Chevere
    E05D - Iggy
    E05E - Gruff
    E05F - Sven
    E060 - Velma
    E061 - Jane
    E062 - Cesar
    E063 - Louie
    E064 - Peewee
    E065 - Rollo
    E066 - Bubbles
    E067 - Bertha
    E068 - Elmer
    E069 - Winnie
    E06A - Savannah
    E06B - Ed
    E06C - Cleo
    E06D - Peaches
    E06E - Buck
    E06F - Carrie
    E070 - Mathilda
    E071 - Marcy
    E072 - Kitt
    E073 - Valise
    E074 - Astrid
    E075 - Sydney
    E076 - Gonzo
    E077 - Ozzie
    E078 - Yuka
    E079 - Huggy
    E07A - Rex
    E07B - Aziz
    E07C - Leopold
    E07D - Samson
    E07E - Penny
    E07F - Dora
    E080 - Chico
    E081 - Candi
    E082 - Rizzo
    E083 - Anicotti
    E084 - Limberg
    E085 - Carmen
    E086 - Octavian
    E087 - Sandy
    E088 - Sprocket
    E089 - Rio
    E08A - Queenie
    E08B - Apollo
    E08C - Buzz
    E08D - Quetzel
    E08E - Amelia
    E08F - Pierce
    E090 - Roald
    E091 - Aurora
    E092 - Hopper
    E093 - Cube
    E094 - Puck
    E095 - Gwen
    E096 - Friga
    E097 - Curly
    E098 - Truffles
    E099 - Spork
    E09A - Hugh
    E09B - Rasher
    E09C - Sue E
    E09D - Hambo
    E09E - Lucy
    E09F - Cobb
    E0A0 - Boris
    E0A1 - Bunnie
    E0A2 - Doc
    E0A3 - Gaston
    E0A4 - Coco
    E0A5 - Gabi
    E0A6 - Dotty
    E0A7 - Genji
    E0A8 - Snake
    E0A9 - Claude
    E0AA - Tank
    E0AB - Spike
    E0AC - Tiara
    E0AD - Vesta
    E0AE - Filbert
    E0AF - Hazel
    E0B0 - Peanut
    E0B1 - Pecan
    E0B2 - Ricky
    E0B3 - Static
    E0B4 - Mint
    E0B5 - Nibbles
    E0B6 - Tybalt
    E0B7 - Rolf
    E0B8 - Bangle
    E0B9 - Lobo
    E0BA - Freya
    E0BB - Chief
    E0BC - Weber
    E0BD - Mallary
    E0BE - Wolfgang
    E0BF - Hornsby
    E0C0 - Oxford
    E0C1 - T-Bone
    E0C2 - Biff
    E0C3 - Opal
    E0C4 - Bones
    E0C5 - Bea
    E0C6 - Bitty
    E0C7 - Rocco
    E0C8 - Lulu
    E0C9 - Blaire
    E0CA - Sally
    E0CB - Ellie
    E0CC - Eloise
    E0CD - Alli
    E0CE - Pippy
    E0CF - Eunice
    E0D0 - Baabara
    E0D1 - Fang
    E0D2 - Deena
    E0D3 - Pate
    E0D4 - Stella
    E0D5 - Cashmere
    E0D6 - Woolio
    E0D7 - Cookie
    E0EB - Punchy WARNING: House number may be 50D8!
    |The Islanders. [isle]|
    Here's the Islanders. Please note that I don't know
    thier attitudes, so you may have to make due untill
    I get some kind of idea on what they are. They're all
    basicly kind I think.
    E0D8 - Maelle
    E0D9 - O'Hare
    E0DA - Bliss
    E0DB - Drift
    E0DC - Bud
    E0DD - Boomer
    E0DE - Elina
    E0DF - Flash
    E0E0 - Dobie
    E0E1 - Flossie
    E0E2 - Annalise
    E0E3 - Plucky
    E0E4 - Faith
    E0E5 - Yodel
    E0E6 - Rowan
    E0E7 - June
    E0E8 - Cheri
    E0E9 - Pigleg
    E0EA - Ankha
    |Fun Characters. [haha]|
    These villagers cause a glitch that makes the
    game reset if you go into any house at all. Just
    replace them with a normal villager to fix it. I
    only included these for fun.
