Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

Trophy How to unlock Type
2-4-6-8, Who Do We Appreciate? Complete 88 Mode with 8 heroes remaining Gold
8 Feet Under Kill any hero 8 times Bronze
8 To Be You Die 8 times Bronze
88 Feet Under Kill any hero 88 times Bronze
88 Heroes Unlock all trophies Platinum
8th Wonder Of The World Complete Magnificent 8 mode Gold
Another One Bites The Dust Kill every unique hero once Bronze
Assassin Kill your first enemy Bronze
Assassin 8 Kill 8 enemies in one game Bronze
Assassin 88 Kill 88 enemies in one game Bronze
Assassin 888 Kill 888 enemies in total Silver
Big-time Bonanza Score 88,888 points Bronze
Boom Blocks Destroy 88 blocks in a single game Bronze
Corpse Junkie Die 88 times Bronze
Déja Vu Play the game 88 times Bronze
Figure 8 Collect 8 large coins Bronze
Flash Flawless 16 Perfect rounds Bronze
Fresh Meat Die for the first time Bronze
Galactic God Complete the Space Station Silver
Grave Robber Revive a hero Bronze
Ground Zero Complete a level with zero seconds left on the clock Bronze
High Score Hero Score 8,888 points Bronze
Jackpot Juggernaut Score 888,888 points Silver
Lone Star Complete Solo mode Gold
Molten Maestro Complete the Volcano Silver
Morgue Filler Die 888 times Silver
Mr. Immaculate 32 Perfect rounds Silver
Mr. Moneybags Collect 88 large coins Bronze
Nick Of Time Finish with 8 minutes (or more) remaining on the Doomsday Timer Gold
Office Idol Complete the Office Bronze
Peter Perfect 8 Perfect rounds Bronze
Pieces Of 8 Collect 8 small coins Bronze
Pieces Of 88 Collect 88 small coins Bronze
Room Rookie Complete your first room Bronze
Sewer Star Complete the Sewers Silver
Sweet Sixteen Complete 88 Mode with 16 heroes remaining Gold
Whiz Kid Complete any room in under 3 seconds Silver