Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

Trophy How to unlock Type
25th Ward Model Resident Completed all other trophies. Platinum
about nighthawk Completed '03 about nighthawk Silver
boys don't cry Completed #03 boys don't cry Silver
digital man Completed #04 digital man Silver
electride Completed #05 electride Gold
Final Message (secret) Watched all endings. Gold
good looking guy Completed #02 good looking guy Bronze
Looking Good Completed #03 without losing to any of the hitmen. Gold
MISOGI Completed *05 MISOGI Gold
moon over Completed '05 moon over 25 Gold
NAGARE Completed *01 NAGARE Bronze
new world order Completed #01 new world order Bronze
Observer Completed all chapters. Gold
People’s Marathon Walked 2.5 km on the chapter select screen. Silver
prototype Completed #00 prototype Bronze
quiet cradle Completed '02 quiet cradle Bronze
SIZUKU Completed *04 SIZUKU Silver
Taste of Defeat Lost the game. Silver
the lunar orbit Completed '04 the lunar orbit Silver
TIGIRI Completed *02 TIGIRI Bronze
Turtle Guy 2.0 (secret) Talked to Red a total of 51 times. Gold
underground theater Completed '01 underground theater Bronze
UTSUTSU Completed *00 UTSUTSU Bronze
white out (secret) Completed #06 white out Silver
YOGORE Completed *03 YOGORE Silver
YUKI (secret) Completed *06 YUKI Silver