    Some of these have messed up names. That's
    because they have no names at all. The ones that
    don't have the messed up names (E100 and up) have
    names of normal villagers. I'd go into detail,
    but let's just call it a loop, shall we?
    Some of these (E0EC to E0FF) were found by
    Jasonhaffner. The rest were found by me.
    NOTE: Blazel, isn't the true name of this villager.
    Me and a Vgplayer64 named her that, because she
    looks like a fusion of Bliss, and Hazel. She's
    wierd. Also, the second version, is from the
    section that has the villagers like Tom Nook
    doing the jobs they usualy do like manage the
    store, run the Post Office, things like that.
    Kinda makes you wonder, if she's there, what
    was she meant to be? Her shirt isn't available
    to wear, and she never changes it, so she MUST
    have been meant to do a special job, but what?
    There is no real evidence of anything. This leads
    me to believe that they had the villagers done
    before they had the buildings done. Also,
    for the record, I can't find her real name.
    Only Nintendo knows her real name.
    E0EC - EAici ii - White Rooster
    E0ED - ?Ai iiE  - White Rooster
    E0EE - iiii??ii - Wendel, Wandering Walrus
    E0EF - ?iiiiiii - Orange Fox, Blue Apron (Redd)
    E0F0 - iiiiiiii - Gracie, Fasion Giraffe
    E0F1 - iiiiiiii - Pelly, Post Office Pelican
    E0F2 - iiAU UI  - Rover, Traveling Cat
    E0F3 - i?,uuuye - Rover, Again?
    E0F4 - iiiiiiii - Sahara, Carpet Trader
    E0F5 - iiiiiiii - Warthog, Turnip Vendor (Joan)
    E0F6 - iiiiiiii - Tom Nook, Blue Apron
    E0F7 - Iiiiiiii - Tom Nook, Striped Shirt
    E0F8 - iiiiiiii - Tom Nook, White Apron
    E0F9 - iiiiiiii - Tom Nook, Blue Suit
    E0FA - iiiiiiii - Blue Egyptian Panther? (Katrina?)
    E0FB - ii"-*Iii - Copper, Police Dog
    E0FC - iiiiiiii - Porter, Train Monkey
    E0FD - iiiiiiii - Christmas Reindeer (Jingle)
    E0FE - iiiiiiii - Booker, Police Dog
    E0FF - &u<<-Bii - Postman Pete, Pelican 
    E100 - Phylis
    E101 - Redd
    E102 - Nook (cranny)
    E103 - Nook (nook n go)
    E104 - Nook (nookway)
    E105 - Nook (nookingtons)
    E106 - K.K. Slider
    E107 - Nook (cranny)
    E108 - Nook (nook n go)
    E109 - Nook (nookway)
    E10A - Nook (nookingtons)
    E10B - Chip
    E10C - Nook (raffle)
    E10D - K.K. Slider
    E10E - Jack
    E10F - Jack
    E110 - Jack
    E111 - Jack
    E112 - Jack
    E113 - Jack
    E114 - Timmy/Tommy
    E115 - K.K. Slider
    E116 - K.K. Slider
    E117 - K.K. Slider
    E118 - K.K. Slider
    E119 - K.K. Slider
    E11A - Redd (shop stall)
    E11B - K.K. Slider
    E11C - K.K. Slider
    E11D - K.K. Slider
    E11E - K.K. Slider
    E11F - K.K. Slider
    E120 - K.K. Slider
    E121 - K.K. Slider
    E122 - K.K. Slider
    E123 - K.K. Slider
    E124 - K.K. Slider
    E125 - Timmy/Tommy
    E126 - Joan
    E127 - Redd (shop stall)
    E128 - nook (raffle)
    E129 - nook (raffle)
    E12A - nook (raffle)
    E12B - Katrina
    E12C - Resetti
    E12D - K.K. Slider
    E12E - K.K. Slider
    E12F - K.K. Slider
    E130 - K.K. Slider
    E131 - K.K. Slider
    E132 - K.K. Slider
    E133 - K.K. Slider
    E134 - K.K. Slider
    E135 - K.K. Slider
    E136 - K.K. Slider
    E137 - K.K. Slider
    E138 - K.K. Slider
    E139 - K.K. Slider
    E13A - K.K. Slider
    E13B - K.K. Slider
    E13C - Copper (workout uniform)
    E13D - K.K. Slider
    E13E - K.K. Slider
    E13F - K.K. Slider
    E140 - K.K. Slider
    E141 - K.K. Slider
    E142 - K.K. Slider
    E143 - K.K. Slider
    E144 - K.K. Slider
    E145 - K.K. Slider
    E146 - K.K. Slider
    E147 - K.K. Slider
    E148 - K.K. Slider
    E149 - K.K. Slider
    E14A - K.K. Slider
    E14B - K.K. Slider
    E14C - K.K. Slider
    E14D - K.K. Slider
    E14E - K.K. Slider
    E14F - K.K. Slider
    E150 - K.K. Slider
    E151 - K.K. Slider
    E152 - Gulliver
    E153 - Resetti
    E154 - K.K. Slider
    E155 - Porter
    E156 - Resetti
    E157 - Resetti
    E158 - K.K. Slider
    E159 - Resetti
    E15A - Blazel (Normal Villager version)
    E15B - Blathers
    E15C - Tortimer
    E15D - Wisp (messed up face)
    E15E - Mable
    E15F - Sable
    E160 - Kapp'n
    E161 - K.K. Slider
    E162 - Tortimer
    E163 - Blanca (strange empty face)
    E164 - Blanca (strange empty face)
    E165 - K.K. Slider
    E166 - Tortimer
    E167 - Jack
    E168 - Porter
    E169 - Gulliver
    E16A - Resetti
    E16B - Resetti
    E16C - Don Resetti
    E16D - Tortimer
    E16E - Resetti
    E16F - Resetti (groundhog day suit)
    E170 - K.K. Slider
    E171 - K.K. Slider
    E172 - K.K. Slider
    E173 - K.K. Slider
    E174 - K.K. Slider
    E175 - Tortimer
    E176 - K.K. Slider
    E177 - K.K. Slider
    E178 - K.K. Slider
    E179 - K.K. Slider
    E17A - K.K. Slider
    E17B - Franklin
    E17C - Invisible (likely Wisp before you walk up to him)
    E17D - K.K. Slider
    D06C - Blazel (talks like kapp'n, only says one thing)
    |Villager Addresses. [zipc]|
    These codes were made by Jasonhaffner and modified by me
    from 8 bit overwrite to 16 bit overwrite.
    Villager 1 Modifier
    0327D838 0000XXXX
    Villager 2 Modifier
    0327E1C0 0000XXXX
    Villager 3 Modifier
    0327EB48 0000XXXX
    Villager 4 Modifier
    0327F4D0 0000XXXX
    Villager 5 Modifier
    0327FE58 0000XXXX
    Villager 6 Modifier
    032807E0 0000XXXX
    Villager 7 Modifier
    03281168 0000XXXX
    Villager 8 Modifier
    03281AF0 0000XXXX
    Villager 9 Modifier
    03282478 0000XXXX
    Villager 10 Modifier
    03282E00 0000XXXX
    Villager 11 Modifier
    03283788 0000XXXX
    Villager 12 Modifier
    03284110 0000XXXX
    Villager 13 Modifier
    03284A98 0000XXXX
    Villager 14 Modifier
    03285420 0000XXXX
    Villager 15 Modifier
    03285DA8 0000XXXX
    Islander Modifier
    03289840 0000XXXX
    NOTE: I'm not familiar with this code type,
    so I won't modify it to work as 16 bit. What
    you need to do, is remove the E0 from a villager's
    number to use them. That being said, this
    code doesn't let you use most of the special
    villagers, but since they cause glitches anyway,
    you wouldn't want them permanently in your hacked
    town anyway, right? If someone offers to change the
    code to 16 bit overwrite for me, or I learn this
    code type better, it will be updated.
    All Villagers Are XX (replace XX with villager)
    00000000 8127D839
    000000XX 000F0988
    NOTE: This code does not modify the Islander.
    |Player Name Hacking. [name]|
    So, you got a town, you got it hacked, but one thing.
    You want a different name for you player. But after
    all that work you've done, you're not about to start
    all over just for a different name, that would be
    insane. So what can you do? HACK IT!
    |What's in a name?. [hwdy]|
    I'll say this. You can't make it more than 8 letters.
    Sorry, it's not my fault. Blame Nintendo. But, at
    least you can change it to whatever you want.
    There's no need to worry about the mail and all that.
    Everything that's currently in the Post Office that's
    headed your way, stuff that's in your pockets, things
    that are already there, will still have the old name.
    but after that, only the new name will come through
    the line. Delete what you don't want. Outside of it
    looking like you've been stealing mail, there are
    no glitches from this.
    |Letters and Numbers. [text]|
    You'll need these to change your name. I didn't
    include the special characters, because they're not
    present in the font that Notepad uses.
    A: 41
    B: 42
    C: 43
    D: 44
    E: 45
    F: 46
    G: 47
    H: 48
    I: 49
    J: 4A
    K: 4B
    L: 4C
    M: 4D
    N: 4E
    O: 4F
    P: 50
    Q: 51
    R: 52
    S: 53
    T: 54
    U: 55
    V: 56
    W: 57
    X: 58
    Y: 59
    Z: 5A
    Small case
    a: 61
    b: 62
    c: 63
    d: 64
    e: 65
    f: 66
    g: 67
    h: 68
    i: 69
    j: 6A
    k: 6B
    l: 6C
    m: 6D
    n: 6E
    o: 6F
    p: 70
    q: 71
    r: 72
    s: 73
    t: 74
    u: 75
    v: 76
    w: 77
    x: 78
    y: 79
    z: 7A
    !: 21
    .: 2E
    ?: 3F
    0: 30
    1: 31
    2: 32
    3: 33
    4: 34
    5: 35
    6: 36
    7: 37
    8: 38
    9: 39
    |Name Addresses. [mr.c]|
    The first thing you have to know is that
    to find out what player you are, look at the
    list of names you see when loading the game.
    The first name is Player 1, the second is
    player 2, and so on. Now, should one of the
    higher up players move out, that changes
    things up a bit. Every other player that was
    underneath of them stays the same player as
    before. I know it seems odd, but that's the
    way it is. Things change though, should there
    be four players again. The list will again be
    acurate. Player 1 is the first name, and so on.
    Here's an example.
    Player 1 name change
    05266420 aabbccdd
    05266424 eeffgghh
    the aa bb cc and dd, each represent one letter
    or number, meaning that there is four letters
    per line here. Try decrypting this code here,
    to see what I mean.
    Player 1 name is Mario
    Name Change Codes
    Player 1 name change
    05266420 aabbccdd
    05266424 eeffgghh
    Player 2 name change
    05268860 aabbccdd
    05268864 eeffgghh
    Player 3 name change
    0526ACA0 aabbccdd
    0526ACA4 eeffgghh
    Player 4 name change
    0526D0E0 aabbccdd
    0526D0E4 eeffgghh
    |Limited Town Name Hacking. [t.n.]|
    Yes, you can hack your town name, but, there's
    a limitation. Of course, this limitation can be
    used to your advantage as well. Now, you can't
    actualy change the complete town name, so
    everyone and almost everything will still call
    your town it's original name, so all this realy
    is, is more or less an extra feature for you to
    have fun with. You know how when you bring up
    your pockets by pressing Y, it shows your player
    name and town name? Well, that, is what this
    lets you modify. It modifies the town name you see
    in your pockets. For instance, my town name is Animal,
    and my Player name is Crossing, so it shows up as
    Animal Crossing in my pockets. You can now do that,
    but have a different one for each and every player!
    Just remember, that the town name is the first
    on the list, so if you want your pockets to read
    oh say, Island Hut, you'd have to name your Player
    Hut, and your Town, Island.
    |Letters and Numbers 2. [txt2]|
    This section is a copy and paste of the text section
    used for the player name hacking. I simply posted it
    here for ease of use.
    A: 41
    B: 42
    C: 43
    D: 44
    E: 45
    F: 46
    G: 47
    H: 48
    I: 49
    J: 4A
    K: 4B
    L: 4C
    M: 4D
    N: 4E
    O: 4F
    P: 50
    Q: 51
    R: 52
    S: 53
    T: 54
    U: 55
    V: 56
    W: 57
    X: 58
    Y: 59
    Z: 5A
    Small case
    a: 61
    b: 62
    c: 63
    d: 64
    e: 65
    f: 66
    g: 67
    h: 68
    i: 69
    j: 6A
    k: 6B
    l: 6C
    m: 6D
    n: 6E
    o: 6F
    p: 70
    q: 71
    r: 72
    s: 73
    t: 74
    u: 75
    v: 76
    w: 77
    x: 78
    y: 79
    z: 7A
    !: 21
    .: 2E
    ?: 3F
    0: 30
    1: 31
    2: 32
    3: 33
    4: 34
    5: 35
    6: 36
    7: 37
    8: 38
    9: 39
    |Town Name Addresses. [4est]|
    Again, this is a copy and paste of a section
    from the player name hacking section.
    The first thing you have to know is that
    to find out what player you are, look at the
    list of names you see when loading the game.
    The first name is Player 1, the second is
    player 2, and so on. Now, should one of the
    higher up players move out, that changes
    things up a bit. Every other player that was
    underneath of them stays the same player as
    before. I know it seems odd, but that's the
    way it is. Things change though, should there
    be four players again. The list will again be
    acurate. Player 1 is the first name, and so on.
    the aa bb cc and dd, each represent one letter
    or number, meaning that there is four letters
    per line here.
    Town Name Change Codes
    Player 1 Town name change
    05266428 aabbccdd
    0526642C eeffgghh
    Player 2 Town name change
    05268868 aabbccdd
    0526886C eeffgghh
    Player 3 Town name change
    0526ACA8 aabbccdd
    0526ACAC eeffgghh
    Player 4 Town name change
    0526D0E8 aabbccdd
    0526D0EC eeffgghh
    |End of Guide. [end.]|
    Well, that's the end of it. There's nothing
    more for me to give you. I hope you enjoy
    your town once it's done.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be distributed publicly without advance written
    permission. Use of this guide as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    If you wish to use this guide on your site, ask me first. I most likely will
    allow it. I just want to make sure I know where it's listed. Also, I will
    add your site to the list of sites allowed to have this guide!
    NOTE: If you ask me and I don't respond within a week or two, go ahead
    and upload it. Just don't change anything, and give credit where it's due.
    allowed sites:
    |Thanks. [thnx]|
    Major thanks goes to Parasyte, for the creation of GCNrd, with which I
    could not have found the items, or the addresses required for this guide.
    Also, for GCNcrypt, the ONLY Action Replay code encryptor/decryptor for
    the Gamecube.
    Thanks goes to Kenobi for making the GcnrdGUI that I used. This made my 
    work MUCH easier. Thank you.
    The Phantom
    Thanks goes to The Phantom for finding these
    0007 - Message Board (WORKS!)
    000B - Place one spot left of Message Board Item
    000C - Map Board (WORKS!)
    000D - Place one spot left of Map Board Item
    000E - Music Board (WORKS!)
    000F - Place one spot left of Music Board Item
    0010 - Wooden fence (1x1 horiz)
    0804 - Regular Tree
    080C - Apple Tree (With Fruit)
    0814 - Orange Tree (With Fruit)
    081C - Peach Tree (With Fruit)
    0824 - Pear Tree (With Fruit)
    082C - Cherry Tree (With Fruit)
    085B - Palm Tree (With Fruit)
    0861 - Cedar Tree (Full-Grown)
    0867 - Golden Tree (With Golden Shovel)
    0868 - Golden Tree (Full-Grown)
    0845 - White Pansies
    0846 - Purple Pansies
    0847 - Yellow Pansies
    0848 - Yellow Cosmos
    0849 - Purple Cosmos
    084A - Blue Cosmos
    084B - Red Tulips
    084C - White Tulips
    084D - Yellow Tulips
    Thanks man. Those are some good finds.
    Hells Guardian
    Thanks goes to Hells Guardian for Animal Crossing's
    ID number.
    Thanks TONS for letting me use your town to find
    info. It made this guide MUCH easier to make. Also,
    thanks for helping me out in other various ways too.
    Thanks goes to Mp16z for most of the Various Cool
    Info section. Dude, you've got some skills. And
    man you work fast! And a MAJOR thanks for all the
    pictures of acres, not to mention all the help given
    in the testing and finding of acres!
    Visit his site: http://www.freewebs.com/mp16_2006
    Credit goes to JH for over half of the villager data
    and the original versions of the villager codes listed.
    THE END.

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!

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